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Google renames Android Market to Google Play, adds music, books, and movies

And just like that the Android Market is now called Google Play, which in turn will be more than just an online store for Android apps and games. With Google Play you can also buy e-books, music, and rent movies in addition to buying apps and games found in the Android Market. Don’t know why they named it Google Play in the first place since it’s not just for gaming.

google play logo

Anyway, Google Play breaks the barrier between the PC and Android devices as this allows you to access whatever you bought from the Google Play store into your Android phones, tablets or the web. Google does this by harnessing the power of the cloud. We’ve already seen it with Google eBookstore and Google Music where your music and e-book library is in their cloud and they’re consolidating it in one place called Google Play. Don’t worry, you still have the option to download it for offline listening, viewing or reading. You can also give your Google+ friends a free listen on whatever music you want to share.


Read books from the web and continue it on your Android device

What’s nice with the cloud solution, especially in books, is that you can start a book on your PC, continue it on your phone, and finish it on your tablet without skipping a beat. Same thing with music (which I’ve been doing a lot), you can sync your Google Music to all your Android phones over the cloud so you can enjoy all your songs anywhere without having to be near your main PC.


New Google Play apps for your Android device: Play Books, Play Video, and Play Music. It's not yet available in our country but it will soon be.

Along with these new content, there are also new corresponding Google Play apps to handle them. Be sure to install the Google Play Music, Google Play Video, and Google Play Books app when it becomes available.


And to celebrate the launch of Google Play, Google is having an amazing week of savings called their “œ7 Days to Play” celebration! An example would be Gameloft’s  N.O.V.A. 2: Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance & Asphalt 6: Adrenaline games which is available for the rock bottom price of $0.49 only (that would be P2o.99 for us!) when Google Play becomes live.

Right now Google Play is not yet fully-global. It still has country restrictions to get the the full experience:

  • Paid Apps: Available in these countries
  • Movies: Available in US, UK, Canada, and Japan
  • eBooks: Available in US, UK, Canada, and Australia
  • Music: Available in US

Know more about the features of Google Play.

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  • JmBalicano

    Boy, Google really is doing everything they can to capitalize off of people’s info. After you first buy an Android phone, you have to sign up for a Google account. To buy anything off the Android Market, este Google Play, you have to create a Google Wallet account that links to a credit or debit card. I already have Paypal and I’m already nervous enough about sharing my bank info with a service that can automatically draw out of my account if Paypal has insufficient funds to complete a purchase. Now I have to sign up for another service that’s basically the same thing.

    This doesn’t make me happy, but damn.. 20.99 for NOVA 2, Hot Pursuit, Asphalt and Shadowgun? DAMN YOU GOOGLE!!

    • hmm for some reason, i don’t recall setting up a google wallet. but i don’t know how my credit card is linked to it to buy things from the android market. hmmm. google checkout perhaps?

    • JmBalicano

      Google shares any info its collected about you across all Google services. If you’ve already got your cc info registered through Checkout, it would make sense that it didn’t ask you to register a second time through Wallet. That’s just a guess though.

  • Griswold

    hayyy matagal pa siguro ito. yung google music nga until ngayon di pa rin available sa pilipinas. hayyy what’s keeping them.

  • hapismiley

    Whew! That was fast… Just read ’bout this change yesterday and was surprised to find out that the android market on my samsung note had already made the transition and it’s called, Play Store

  • glenn

    can I download in google play using cellphone load? coz I don’t have credit card

  • i think we can download from desktop and smartphone
    I like this article, great content