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Guild Wars MMO for P165 a month

Ragnarok and other local online games may truly be going down with the latest promo from AMDG and PLDT. All PLDT MyDSL subscribers can purchase Guild Wars using a 12-month installment plan of only PHP 165 per month, that turns out to be PHP 1980 in total, 25% off from the normal retail price, and that’s all you have to pay. A Ragnarok Online game card for 1 month costs PHP 350 while other local games cost around the same for a month. For 12 months that turns out to be PHP 4200, and you have to keep paying, with Guild Wars it stops at 12 months and you can play forever since all your paying for is the game box/cd and the game has no monthly fee, get free updates to the game and play with players all around the world. All this for a game with much better graphics and gameplay than any of the current asian based games. Quite a bargain isn’t it? This is what most Philippine Guild Wars enthusiasts have been waiting for and the perfect way for AMDG to take over the market. Who, or what could better Guild Wars? Anyone who’s played Guild Wars would know that probably only World of Warcraft could compete or best it, but will someone bring that here for its expensive tag price? Anyway here’s the full press release:

Asian Media Development Group the official distributor of Guild Wars in the Philippines recently partnered with PLDT myDSL to make Guild Wars available to their new and existing subscribers.

This Christmas PLDT myDSL offers their subscribers a chance to give their kids a gift of virtue through Guild Wars easy 12 month installment plan for only P 165 a month which is more than 25% off from the standard retail price.

Unlike other online games, kids can keep enjoying the game for free once the 12 months is over. No prepaid cards. It’s the coolest Christmas gift ever!

This exclusive offer is available to new and existing PLDT myDSL subscribers only.

Just log on to www.mypad.net to view Guild Wars video clips and demos.

For details call 171.

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  • Cool promo! Just in time too, as Chapter 2 is looming around the corner (rumors pin it at a May release). 🙂

  • pinoy gamer

    Things just getting better with GuildWars in the Philippines… Thanks to AMDG and PLDT…

    All other online games are now PWNED!

  • Get it while still on promo!

    Login to http://www.guilds.ph and be a member! Guild Wars will surely beat all MMORPG’s.

  • Wonder if we’ll see more people running around saying “Kuya, gold po.” 😉

  • I expect Chapter 2 will be released sooner than May. My guess would be around february after the GWWC (Guild Wars World Championship) event.

  • Since PLDT DSL has TV AD, why not add GW there? 😛

  • Vinita

    Take note that this a Christmas promo. It’ll end Dec 31 I think.

  • kenji

    Guildwars? ragna at MU pa rin ang malaks d2 sa shop ko. I tried playing GW pero…wlang dating… MU pa rin ako…

  • Hmm, nagtataka lng. Pano ba mag-apply nun. Required ba n player k ng Guild Wars o aus lng kahit ita-try mo p lng.

    About what Vinita had said, what do you mean by ‘hanggang dec. 31 lng. Ung application or ung mismong promo?

  • truth serum

    kenji » December 26th, 2005 18:18
    Guildwars? ragna at MU pa rin ang malaks d2 sa shop ko. I tried playing GW pero…wlang dating… MU pa rin ako…


    which i think is better for you, kung ganun ka mag-isip. guild wars has consistently been a top-rated and internationally acclaimed game since its release, and you insist on playing a stupid game which is a waste of money and TIME. not only on other people’s opinions, but techically GW is far superior than any localized mog can ever hope to be. consider the whole package, the tech/game support, the international events, the sizzling pvp action…

    i’d rather not have you or your dinky ass cafe in our game, thankyouverymuch. go play with your little MUMU toys and LAGNAROK bots.

    walang dating indeed… *scoff*

  • Euryx

    @truth serum: yes its true. i played MU for a year, a lot of money and time wasted pero parang wala akong napala. and when i played guild wars, i really enjoy it! yun na yata yung pinaka the best na MMORPG na nalaro ko.

    pero sana be nice to other posters, you can always post your opinions in a nice way. peace! 🙂

  • Euryx

    MU and Ragnarok is really just a waste of money. at sa lahat ng RPG games na nalaro ay Guild Wars lang talaga ang the best when comes to Role Playing and PVP battles.

    Pero you can always express your opinions in a nice way. be nice to everyone 🙂

  • hilbert

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  • I agree, its just a waste of money..


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