Google PR Update Underway?

about_logo.gifIt seems that a Google Page Rank Update is underway that started yesterday in the afternoon. Verified further by checking Technorati and finding some bloggers noticing that a 3rd Google PR update for 2007 is ongoing.

Well in a few more days we can actually conclude if it is a full fledged PR update that is happening, when we see that the changes in the Google Toolbar are permanent, either way, Good Luck to everybody and May Your Page Rank be High 😀

A sites PR (across the Data Google Centers) can be verified using this nifty Google PR tool.

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  • Carraian
  • Still i am waiting for my website’s update…


  • And I thought my PR increased becoz of the tweaks that I made plus the sitemap that I installed on my blog. Hehe 🙂

    Thanks for confirming this. Now I know that my PR increase was due to the update.

  • I think it is all about google mind

  • check your sites everyday alexa rank

  • well, using, this tool give pr0 for my blog, but other give pr3… all updated pr is not good because my blog was pr4..
    hope this is not a final pr for my blog..
    still wait until one or two weeks to see the real pr of my blog,
    I need to maintain at least pr4 or my blog to make sure I still can earn money with it..

  • My inner page shows a PR 1 while the homepage of the blog still remains at PR 2. I will wait for one more week to see if this improves.