Gorilla Pod

A tripod is a cumbersome piece of equipment. It can be awkward to carry. It takes some time to setup. And bringing a tripod to a party can be geeky.

Fortunately, I found Joby’s Gorilla Pod in a camera shop in Park Square One, Makati. Some Apple shops also sell it. It costs somewhere between P2500 and P3000. Moreover, it looks much cooler and is definitely a topic of conversation. Still geeky, though, but at least you’ll be a cool geek.

Gorilla Pod-1.jpg

The beauty of the Gorilla Pod is its versatility. With its fully-articulating ball-and-socket joints, it can be twisted to any shape and be made to clutch poles, posts, bars, railings, and so forth.

Gorilla Pod-2.jpg

With the Gorilla Pod, I was able to attach a camera to my mountain bike and capture a video of me careening down Santa Rosa’s Cardiac Hill at close to 50 kph.

The model I bought was sturdy enough for a D-SLR!

Gorilla Pod-4.jpg

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  • zoegod

    nice tripod. the way you used it on your bike made me see more of its use.
    blair witch project 3 any one?

  • Hmmm… The problem is… what if your on a beach with just your girlfriend / boyfriend? The gorilla pod would be difficult to set up. They should invent something that came from Dragon Ball Z, like the capsule tech they have. 🙂

  • zedd

    there’s a new pocket tripod, actually it’s not a tripod, more on a quadpad 🙂