Hacking for SmartBro

I’ve been complaining for a few weeks now that my Smart Bro connection has been crappy whenever it rains, so I called up tech support and asked for a reposition of my antenna.

Been waiting for a few weeks when I noticed how much the palm trees in front of my house have thickened already compared to when the antenna was first installed about 6 months ago. So I paid somebody to hack and trim the leaves a bit (click on the image). The affect was astounding, as I dropped 20ms from ping replies of the base station. The real litmus test however happened last week when it rained. The good news was that the connection passed with flying colors, it was a real downpour and my connection held.

Living in rural Davao City means that I have to contend with a bush or a tree suddenly popping up to block my line-of-sight path to the SmartBro base station. I remembered the first time we were installing the antenna, the techs were figuring out where my antenna should be placed because there were just too many trees in between my house and the base station. Compared to a building, a building won’t add a few inches to its height after 6 months. Not that I’m complaining since its a welcome exchange for fresh air and a laid back setting.

Guess that means I have to call up tech support now and ask them to cancel that request of mine *snicker*

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  • LOL. Nice hack.

  • I was glad too that it worked, repositioning the antenna would have been bloody *snicker*

  • “rural” davao city? come on, marc… you make it out as if we were living in huts! i’ve long learned to live with manilenos calling everything outside manila as ‘provincial’, but “rural”?? 😉

  • Blogs, I literally have to cross 2 rivers, one brook and a hill before I can get to my house in Davao from the city proper *snicker*… and that is just a 25 minute drive…

    That’s what I like about our city, the greenery meshes so well with the drab concrete…While driving home today I actually saw a huge white bird (a heron?) perched on top of a carabao and right next to them was the wall of a populated subdivision… 😀

  • ibm_2100

    Hello. Just want to know the average speed of your Smart Bro connection. Were you able to make or receive calls to/from overseas (say, the US) through Skype, YM etc? How was the overall experience so far? Thanks

  • Hi Ibm_2100,

    Based from the results I got from speakeasy.net : seatle wa speed test : 97 kbps 342 kbps

    the speed in my package is 128kbps and I didn’t bother to upgrade… Skype seems to be no problem for me, YM experiences some lag once in a while.

    Hope that helps 😀

  • Whoops, sorry but my reply was incomplete 😀

    download :97 kbps
    upload: 342 kbps

  • ibm_2100

    Thanks for the reply Marc.

  • I didn’t know I could just call in Smart reps to fix the Net connection speed thing. But anyway, disconnections (or slow connections) happen to me on few occasions so it’s still ok. I’m also connected via SmartBRO, from Cagayan de Oro. 🙂 You have a good blog. Found it from Google. 😉

  • Thanks Elaine 😀

  • Had a similar story from a friend.

    He realized it was Mango season and the weight of the mangoes on his tree caused the branches to droop affecting the line-of-sight and the degrading the Smart Bro signal.

  • Nika

    Had some problems with connecting as well before, when I called Smart they sent in the next day their contractors and changed my antenna into the canopy one. My antenna kasi was the old one pa back when smartbro was first released. Good thing our roof was higher than the santol and coconut trees lying around our place. 🙂

  • luis

    I’m planning to get a Smart Bro connection, but I’m worried about the extra costs. Did you pay extra aside from the 1,000pesos installation fee and the 1,000 downpayment?

  • @luis

    Nope I didn’t have to pay extra…they even gave the pole for free… I paid extra for the gardner to trim the trees around my house *snicker*


    which reminds me, malapit na ata ang santol season 😀

  • sap ramos

    ISS STX5015

  • sap ramos

    halos nabasa ko na mga comments ng smart wifi/bro, matagal na akong may dsl sa bahay, digitel nga lang.

    baka pwede nating pag usapan tungkol naman sa technical, about thier infrastructure, ano ba gamit nila sa client? is it bridge or…? ano configuration nila? pwede ba tayong bumili ng sarili nating gamit? like wifi router, wifi bridge high gain antenna?

    concern kasi ako about roaming, is it possible? kasi taga calamba ako, misis ko nag ta-trabaho sa maynila, minsan don din ako nauwi, so kung pwede mag connect kahit saan using same/one account where i live, halimbawa nakarating ako ng bulacan, dala ko laptop, wifi bridge/router etc, pwede ba ako mag connect sa bulacan, kahit ang application ko ay sa calamba?

    maraming salamat sa mga sagot in advance…


    i’m also interested about one on one discussion…

  • Ohmecho

    To all master

    Good day!

    Need help to configure router para magamit SmartBro for 2 PC’s .

    I tried to configured but na reredirect ako sa Smart Portal.

    Thanks in advance


  • BeelZeelBub

    Hack trees pala to..jejeje…
    Sino may alam anong IP ng Canopy sa davao? Gigil na kaayo ko sa Smart BRO! walang katapusang Intermetent Connection!
    Never pa ako naka Experience sa kanila ng 24-hour alang Putol Putol s Net.
    Hahay… sayang binabayad…lock-down for a year. =(

  • I really hate smartbro, since april 12, 2007 til april 20, 2007.. iniriklamo ko yong internet connectivity ko na wala akong coneksyon..daily ako call ako sa kanila para may update nman sa problem ko, sinabihan lang ako na sir hintay ka lang nang 24hrs maayos na yan..ewan ko lang kong kilan maayos etong internet ko sa bahay..

  • barikulkol

    satisfied ako sa smart bro. cguro depende sa location ninyo, 2 years na ako d2 sa montalban rizal pero seldom lang magkaproblema —

  • iel

    Anyone who knows how to configure broadband router Edimax?
    Nag try ako mag auto configure. default IP add ng router lalabas. Kaya lang ng mag connect ako, portal ng Smart Bro napunta.

  • hi iel!,

    After logging in the first time to the smartbro portal with your computer connected to the edimax router, try unpowering your edimax router and the smartbro bridge. After the router and bridge reboots you should be able to surf already.

    Hope this helps


  • I told my mom to cut my pldt mydsl and switch to Smart Bro, i thought smart bro was reliable in terms of internet stability, but all was a sCaM >-

  • Intermitently for the month of june 2months after the installation my speed range around 50-150kbps minsan pa nga 14kbps once nag reklamo nako sa tech support they never listen… im very upset reg. the speed below 70% of advertised speed. I work in a call center as a Tech support internet service sa abroad dko ma aply work ko dito Power cycle nalang pag hindi kinaya Matulog kanalang ok noh?.. tatawag ka sa Tech support? I dont know what they will sayto you, I need service naman anu bato less than 100kbps? Please check Cainta junction area naman! mgt.

