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Google unveils Android M with Android Pay, new features in tow

The next Android version will soon be available, as Google took the wraps on a Dev Preview version of the new OS currently known as ‘M’ at this year’s i/O conference.


The new major update presents key elements focuses on “quality end-to-end” with core user experience improvement, along with six new features to accompany it. One of them is the launch of Android Pay on the OS, replacing Google Wallet as the standard for all Android devices. It will use NFC and host card emulation, touting “œsimplicity, security and choice.” It will support major cards such as MasterCard, Visa, and American Express, and will roll out on over 700,000 merchants in the US.

Another is the reinvention of app permissions, where the OS now utilizes a smaller set and asks for your permission when a certain feature of your device is used, like what they do on iOS. For example, A pop-up permission dialog box will appear when Whatsapp wants to use your microphone, and the same when Viber wants to gain access to your camera.

Android M also brings other nifty features for applications. The new version allows to have Chrome custom Tabs in any app, allowing you to have autofill passwords and such. App Links, on the other hand, saves you the trouble of ‘open with’ dialog boxes and directly go to the app needed.

Last but not the least,  Google never stopped developing battery and power improvements, as seen on the new version as well. A “œDoze” feature promises a smarter battery management by checking if your device is put in a stationary mode and will “exponentially back off background activity to go into a deeper sleep state” based on information acquired. Real time alarms or respond to chat requests will still pass through, but most of its background apps will slow down or stopped.

Google also expanded its compatibility with Android M, adding USB-C to its support list. Shall we see more Android devices sporting the new USB standard soon? What sweet confectionery will be the highlight of the next Android OS? The Android M Dev preview is now out for Nexus 5, 6, 9, and Player devices and can be accessed through this link.


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