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Government holding ICT Proficiency Tests

Thanks to a post from the Pinoy Java Users Group (PinoyJUG), I found out the Annual ICT (EDP) Proficiency Tests for Computer Programming and Systems Analysis and Design (SAD).

The National Computer Center (NCC) is holding this due to:

the need to have qualified ICT manpower in the government to implement its Information Systems Plans. Furthermore, there is a need for qualified ICT manpower in the country to support E-governance and E-commerce efforts under RA 8792 (E-Commerce Act) and Government Information Systems Plan under EO 265 (series of 2000).

This certification exam is equivalent to level 1 Civil Service (CSC) eligibility.

Do you think this is the same as the other certifications discussed here in PinoyTechBlog, or is this for a different career? How is an IT career in government service?

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  • In IT, the challenge is not in the skills. It is in the budget. I can have the best people on board, but if I do not have the budget to implement the IT infrastructure, then it will all go to waste.

  • I don’t know if this is relevant but maybe IT career in gov’t services is the same as the Doctors working in Public Hospital vs Private Doctors, they say Public doctors are able to exposed to different kinds of diseases(from ABCD classes of People) as Private Drs are limited(A sometimes B classes People).
    Make sense? Your thoughts?

    Are people here interested to take this examination?

  • ikabon, I’m afraid that analogy doesn’t hold, since government IT employees won’t have the chance to look at a wide variety of cases.

  • It has been long time since the IT started as course in the college. It is high time that the IT graduate have their own board exam. Is it exiting or scary?

  • cowboytsa

    The examination that could match (or even surprass) the difficulty level of government-sponsored IT professional certification in the Philippines is PhilNITS (formerly JITSE). It requires rigorous preparation on the part of examinees to pass. The level of questions conform to world-class standards. This exam caters to Filipino IT professionals who wish to work in Japanese companies. Since DTI has already adopted JITSE as the Philippine standard for IT proficiency evaluation a few years ago, CICT will just recycle the wheel by preparing its own set of examin ation questionnaires. The best thing CICT could do is to pursue PhilNITS exam to be a mandatory board exam. Except it must not require a college degree to take this examination…because I am college flunker but i managed to pass this exam. What we need for qualified ICT manpower is the programming skills that can be honed through patience and self-determination to solve real-world problems. Just research about Bill Gates(and Paul Allen) and you will know why.

  • Arnel

    I am one of the old school passer of Phillipine National Computer Center ICT Profiency Test (late 80s) when NCC was still at Camp Aguinaldo. The test was for sure really tough but passed it (take #1 only). I am also a college drop-out like cowboysta. We are given certificate rather than a “driver’s license” card. My original is already old and tattered. Does anyone know if the new NCC have a copy of the archives or online list of ICT proficiency passers. I need to get a replacement cerificate or if they can issue a “driver’s license” type card.

  • piscesman

    How much is the passing score percentage for ICT Proficiency exam for Programming? Is there anybody there know the answer. I am just curious about it.

  • jabee

    regarding this ICT Proficiency, I am aware they are having tests for Java PRogramming. Wat Development tool ang gamit dun?
    Is it Commad Prompt (old way) or an IDE (something new)?
    I need specific answer pls.

  • Mark

    The certification exam is not equivalent to Level 1(Sub-Professional)CS eligibility but rather Level 2(Professional). The NCC Proficiency is equivalent to 1st Grade eligibility pertaining to Level 2 (Professional) eligibility.

  • Gem

    When is the deadline of submission for the application for the exam? How many times can one take?

  • Do you have a reviewer for it… I am going to take this coming May 23, 2009. Pls help…….