    Upset Customer

  • problema nyo yan tatanga tanga kasi kayo ei nag pauto pa kau hahahaha

  • gtawegytraw

    kala ko pa naman ang ganda kaasar, wala na akong pagasa makabitan ng DSL :[ di kasi pede pldt and globe dsl huhuhuhuh sa amin i wanna CRY huhuhuhuhu T__T

  • Winston

    mga tol ang dami nyo problema baka naman sa pc nyo lang yan mga mangga o puno di naman prob yan eh basta alam nyo umakyat ng bubong fixed it yourself paabutin paba ng months?sobra naman un prang d nag evolved ang monkey to human beings kung di nyo kaya umakyat ng bubong at magdala ng plies at alembre…about mga config sa mga router pc mags meron etc..diskarte..yung antenna nung smartbro skin halos dikit na sa bubong namin itinabi ko sa antenna ng tv napakababa kung tutuusin kasi halos kalevel na sya ng bubong namin pero 1mbps ang connection ko.may mangga pa yun maybe i’ll consider na repositioning pero bout speed maybe one of your peripherals may prob!

  • john

    para san ba yung lan box na may 2 ports ng jp..

    WD-S 94V-0—>>> nka lagay sa pcb nya..

  • i’m a smart bro user for about a month now…
    i’m having problems with the download rate of the 30kbps and i am a plan 999 user. does it have to do with the location? i tried to call the customer service before setting up the smart bro and ask something on the download rate i know that it will not reach the maximum but at least i can enjoy downloading but not the minimum download speed. do you have a fix for this???

  • ewan ko sa smart bro…

    walang kwenta sa customer problem,, puro linya nila, “within 24 hours, ok na sir/mam ung connection nyo” #%[email protected]!!#^$#%[email protected]

    for Cow sake! alam nyo ba na nakakasira ng PC ang laging nawawalan ng connection? why?

    because of the signal, interacting your PC… meron itong ground and data that can penetrate to ur PC which the STATIC can affect the entire program of your PC…

    …kaya minsan nag-hahanged ung PC or what ever…

    pero, what ever din sa Smart… over Globe..?
    cguro Globe nalang ako.. or Dial-UP… haha!

  • ang masasabi ko lang ay nakatipid ako almost 4k mula ng magkaroon ako ng broadband.salamat sa smartbro.wala po akong naranasan kagaya ng mga sinasabi nyo mula ng ikinabit si smartbro.


    simply amazing isn’t it? how they take their clients for granted.. I just recently had my subscription cut (actually it was just last night). reason why? simply coz they suck. I reported a slow and non-existent connection aug 3 (average speed was less than a 100kbps). guess what the excuse was? naturally the “base-station-upgrade/base-station-techprob” excuse. so i continually called their hotline (in every occasion losing at least 15mins of my precious life because no one was answering) to report and do followups. and then aug 9, I talked to “jack” and said that I was scheduled for a field visit on aug 11 to check my canopy settings because the problem maybe there. WHAT?? so why then were they saying before that the problem was in their base-station. They were practically lying to me. unfortunately for the agent, i wasn’t stupid to fall for their crap and received the hell out of me. Guess what, Aug 11 passed without a shadow of their contractors in my place. Had it cut Saturday night after waiting the whole day for a no-show contractor. I told the rep at their wireless center don’t they dare demand from me the remaining months off my contract (still just 6months with smartbro so i’m still within the lock-in period). If they want to sue me, feel free, they’ll be facing a losing battle. Whoever is planning to go SMARTBROKEN, don’t! ridiculous service!

    Whoever is planning to apply for a SMARTBROKEN connection, suskupo wag na maawa ka sa sarili mo

  • elmer of mauban quezon

    ok naman ang smart bro,,la ako problema.. im using 3 pc on my bro connection wala naman problema. Baka yong setting or position lang ng antenna nyo.. mga bro…

  • i just hate it dat i got no optio but to use smartbro wala pa kasi globe line sa lugar namin…konte ulan lng nawawalan na ako ng connection, pag col ka sa kanila ano ano excuse nila na me sira sa pc….bwisit na smartbro!

  • PinoySmartBro

    hello, just got my smartbro yesterday and even during rainfall (a bit heavy downpour) the connection stays and my laptop is even downloading MS updates while i chat with my webcam on. speed is fine.

    one question though: do anyone of you put passwords to your canopy (aka gateway router)?

  • Kikas

    What??? I dont understand nothing that you say… I’m portuguese, but i understand english… that: “…ang masasabi ko lang ay nakatipid…” stuff!!!! really why do you talk like that? i’ve been looking all over the internet for information about how to acess canopy… and all i’ve found is that strange language…
    p.s. – already tried to go
    but didn’t got nothing.

  • PinoySmartBro

    Hey there Portugese Kikas. Never heard of the phrase “Google is your friend”? I did and have tweak me canopy to double the advertised speed. ;-P

  • ang masasabi ko lang, mabilis. mabilis ang smartbro pag sa singilan, pero sa service WOW! hanep, parang ayaw magpa internet.

    wala akong magawa kundi magbayad sa walang ka kwenta kwentang serbisyo

  • uu nga tama ung isang viewer kanina. mabilis nga ang smart broadband . mabilis pag singilan. hehe. lang kwentang connection.
    ang pambansang broadband “daw” . nyahah ! damn fool !

  • PinoySmartBro, yeah google is your friend and that tweak etc. is good however if the problem is the base station then that would not help not unless if you use the internet during off peak like maybe 3 AM up to 7 AM?

    Smartbro the internet provider that sucks should upgraded whatever they need to upgrade to freaking handle all the clients they fooled.

    SmartBro get your ass together and start something new wala kasi pinag bago lahat ng dito sa pilipinas puro manloloko pati kayo manloloko wala rin namang pupuna sa inyo na government department kasi kahit sila manloloko rin lagyan nyo ng pera wala ng kaso. p0th4ng inang mga manloloko maganda ang pilipinas tangalin nyo lang lahat ng ganitong klaseng mga tao mga manloloko mag nanakaw p0th4ng |n4 ny0.

