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Grab Provides Free Horseback Ride With Promotional GrabHorse

So long as they can get their patrons from point A to point B, Grab isn’t one to shy away from trying new modes of transportation. That’s why we’re not even surprise to see Grab’s recent Facebook post about its new promo called GrabHorse.

Although the name is already somewhat of a giveaway, GrabHorse works a bit differently than your typical Grab ride. For starters the promotional service will only be available for Grab users who are currently in Baguio, specifically within Mines View Park, Pacdal Are, The Mansion, and/or Wright Park.


Moreover, GrabHorse will only be offered between 8AM-12NN and 2PM-6PM starting on February 24 to 26, and the pick-up and drop-off locations should be the same when you book your ride.

Lastly, instead of a wheeled machine, you’ll be going around in style riding one of the many horses that are at popular tourist destinations in Baguio City.


Surprisingly, some netizens didn’t take the news about GrabHorse so lightly and made sure that their opinions about animal cruelty and all the possible mishaps that horses may face because of the campaign are heard in the comments section.

The admin of Grab’s Facebook page made sure that the negativity directed towards GrabHorse are met courteously and assured “concerned” netizens that no animals will be harmed during the campaign. Grab also made it clear (if it wasn’t already) that the goal behind GrabHorse is to “promote the local cultures of the cities we are present in”, and that they aim to further improve the living conditions of the animals through their donations.

So, did Grab cross the line with GrabHorse? Or are these “concerned” netizens wrong to quickly judge the seemingly harmless campaign? We’d love to hear your thoughts about this in the comments section below.

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