Google Wallet anyone?

Looks like Google is serious in penetrating the online payment arena. Job postings on Yahoo! Jobs this week abound with openings for Credit Fraud and Risk Management Specialists for Merchant Payments.

Some insteresting links to check out:

Rumors claim that Google Wallet will not go against payment processor Paypal of eBay but will primarily serve as a channel to process transactions made thru Google Adwords and AdSense.

Googles revenue reached $1.26 billion for the first quarter of the year alone. That volume of transactions could be more profitable if you have online payment transactions coursing thru Google Wallet.

Whatever it will become, I just hope they do include Philippines on their approved list so we can have some credible, affordable and efficient payment gateway for international transactions.

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  • Just being able to buy AdWords with Adsense earnings would be great. You could use it to promote your site, or cash it out immediately by paying for others’ ads.

  • Anyone remember MSN Wallet? 🙂

  • dee

    Paypal is horrible and I can only hope that google will provide hundreds of thousands of consumers and sellers another venue. I and many thousands have had terrible experiences with paypal and we need change!