  • Smartbro malakas lang sa advertising pero sa upgrade ng mga hardware walang sinabi basta gumagana okay na daw yun LoL mga tanga bago kayo mag tangap ng clients tignan nyo kung kaya ng ng system nyo handle yung capacity ng tinangap nyo clients hindi yung overloaded kaya ang nag susuffer yung mga clients mga bobo ang laki ng company nyo ang laki ng kinikita nyo pero pag dating sa pag papalabas ng pera pra sa mga clients wala kayong magawa, malaki rin binabayaran nyong tax pero p0th4ng |n4 nyo mas malaki ang kinikita nyo sa manloloko mga bobo.

  • hai mga repapipz!!hehe
    kung d kayo sang ayon xa smartbro.. wag nyo nlang bayaran!!! taz wag nyo naring ibigay ung antena!!woo00o0 binayaran ntin un!! heheh
    bOb0 kc ngkabit ng ante nah koh..
    dapat ang power level nyo -60 – -70
    jetter nyo masmababa xa 3.. mas ok.

    letxeng SMART-BRO yan!!!

  • rowel ng pangasinan

    hayz last month pinakealaman ko canopy at pinagpapalit mga setting na di ko maintindihan.. inis na inis ako nun kc bagal ng smartbro. tapos nawalan ako ng connection. tumawag ako sa smart at pumunta sila sa bahay next other day. bwala nireklamo ko lahat ng bagay. ayun naging 370kbps na speed ko.

  • siguro its dependot na lang kung saang area yung service ng smart bro-ken, kasi dito, 2 lang naman ang may service, house namin at yung resort. nde ko lang alam sa urban area kasi andito ako sa remote area.

    pero over all, mukang dami paring hastle sa smart bro-ken.

  • row4section E

    Mga classmate please understand SmartBrok, pag madami gamit sa area ninyo ng SmartBrok en nagaagawan kayo sa bandwidth kaya bumabagal speed ninyo. Kung sa bundok ka nakatira baka 5oo kbps abot ka. Maayos din yan pag wala ng subscriber ng SmartBrok..en

  • row4section E

    Mga taga SmartBroken mag paturo kayo sa supplier ng equipment ng configuration hindi puro default ng depault ang config ninyo mga row4section Z kasi yan mga yan….

  • puji

    tama kayo, wala talagang kwenta ang smart bro.. pag may tumatawag sa Hotline namin para mag-inquire, kunyari napakaganda.. “Yes maam, for only 999.00/month meron na po kayong internet connection w/ burstable 384kbps na speed…” yan..
    yan ang dati naming spiel sa hotline..
    pag may tumawag naman about slow-no connection at all.. “maam, i’m very sorry, we have a technical enhancement on your location..” hahahahaha..
    yan ang turo samin ng mga TL namin sa smart bro..
    ang baba pa nila mag pa sweldo! amp****!
    buti na lang nag resign na ko..

  • mrs.macahiya

    hey,peEps!!!i’v beEn using sMartbro for 8 mos. now…at first der was an instance nun in open q un pc q no connection freak out aq kya col agad aq s cs nila nd d nyc gurl tsr thought me how to do d basic troubleshooting d’ unplug & replug d cable…d kc aq tech savvy,but now my idea n q khit p2no.after nun col na un never n q 2mwag s cs nila coz wenever i’m experiencing no connection & slow browse i repair it on my own…juz in case no connection kau check d “lan area connection icon” s system tray to check d status den ryt click on it tpos choose repair..kc it works for me most of d tym…=)

  • Joshua

    Mga tol bat ganun smart bro. namin ang bagal?
    ang speed niya 10.0 mbps normal ba yun?

  • Filmore

    Guys if you have problems on how to share you’re smartbro line to you’re local network and you don’t have i router or you have problems configuring a router, or you don’t want to spend some money on buying a router,
    If you have a n extra lan card lying around somewhere that will be good,

    You need to have 2 lan cards

    you’re local area connection would be connected to one of your lan card

    the smartbro connection will be connected to your extra lan card,

    then create a network bridge on your 2 lan cards and set all you’re pc’s ip to dynamic,

    you’re pc with the 2 lan cards will now be you’re internet gateway,

    all you need to do is log in to smartbro portal on you’re gateway

    and you’re local network will now be connected to the internet

    and by the way you can check you’re internet connection on the “control panel>network connection” try looking for the internet gateway icon, or any extra icon on you’re network connection , and try to open it, it will show you’re internet speed,

    if you can’t follow this things, try searching on “Internet Connection Sharing”

  • rodents_me baguio city

    hey hey guys tama yan tama bng asa city ka na ae ang bagal parin ng connection bkit ganun? akala ko b fast and reliable at nationwide coverage! buti sana kung asa niyogan ako pero nasa city naman oh nO!!!!!!!! bkit ganto 1st month ko palang. tas lagi pa akong nawawalan ng connection nung una okay pa pero nung tumagal lumabas din ang totoo! why why why smartbrok!!!!!!!!!!! WALANG PUNO ANG NAKA SURROUND SA PLACE KO!

  • Joshua

    Tol bat ganun ang bagal sobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………..
    kala ko mabilis smart bro… dipende ba yun sa memory???…. sana matulungan niyo ko nakakainis n kc sobrang bagal d ako makapanuod sa youtube…. hayzzz please reply po…

  • Smart daw?

    This company is really stealing our money. Grabe ang pahirap ng company na ito! Puro kasinungalingan talaga ang advertisements nila. kaya pala you are advised na may lock in period ka pag nagsubscribe ka kasi you will definitely try to cut their service before the lock in period because of poor service. Poor connection,poor lahat. nakakahigh blood talaga every time you report the problem sa customer service nila maMEMEMORIZE MO NA ANG MGA SASABIHIN NILA AT HIHINGIN SA YO NA MGA DATA KASI PAULIT ULIT KANG TATAWAG TO COMPLAIN ABOUT YOUR CONNECTION. EVEN YUNG IP AT PA ADRESS KO NAMEMORIZE KO NA DAHIL SA KAKACOMPLAIN KO SA SOBRANG BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGAL…… TALAGA NG INTERNET NA ITO AT AND EVERYTHING WRITTEN IN THIS CORNER IS TRUE. EVERY THING BAD ABOUT THIS INTERNET IS TRUE. ANG MGA NAGSASABI DITO NA MABILIS ANG CONNECTION NG SMART BROADBAND MOST PROBABLY WORK FOR THIS COMPANY! BWISIT TALAGA

  • Muslim Bro

    Could anybody point me to a Philippine Distributor ng GAIN Antenna for CANOPY, aside fron the Motorola Reflector? Please help . . .

