Google seemed to be unstoppable with their tremendous work, they’ve recently released a new web based client named Gtalkr, which employs Google Talk using a flash-based interface. It’s quite similar to 2entwine’s GUSH and Meebo. But its simplicity defies those online application that uses AJAX, it allows you to store, search and index your recent conversations, it tells you how long ago the last conversation ended, directly add/invite a friend to Gtalkr, there’s also a Gtalkr Notifier, it comes with an extension for developers to directly embed any flash and Flex contents. It’s absolutely a great piece of work.

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  • It seems Gtalkr is not Google’s. As stated on the disclaimer – This site is not affiliated with Google.

  • Sorry for the hassle.. thought it was.

  • hey! i peed on my pants already and it’s not from Google? awww. that’s mean. hehe

  • Dark Ocelot

    the hell with Google? why is it that you always publish articles about Google this Google that is so boring. you know? in my point of view. i have been always been visiting PTB and im so disappointed. i can’t find any page of on the site the doesn’t have the word Google on it. well, from the last 2 weeks of so. how about Adobe? Macromedia? Corel? Alias? Torrents??? hehehe.

  • Tsk tsk. To err is human, i guess.

    Anyway, thanks for the link, Gtalkr is a pretty slick web app. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google hires the people behind it…

  • ocelot: oo nga, what you said. buti pa sa slashd… ahh nevermind. 😛

  • anonymouse

    i guess google’s just so darn hot these days.

  • > anonymouse

    Is it you Super Maginoo? Good to see you’re reading PTB! 😉