Google reveals what Pinoys are fond of…

What do “friendster“, “call center“, and “gay sex” all have in common? Well, Google Trends reveals that the Philippines ranked No. 1 in regional search for all three.

With Google Trends, you can compare the world’s interest in your favorite topics. Enter up to five topics and see how often they’ve been searched for on Google over time. Google Trends also displays how frequently your topics have appeared in Google News stories, and which geographic regions have searched for them most often.

Google Trends analyzes a portion of Google web searches to compute how many searches have been done for the terms you enter relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time. We then show you a graph with the results — our search-volume graph.

Google Trends

I poked a little more with GTrends and found out some interesting stuff:

  • The Philippines ranked #1 for Friendster and YouTube although search volume for Friendster is more than 10 times that of YouTube.
  • We’re #2 with “YM” (but #5 for Yahoo Messenger), #5 for GTalk but nowhere with MSN.
  • “Yahoo Mail” still rocks with Filipinos at #2 while HotMail and GMail is no where near.
  • The Philippines outranked India and Pakistan for the term “Call Center”.
  • Pinoys are fond of the “chatroom” 3rd only to South Africa and Ireland.
  • Pinoys are very very interested with “cybersex”, “gay sex” and “abortion”.

Google Trends

What have you discovered with Google Trends on our nation’s interests?

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  • PoshNeya

    hehe. nice.

    cellphones – 1
    piracy – 1 (7th only in cracks, serial numbers, keygen)
    limewire – 1
    scandal – 1 (what a lead)
    boy bands (2, remove the ‘s’ and we’ll kick UK’s butt)

    India is no.1 in the following:


    seriously, do you notice a trend now?

  • Filipinos are internet freak.

    Gay Sex?Filipinos are interested in it? How Liberating we are?

  • India is no.1 in the following:


    seriously, do you notice a trend now?


    mas gusto ba ng pinoy online users ang friendster kaysa sa mga technical subjects?..

    mejo nakaka panghinayang nman… im not againts friendster but we are way beyond against india in terms of coding skills… i mean mas maraming magagaling na programmer/sys admin/sys engr kaysa sa mga pinoy… parang feeling ko mas marami lang sa atin ang outsourcing….


  • this Google Trend is addicting. :p

  • Delfive

    The Philippines is Always Number one when it comes to kabastusan!

  • nakakainis talagang makita ang ganyan. Imbis na ginagamit ang internet para matuto sa mas magagandang bagay eh nagagamit sa mga bagay tulad na yan. Astig talaga ang india dahil pinapakita nila na lumalaban sila. ang karamihan ng pinoy, mas gusto ang magfriendster at cyber sex.. tsk tsk… nakakalungkot.

    btw, yong footer eh hindi yata maayos sa firefox 1.5?

  • We’re #1 for “remittance.” Interesting.

    As for gay sex, check who’s #2. Saudi Arabia. At least it’s legal here!

  • baluga01

    alarming though, when i filtered the search to “SEX”. Indonesia ranked #1. The trend on gay sex became active year 2006. Geeezzzz..

  • jash

    computer virus – Phils #1

  • another one, green jokes

  • PoshNeya

    mt. everest – no. 1. o_0

    btw, is google still ban in china? im wondering, what are the chinese searching?i have not seen any top searches coming from china.

  • dagulo

    Hey, why not look at the good points as well. Look at who’s number one on terms like

    physics (2),
    robotics (2)
    etc …..

    Wonder why Saudi Arabia ranks 2nd on ‘gay sex’?

    Because lots of pinoys there… joke 😀

  • vonjobi

    it’s not just us. i find it interesting, for instance, that my blog gets a lot of hits from the keywords “librarian sex.” WTF?!!! =)

  • Don’t take the results seriously…

    The graphs are somewhat misleading because there are no specific number values or increments to represent the bar lines. The time factor is not specific as well; as it only shows yearly results.

    Also, Google probably shows results typed in using Romanized alphabets of foreign languages.

  • You can use Overture to check for the numbers. The term “Friendster” has 750,000 searches for April.

  • “Entrepreneurship” is also a rather popular keyword for Pinoys. Check out my blog. I did a trends search for it and found that Makati/Manila were the top regions searching for it.

  • The Pinoy’s are really really fond of the groceiouest of all that’s groce… This is one of the reasons we get left behind by miles when it comes to IT.
    Because we use it on satisfying our frustrations. No offense but gays have really dominated the scene. I work in an amusement and even the amusement where people (mostly gays) are supposed to be looking forward to getting amused are in fact looking for (c.b.)call boys and vise versa…
    I havent seen such a site my whole life.

  • root
  • I found out many other search terms we dominate… (we are no longer in the top ten of “gay sex” btw) Yehey?

  • Dumadami na ba talaga mga bading sa Pilipinas at gay sex na ang interest ng mga pinoy?

  • How do I get Philippine data to show up? Can anyone help me out?