  • borgie

    Tama kayo mga subscribers, kagaya ko agent pa naman di ako nagpakabit ng smartbroken na yan.Ang dami kung nabasa halos Mga Negative Comments about this broadband service.Kahit mga Clients ko wala pang 1 week ayon txt ng txt sa akin wala daw connection.As an agent alam ko lahat tungkol sa wireless internet or wireless networking.I do have my own wireless setup like as bridge…configuring the canopy settings, Ip dynamic Ip, router, sharing, etc etc. At ito mga SmartBroken…Nagshare kayong lahat sa isang server yun ang reason bumabagal yung connection nyo..lahat nang Pc users ngayon marunong ng magdownload.1 cellsite has 6 servers on it..kaso pag ikaw ay napunta sa server na doon marami ang user na mahilig mag download don ka mabubwisit.Kahit nga wired connection bumabagal pa naman, how much more if it is wireless tapus shared pa.1 server 384kbps lagay natin 20 users lang tapos 10 users doon mga mahilig mag download…hahahahaha.Ito ang sabi ni Smart 384kbps..yun ang speed advertized speed nila..hindi 384kbps per subscriber…384 pinaghatihati ninyo lahat ang server na may 384 bandwidth at isa pa walang CIR o commited Information Rate na binigay ni Smart..so pag downtime talagang down ang speed mo hanggang 2kbps.So dapat magbigay cla nang CIR kahit half of the advertzd sped nila pwedi na.If you want to have internet connection with CIR subscribe to smart corporate o enterprise edition 388kbps with CIR at email add at php 2,200 or 588kbps @ php6,200/months yun talagang may CIR at both has its own Dynamic IP, kagaya ng Bro na yan Static IP lang yan naka DHCP kasi shared bandwidth at connection.. Ano ? did you get my point?I hope malinaw lahat so if your planning to get 1 then accept the conditions.If you are an IT or a computer wizard make sure you know your canopy IP at saka Server IP para naman ma check mo always yung connection mo.

  • cytotec9_11atyahoodotcom

    @borgie: malinaw brad, ganun pala yun. 384kbps per server, not per client/connection. mali naman advertisement ng smartbro na yan. dapat inayos nila. kung nilinaw lang nila, sigurado, konti lang maloloko nila.. bout checking server IP, pwede mo ba ko PM sa ym brad? cytotec9_11atyahoodotcom many thanks!

  • i hate smart bro

    Isa na rin ako sa biktima ng Smart Bro na yan. Sa mga nag-iisip magsubscribe, WAG NA! Masstress lang kayo katulad namin.

    Kung walang contract na one year, nagpacut na ko ng Smart Bro. Tapos ung *1888 nila, wala ring maitulong sa yo. Kung anu-anong alibi at minsan pa sasabihin lang na ifoforward sa ibang dept ung concern mo.
    Nag-iinternet pa ko sa labas. E unlimited ung binabayaran ko sa kanilang 999 na useless!!!!!!!!!!! Rip-off talaga!!!!

    Puede bang ipa-Imbestigador tong Smart Bro na to para wala na silang maloko?

  • Teresita Cinco

    Hi Friends,

    Well according to our obligationas and contract law in the Philippines, you can terminate your contract if you find that you’re not satisfied with their services.
    Please do research on it, it will help you to sort your problem. I had a problem with my wireless Bayantell phone too so all of you who are planning to subscribe with Bayatel wireless phone, think again nakaka bwisit!!! ni hindi ko magamit sa loob ng bahay ko at lalo na sa labas may mga areas lang na ok tapos bigla mag dropped yung call kapag nakapag lakad ka ng konti.
    I have dealt my prob with Bayantel accordingly kaya you can do it too. Sayang yung pera natin na binabayad sa kanila monthly…. Thanks!

  • ODC



  • NO TO smart bro

    I am so busy and I dont like writing something like this, but I am taking time to tell you NOT to try Smart Bro. MASAYANGAN KA sa pera. 1 buwan na ko may problema sa connection, wala pa sila nagagawa. Nakkastress, please believe me!

    Yung 999 nila a month, mas gusto ko ipambayad na lang sa haharang sa mga may plano magsubscribe. Para wala ng maging biktima at malaman ng lahat na hindi talaga sulit.

    They have been SO UNFAIR to me and their other victims. Sana makarma na sila!!!

  • smart is a ripoff

    ODC, you made a good decision when u cancelled your Smart Bro application.
    I envy you bec I am 1 of its victims.

    I am regretting subscribing to Smart Bro.

    Ang daming anomalya ng Smart!
    Sana malugi ang may-ari nito!!!

  • putanginang smartbro, bulok!

  • Torben

    Smart Bro’s Service is beyond description…

    We’ve a business account…. AND STILL SUCKS

    They managed to reconfigure the buildings router and all tenants were offline.
    The Tech Support wasted half my day running completely useles tests trying to proof that our LAN is the source of the problem. They can’t handle anything else than Windows and the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing…

    HANDS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • borgie

    To all smartBroken users…

    USE Bandwidth Meter Pro V. 2.3 !

    Para makita mo talaga live Download and Upload speed mo while working with internet.It shows a graph of kbits/ second sa desktop mo.

    good luck!

  • PUTANG INA ANG SMART BRO! saying ang 999 ang binabayad ko! Palaging nawawala ang connection ko, pag tumawag ako sa *1888 mga init ulo at mga walang alam ang agent dun! Sabi nila within 48 hours mag technician na mag contact sa akin. Bakit hanggang ngaun wala pa rin dumadating! Switch na tayo sa globelines! PUTANG SMRT BRO TO!!!!

