Google Reader winning the feed reader wars?

A few days ago, I noticed that Feedburner has started counting subscriber stats for Rojo & Google Reader. This was confirmed from by the official Google Reader blog and the Burning Questions blog.

Everyone saw huge spikes in their feed counts and here at PTB, we even got past the 500 subscriber mark with Google Feedfetcher reporting 20% share of the total count.

PTB Feed

That’s a sizable number already. Out of curiosity, I surveyed a few other feeds I have and look at the percentages Google Feedfetcher is reporting:

Total Feed Subscribers: 503
Feedfetcher Share: 20%
Usage Rank: 1st

Total Feed Subscribers: 666
Feedfetcher Share: 13%
Usage Rank: 1.5 (tied with Netvibes)

Pinoy Travel Blog
Total Feed Subscribers: 109
Feedfetcher Share: 13%
Usage Rank: 1st

Of the 3 blogs above, all reported Google Feedfetcher as the top feed reader used. Before this, Netvibes, Firefox LiveBookmarks and Bloglines were topping the charts.

Is it the same with your fee stats too?

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