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Group-buying site YugaDeals opens with a 23″ Full HD LED TV

YugaDeals, one of the newest group-buying site is now open. What differentiates YugaDeals from the others is that, this one solely offers gadgets and other tech-related items and services.

Check out the first item up for grabs. A KTC 23″ Full HD LED TV for Php7,350.


Hmmm, not much of a discount. Is that 12% off from the SRP? I think it’s just the price if you’re going to buy it directly from the manufacturer. Anyway, it would still make for a nice, cheap desktop monitor replacement or a LED TV for your small room.

This item is limited to 10 units and there’s only a week to decide. 12 hours into the deal and nobody’s still biting. Is it a bad product? Bad discount price? Or are people just waiting for the first buyer?

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  • Jake

    Sir Yuga! Hello. that picture… the KTC LED.. is that the actual item? i mean wala talagang logo? thank you!!

    • i think may logo tlaga ng KTC. Hehehe. tago mo na lang sa kwarto mo. 😛

      • jake

        halos lahat kasi ng seller yan ang ginagamit ng picture reference.. kapag sa actual na ng deal.. nagtataka ang buyer bakit ibang model ang binebenta… anyway. thank you.. i hope buyer’s will read this for clarification…

        • pag-niclick mo yung link. andun din pala yung poster ng tv. may logo ng ktc yung tv.

  • Messie

    Quite a disappointment. I was hoping for something more mobile. Oh well, next product please!

    • relax.. antayin mo yung laptop… 50% off daw eh. yung sinaunang Eee PC siguro, yung 7-inch. hehehe. joke lang.

      • Messie

        Haha. Lagot ka kay boss yuga =P

        50% off based on the original launch price ba to? Parang iyung nagbebenta ng “discounted” galaxy tab na ang price ay 21k, 14k off daw the original price na 35k. haha.

  • Jayson

    this can be had at an almost similar price (7,400) elsewhere. discount is not good enough.

  • Actually, 7400 lang sa ilang mga big seller (shops located at gilmore) sa tipidpc.com. Its really hard to buy an item that you can’t physically test and see for yourself with just a 100 peso discount. Plus the fact that it is not a known seller. So, if I were a would be buyer, I’d just go to gilmore, see and test it there and make judgement later rather than be bound to the agreement of yugadeals for the 100 peso discount. Not sure if I can post the Tipidpc.com seller link but is easily found under items for sale search phrase “KTC”.

    • Good point. I hope YugaDeals will take note of this. The discount is not worth if you can’t physically examine the product. Even though there’s warranty, it would still be a hassle to have it replaced because you weren’t able to test the unit before buying it.

  • as a group buying site i was expecting 50% off or atleast 30% off. im sorry to say this buy yugadeals first offering is a total fail.

  • Paul

    11 units already bought with 5 days and 12 hours to go.

    If failure brings about such results, then he ought to fail more 🙂

    • nice…15 units na. i think some people maximized the 2-unit limit.