  • hmmm…cguro sa area lng pngkabitan yan and taas ng antenna…sakin kc ok lng ung connection hanggang ngun la prob..online games p nga aq madalas…

  • borgie

    Bro peps..Sa akin namn dito wala namang problema.Actually normal naman yung nawawala ang connectio for hours or a day. Kahit saan ka mag subscribe ganon parin.Yun namang promise ni BRO na 384kbps talaga namang binibigay nila. Download ko dito goes up til 700 kbps and it burst to 2mbps and thats true. You try to use a real time bandwidth meter for your connection.I did a lil tweak on my canopy yung sustained downlink ko ginawa kong 700 at uplink 300 at gumagana naman, i noticed its working di kagaya sa original settings nang technician.By the way tweaking your canopy is very is if you know how to use this IP and use this command CMD … arp -a. This is the starting point, then your ready to configure the canopy at your own risk.Cgi mga BRO wa masyado init nang ulo nyo at talaga namang ginagawa naman ni BRO ang lahat para satisfied lahat end user. Just call *1888 at right away e reset nila yung BTS o based station nila pagwalang connection.A call or report is just what they need to reset all disconnected users, pag walang tatawag walang internet.

    just leave a message if you need assistance:

    [email protected]

  • john

    mabagal talaga ang connection ng smart broken.. kaya un isa kong connectione d ko na binayaran.. pero nagagamit ko pa rin kahit di ako nagbabayad, 2 months ko ng ginagamit for free kaya ok lang kahit minsan medyo mabagal libre naman…

  • donski

    mga tsong! dapat kayong mag worry sa smartbrok na yan, bound to be bulok ang service. alam nyo bang P700.00 lang bayad nila sa contractor nila dito sa caraga region. kya dami tuloy nag resign. ang masama, 3weeks muna bago mabayaran ang contractor….kaya yung iba dyan nagbebenta na lang nga canopy….pag may antenna kasi piece of cake lang nakawin ang signal nila…laptop ko nga kahit anong canopy ikabit walang redirection na magyari….laban ka smartbrok???

  • H! ako nga pala ang installer. d2 nga pala sa marawi maraming mga hucker d2 sa CPE minsan nga cnisera nila ang Site ng SMartbro…. Halos Lahat na Subscriber d2 pinalitan ng CPE minsan pa nga kame ang pagbuntongan ng galet nila….

  • hi, dami na ba smart bro user sa marawi ?

  • cheetoque121

    dapat 55-57 kb daw maximum download speed ko.
    bakit hanggang 47-49 lang sa akin?!?!

  • Hi Meridian/Smartbro:

    Gusto ko sana isumbong sa inyo itong problema namin dito sa aming Smartbro sa Marawi, halos araw-araw ay wala kaming Internet simula noong January. Palagi nalang idinadahilan ng mga Installer at mga contractor nyo na may problema sa main tower, palagi ako nagkokomplain tapos panay din ang kanilang sagot sa akin. Palagi rin akong tumatawag sa Smart Hotline *1888 pero nakakakainis na talaga. Palagi kami nagpapalit ng Antena, yong Motorola ang Brand. Palagi daw nasisira, eh sila sila lang naman ang nag iinstall. Lately, palagi pa sila naghihingi ng tip at yong mga priorities eh inuuna kung sinong nagbibigay sa kanila ng pera.

    Kung tatanungin nyo kaming mga Smartbro clients nyo talagang lubos kaming nagsusuffer sa ginagawa nila sa amin. To think, pag nag apply kami sa kanila ay 2000 pa dun sa Hayra Marketing ba yon, or 2500 dun kay Jun Lucman or Norodin Lomondot. Inaabuso talaga nila kaming mga clients dahil panay dahilan nila, at malaki talaga ang kinukuha nila sa amin compared dun sa Smart Wireless Center na 1000 lang ang binabayaran. Wala lang talaga kaming choice kaya napipilitan kaming pagbigyan ang kanilang mga kagustuhan. Sana maimbestigahan nyo itong pag ooverprice nila sa amin na mga clients.

    Isa pa, when these time comes since January ay almost everyday ay walang internet, at naka tatlong beses na ata ako pinalitan ng Antenna, ang hindi ko na maintindihan ang Problema. Ayaw ko na po banggitin ang Panggalan ko dahil mas lalo lang nila kaming pag iinitan. Ang sistema dito ng mga Kontractor, daig pa ang Diktador. Lahat ng gusto nila ay nasusunod.

    Nong palitan nila ang antenna ko, sabi nila, lagyan ko daw ng password, at yon nilagyan ko nga ng password kasi kaya daw nasisira kasi wala daw password. Then, nabigla ako kasi nasira pa rin yong internet ko, na nalagyan ko naman ng password. Natuklasan ko, na maliban pala sa Username ko na Admin ay mayron pa palang nakalagay na SAINOY. Hindi ko alam kong bakit nagkaroon ng SAINOY, samantalang nong maglagay ako ay Admin lang ang nakita ko.

    Itatanong ko sana sa inyo kung officially ba itong SAINOY ay kilala nyo, mahirap kasi dito sa Area namin kasi kung sinong magsusumbong sa kanila ay tinatanggalan na ng Internet. Kaya sana po ay ilihim nyo lang itong email sa mga Smartbro contractors nyo. Ayaw ko pong madamay baka ako mapag initan at putulin na ang internet ko ng tuluyan. Presently, ay sira na naman po ang Internet ko.

    Sinubukan kong kuhanan ng screenshot ang username na natuklasan ko, para kayo na ang magverify. Maski kayo na po ang magtanong tanong or maski itext nyo pa itong number ni Norodin Lomondot, 09284335339 at subukan nyo magtanong kung magkano magpainstall ng Smartbro, at I am sure, mga 2000-2500 ang hinihingi nya. Diba abuso na po yon? Sana po ay mapagtuunan nyo ito ng pansin.

    Sa pagkakaalam ko kasi, nitong mga nagdaang linggo na nasisira ang aming antenna at pinapalitan, ay parang nagdududa ako na sila lang ang may kagagawan.


    Una: Bakit may SAINOY na ibang username sa antenna ko na hindi ko naman sakin yon.

    Pangalawa: Pag nagiinstall sila, parang ang saya saya nila, kasi kesho makakakuha daw sila ng karagdagang Installation fee as a contractor, kaya sabi ko I can smell something fishy talaga sa Operations nila.

    Pangatlo: Yang 2000-2500 Installation cost is very rampant, hindi ko alam kong tinotolerate nyo lang yan maski alam ninyong illegal. Maraming galit sa Smartbro dito dahil sa mga nangyayari na yan. Parang nafefeel namin na kung sino ang malapit sa kanila, ay yon ang nagkaka net palagi, at yong hindi ay palaging napuputulan.

