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Google will retire Picasa starting next month

After more than a decade of service, Google has announced in a short blog entry that it’s pulling the plug on Picasa effective March 15, 2016 and its companion service, Picasa Web Albums, starting on May 1, 2016.

According to the search giant, the decision to retire Picasa will allow them to focus their time and resources solely on further improving a single photo service, Google Photos, instead of two.

On the users’ end, Google thinks that it will be more beneficial for them to transition to Google Photos as it’s more superior, feature-wise at least, and works across different platforms and devices.


Starting on March 15, 2016, Google will no longer provide support for the Picasa desktop application. The application, if it’s already installed on your machine or downloaded prior to the said date, will still be there albeit will no longer receive updates from the company.

As for Picasa Web Album, the search giant will take down the service effective on the first May. This means that users will no longer have the ability to upload, edit or organize your data online. Luckily, Google will be providing a foster home for your online data which will allow you to view, download or delete your picture and/or videos.

Transition to Google Photos

Long-time Picasa users, myself included, will surely not be jovial about this news. But Google is trying to make the transition to Google Photos as seamless as possible so we can all get on with our lives as if nothing really happened. All that is required for users to view their existing data on Picasa Web Album is by signing up or logging in on their Google Photos account.

As for Picasa desktop app users, well we just have to make do with the current version (v3.9) of the software. This isn’t that too big of a deal for some since they’re really not used to receiving a lot of updates on this freeware.

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