    Mahilig silang mag reason out na kesyo may sira ang maintower, kesyo may sira daw sa equipment, kesyo may tao daw na sumisira sa signal, nakalimutan ko yong pangalan na binanggit nila. Pero ang hindi ko lang maintindihan ay sa buong Pilipinas ay dito lang sa lugar naming palaging may sira. Naiisip tuloy namin na parang sinasadya talaga.

    Hindi namin maisumbat sa kanila na porke kami ay subscriber ng Smartbro, dahil ang sagot nila, ay hindi naman daw sila kumikita sa aming monthly fees. Kumikita lang daw sila pag may installation or repair. Sana po maaksyonan at maimbestigahan itong mga kalokohan ng Smartbro dito sa Marawi City.

    Sana po magreply kayo sa Email ko na ito at sana nakatulong ako upang maipagpatuloy ng Smart ang serbisyo nila sa amin. Napakaganda po ng serbisyo nyo, pero may mga tao lang na sumisira at ginagawang negosyo ang inyong magandang serbisyo. Naisip ko tuloy, na dahil ng daw nabababayaran nyo lang sila pag may repair or installation, ay parang sinasadya lang talaga na palagi akong nawawalan ng Internet at pinapalitan ng antenna. Kahit papaano po, magastos din magpa-snack sa kanila pag pumupunta sila sa bahay bahay para magayos.

    Napakaganda po talaga ng inyong Smartbro, pero imbestigahan nyo lang ang mga tao nyo. Gusto ko din malaman, kung sino itong SAINOY na nakikita sa Antenna ko, na hindi ko naman kilala. Maraming salamat po at Mabuhay po ang Smart Bro. Siguro po, kahit hindi ko na ibigay ang aking Account Information, ay yong Serial Number nalang ng antenna ko ang magsasabi nang aking pagkatao. Kaya sana po ay hwag nyo itong masabi sa kanila, at mag imbestiga nalang kayo. Marami pong clients dito sa lugar namin na kapareho ko ng sentimento at talagang galit sa kanila. Sila pa ang malakas ang loob na magnegosyo at pagkaperahan at sinasabotahe ang internet naming mga clients.


  • Abdullah Azis

    Dyan ka nagkakamali! Mali ang Information mo Decampong. Ang GLOBE ang gumagawa ng pag HACK sa Marawi dahil nawawalan na sila ng mga Customer. Bakit di ka magtanong kung magkano sa GLOBE Marawi ang monthly connecttion Fee? Magugulat ka kay Residential Account lang na same Speed sa SMARTBro na 3000 per Month, kung Office nasa 6000 and above. First Installation ng GLOBE thru Horizon na 6000 agad. Yun ang mga buhaya! Wag ka magbintang ng ganyan na hindi alam ang detalye ng sinasabi mo. kamag anak ko ang mga tao na inaakusahan mo, mababait at resonable sila. Sa totoo ay Political Rival kayo na mga DECAMPONG naming mga LUCMAN , at lagi kayo talo! kaya naninira ka! Katokawan ami sukano bo! Tama na may price difference sa Marawi, pero tinanong mo ba kung bakit at ano dahilan? Ang alam ko sila mismo kumukuha ng mga gamit sa iligan City to ang from dahil pati Courier tinatakot dito sa Marawi ng mga nangongotong. Ang nangyayari lately sa Marawi SMARTBro ay alam na ng SMART ang gumagawa, talagang pinapasok sila ng GLOBE antennas at may SOLID PROOF na dyan ang SMART, kakasuhan na daw mga gumawa ng HACKING. For all we know Pro GLOBE ka lang! Bakit di ka mag shift para malaman mo difference sa GLOBE. Wag maninira pag di cgurado, sa huli ikaw ma karma. Phamimikiren bo so mga khataro a phaka binasa ko ped a tao, a dinka kabibiyaksaan so benar a istorya.

  • ay naw makatipo masiig,inggit ka lang kasi wala kang negosyo.tanga tanga mo talaga dka kasi nag atend ng meeting nila kaya ka nagkakaganyan,ikaw kaya magdala ng isang antena at kunin ulit sa iligan.pangudugangka kung sino si jun lucman at noroden lomondot malalaking pamilya yan ng lanao kunaba kailangan pulalalong para magkapera palibhasa kasi ngaun ka lang nakatikim ng internet ta mamatay matay ka kung dka on line kaya ito ang naisip mo paraan para siraan sila na baka dun pukhaola isa pa na kilala kana nila dba nga sabi mo sila ang gumagawa ng kalokohan sa smartbro cge antayn mo odi ka buda ati katawan ka a sii kiran poon so antenang ka na nayaw kadun talung buda adidi pun ka myakataam ka mag internet na di ka pun phanalamat oda siran na dikaon mapud talung a buda

  • Nadz B.

    Sukano aki a mga tag a Barrio Naga na gegenek kano! Khatokawan kano bo angkaya di niyo di pamakaitoon, tagadidi o ba nyo mikakaip so istorya . . . Naman ka tharoon ami kiran, buda ka den aki ka mamakawit ka pen sa sekreto na dodonbo a ngaran ka ko Folder … hahahaha


    oway aki,,,

    di matao, sumikreto si akie oto na,,
    matatagoon bo a ngaran iyan, hehehe

  • sainoy

    pamliin anan a manga tao..
    kunaba aki si al_decampong i kilalag saan.. katawa niyo dun so masosowa sii sa marawi.. langon a antena saya na in hack a kalaban a smartbro sii sa marawi.. sakun i myag activite sang kanan a antena i al_decampong.. sakun pun i tumiyagoon sa salakaw a user name.. na katawan i al-decampong anan.. ka sukaniyan pun i motadun sa password.. na diniyan dun golaolaan angkanan a post san.. gyanan a Al_decampong na si Abra anan.. kilala i nono ago si kuya jun.. na mapita na songowi niyo sa pwesto nyan na izaan niyo run oba bunar anan a post iyan anan.. KILALAG SAAN AKI NA SO MANGA TAO A MAMAKA SIIG AGO MAMAKA TIPO..PAKITUKAWAN BO O ALLAH SA MAGAAN O ANTAWA ANAN A MANGA TAO.. KUYA NONO AT KUYA JHUN SI ABRA NA IZA INIYO MAPITA O BABNAR ANAN A POST IYAN ANAN…

  • sainoy

    sakun na pagogopan akun siran.para diran dun mawit sa iligan so manga antena iran. resetun akun so manga antena a pag hackun a manga a MAMAKATIPO.. sakun i miya ka reset sa antena i al_decampong.. na apiya so ka open sa canopy na diniyan katawan.. ino malabo oba sukaniyan i miyag post san..kilalag sangkanan a post na so di mang hack sangkaya manga antena a smart..

  • para ki so katotkawi nyo ron na gya smartbro sa marawi na mayathi a inipagistudy on a mga tao to para mabinasa iran ka kagya kyadaan siran sa customer so bunar na aya ta tharoon si aki si TOTIE a tao i ABDUL TOMAWIS sa HORIZON siran na magari na aya saya myag hack sa smartbro imaginanio man a kyadai kiran sa customer kagya d siran phakaato na gyaya bininasa iran ogaid na da siran masucces ka kataya a di mangilay sa okit a smart ago ck kaka JUN ago si kaka NONO kapaka bagur badun a net tano ba siran dun aki pukhaola,sukutano mambo mga taga marawi na mag isip isip kayo,opama na ditano di serbisyuan amga tao aya na apia so ipusokay o mga tao iran na dirukutano d manaod na libre.kuduga nyo man ka aya bo arukiran saya na comission aki,bkt d natin subukan magbayad sa smart a 1000 ka o mitaodon na makiputa ako sa ulo sa banggolo,d tano aki thithipoa omani isa na kapangawiyaganaki.suka mambo aki na katokawan na internet cafe mambo a rukuka na ba anan khapakay oman o badun myagistrikto ck kaka JUN ago si kaka NONO na da man aki a internet cafe ka di khapakay sa smart pakambubunaraan tano man.baka dun aki pukha ola pagaria tomo a sasabar ka badun ka kyatokawan kabo na kyadadun a net ka anan ka odi ran dun paki potolun sa smart na maytipongka aki a ginawangka kumud ka du lalangag ka sa langit na goka aki susupa sa lagut……

  • amro

    ITO ANG MANGYAYARI K TOTI KASAMA MGA KAPATID NY PAG DI SYA TUMIGIL SA PAG HACK NG SMARTBRO……….Filipino hacker JJ Maria Giner pleaded guilty on Wednesday to hacking the government portal “gov.ph” and other government websites, making this the first Philippine hacking case to have ended in a conviction, the Department of Justice (DoJ) said.

    According to Criminal Case No. 419672-CR filed at Branch 14 of the Metropolitan Trial Court of Manila under Judge Rosalyn Mislos-Loja, a copy which was shown to INQ7.net, Giner was sentenced to one to two years of imprisonment and will pay a fine of 100,000 pesos.

  • noy, myakapasang ka bus ka myanghack ka.!

  • sainoy

    miyada tano kunaba sakun aki di mang hack……

  • sainoy


  • tarabosaw

    pimorkaan aki o ALLAH sa paka binasa,,
    sekano aki a makatipo a ektiyar kano dun ka kiyatokawan kano bo,,

  • I believe this post is for Marawi City issue only, and the fact that I could vouch that Smart local techs are the one doing foolishness for economic and monitary reasons.

    I can see, most of the postings are anonymous and remains pointing other finger to another. Only Pro-Smart peeps are making the talk here, makes themselves to be defensive. Why? Because they are really doing a big monkey business on it. I myself have invested very lot of money on putting up towers and buying reflectors. Imagine, reflectors would cost us 17,000 each, while we know it costs just 8,000 in the market.

    So whats the use? We ended up using still on different provider. Smart local techs are real pain in the ass.

    So you keep on blaming one person? Why is it not resolved it? I can see in your eyes, you are the one doing the foolishness, after getting a lot of money from the subscribers. Yes, its true that we are blessed because Smart Local techs are allowing Internet Cafes, for what? for an exchange of extra cost of course, and clients will not reveal that because I believe that is a local arrangement without the knowledge of Smart.

    Because of the monopoly being done by the Smart contractors, comes the haters. Because of the abuses, comes the shouters. Marawi City is just a centavo in terms of the Smart Market, but it becomes a milking cow for the abusive contractors who dictate what is to be done.

    Without the legal consent or approval, they tend to charge different Internet Cafes with different cost of arrangements. See that? I couldn’t see any possibility of Hacking, instead they are hacking themselves.

    Would you believe that a Smart Network, owned and managed by a multinational company, could be hacked, but rather I believe they are hacking themselves to get different Work Orders and Services.

    So if you think to believe to be hacked, your INSTALLERS are Hacking you after they install it. Smart must know this. They are making it a big hit business. I am just speaking on my own point of view as a client. This is a lowly cheap issue, but I have to speak for once atleast.

  • infairness,i have my own net cafe ALLAH knows wala akong binibigay na single centavos sa nag install sa akin im thankful at kumikita ako at 1000 lang binabayaran ko monthly sa smart.d naman cguro kukuha ng bato mga contractor na ito na ipopokpok sa sarili nilang ulo sa dami ng subscriber ng marawi karamihan pa hindi nagbabayad na d nila makaya ata na ayusin sabay sabay.kung binintahan ka nila ng reflector na ganun kalaki sori pre thats business malas mo lang.ang comment ko lang sa kanila na d sila makontak once naakaproblema ka sa signal ayaw sumagot sa tawag at txt.baka nagtatago sa dami ng repair

  • My question to you isa ka pa, how much have you paid for your Installation fee? So, the bottomline is, they are creating their own problems, and they are bound to repair it of course (w/ a fee from Smart).

  • mamrak kano dun aki a mga taga smart bro. d nyo aki pagakala so mga client iyo. minsan kahit 1000 /m lang ang bayad eh ginagawang 2000 sa msu or sa mas malayo.

    pag sa installation fee nanaman, pakalubagun iyo. ang peso ginagawa nyong dollar. wag nyo lokohin mga client nyo dito sa marawi.

  • 2300 ang binayad ko lahat.maliit po un kumpara sa kinikita ko araw araw kaya ok lang un.makasabar tano ka adidi puman aduna negosyo a maito mas mala puman sa globe ka 6000 a month tomo puman aduna pukhakowaan sa kawayagan aki mga pagaria

  • mga pagaria, roo tano sisinambonga sa http://www.marawi.info ka pyakayaya tano sii.

  • sold kano sa http://www.marawi.info aki mga datu. taroa nyo roo so mga problema a smart sa marawi

  • andon na ako sa http://www.marawi.info

  • tarantado

    ang sumisira ng SMARTBRO sa MARAWI sina TOTIE at kapatid nya,,
    na iinggit sila kasi konte na lang ang mga CLIENT nila,,

  • Al

    One of the Smart Contractors here in Marawi City is a cousin of mine. I am also a client of SMARTBro for our Residential requirements and our Municipal local National High School is using GLOBE (Horizon).

    This is not in defense of my cousin and his party, but perhaps let us talk about facts:
    First, I do not or have never heard my cousin and his party (SMARTBro) Install Illegal Net Connections such as GLOBE, they only install what is legally theirs to connect, while on the otherhand the HORIZON Party (Totie Montilla and Paner Montilla) with the blessing of Abdul Tomawis, are illegally connecting SMARTBro Accounts and this is a fact. Kanino kaya mga Account ang ginanagamit nila? Kawawa naman ang ninanakawan nila ng Account at ginagamit sa iba. My other cousin on my Mother side is one of whom na nakabitan nila. So this is already one of the evidences (we will have them testify in Court when the time comes).
    Second, we were informed that not all SMARTBro Marawi clients were affected (may instances na ang magkapitbahay, meron ang isa at ang isa wala) so ibig sabihin ang makakagawa lang ng ganito kalaki na problema ay either ang SMART dahil may equipment sila to CHANGE or ALTER (REMOTELY) ang mga subscriber antenna (which definitely hindi nila gagawin), Or kung sino man na andito din sa Marawi na may kapareho equipment sa base ng SMART, hulaan nyo? Your Guess is as good as mine.
    Nagresearch kami sa mga magagaling sa Internet, at nasabi nila na ang Operation ng SMARTBro ay ginagamitan din pala na Frequency katulad sa 2way Radio. Ibig sabihin kung may base equipment/antenna ka katulad ng sa SMARTBro ay pwede ka manggulo at pasukin and Frequency nila, ganun daw yun ginagawa. Again, ang tanong ko, sino ba ang may mga gamit katulad ng SMARTBtro dito sa Marawi? Di ba pareho naman tayo ng hula?
    Huwag tayo magpadala sa mga bali balita, gamitin lang ang common sense. Hindi sisirain ng SMART or ng kanilang mga Contractors ang serbisyo nila dahil bago ito mangyari maayos ang takbo ng operation nila. Dapat palakasin pa nga nila ang serbisyo dahil Patok na sila dito sa Marawi. So again, sino ang may magandang dahilan para manggulo? Diba yung napag iiwanan na at nawawalan na ng cliente?
    Tanungin nyo ang mga kasama namin na National High Schools sa USAID program na kinabitan na ng HORIZON/GLOBE Internet, nagkaroon na ng Agreement ililipat na sa SMART pagkatapos ang Kontrata dahil napakasama ng Serbisyo (Katotohanan ito at hindi kasinungalingan). I hope may makabasa dito galing sa mga ibang National High Schools para magkwento din. Pareho ang mga gamit na nilagay sa amin ng SMARTBro sa bahay at ang gamit o antenna ng HORIZON/GLOBE, pareho talaga MOTOROLA CANOPY. Di tano den aya pawalen. Aya maana na khapakay a makabinasa so isa ko ped iyan ka mlagid sa Equipment, na Frequency bo a makambebelag kiran. Ay dapat iyo?

  • sarip

    bakit nakapost sa http://www.marawi.info na si sainoy daw ang sumira ng smart? yan ba yong may net cafe sa bo. naga?

  • borjie

    ba! NICE ISSUE to a!Kailan pa to?

  • shanghai

    HORIZON is NOT an in-house globe service. Moreover the names implied are not official employees or contractors by Globe. HORIZON is a wireless broadband service in Marawi City who subscribed to Globe for a co-business internet service to HORIZON’s subscribers. In short, Globe profits to HORIZON’s subscription and HORIZON profits to its subscribers. In my point of view, they added the “Globe” word on their wireless broadband service to attract customers “uy Globe Broadband!” leaving the fact that they paid for a certain bandwidth for Globe’s connection. The MOTOROLLA CANOPY has a wide range of frequencies and therefore MUST NOT affect neighboring subscribers. And I believe the use of this equipment must be approve by the NTC. And NEVER I heard other carriers (GLOBE, SUN and other small enterprise carriers) use this kind of equipment except SMART only.

    I believe GLOBE launched its own broadband service and I hope this will enlighten your confused minds:

    Two competitors would not do such uneducated sabotage. If you would analyze on why they crash their prices, well this is their marketing strategy on how will they profit MORE and indulge the minority from the service they present. Take a look on the bird’s eye view, there are more Filipino people who are under the average bracket and these underdogs has a bigger share on the carriers profit!

    SMART itself has fault on this situation e.g. not immediately pulls-out canopy on expired subscribers nationwide thereby aftermarket purcase of canopy is possible, poor tech support (poor quality of troubleshooting), etc. And this is a fact!

    To the people behind HORIZON, if hard evidence was found against you, not only SMART is your worst enemy but GLOBE as well since the company’s name was put into jeopardy. To SAMERA GUTOC of Marawi.info, in journalism, supporting documents are mandatory to enlighten your readers and not just some self-proclaimed computer analyst who just suddenly jumps into conclusions. Your report is vague in sense and therefore LIBELOUS in nature.

  • shanghai


    2way radio frequency is way far different from the frequency of Motorola Canopy. 2way radios are in the VHF and UHF bandwidth while the Canopy is in the 2.5 and 5.7 Ghz range therefore it’s way too insignificant on frequency jamming. Please take note on this. Also Motorola Canopy does not jam neighboring canopies since these were thoroughly tested before they were released in the market. I believe it’s acceptable on the other hand the illegal activities you are claiming on usage of canopy by these so called HORIZON posers especially that SAINOY person…


    Very nice point of view since SMART dominates the wireless broadband service. It’s not the company but the people involved.

  • dhychik

    bulacan installer po ako ang bilis ay depende sa lugar/dami ng subscriber sa isang lugar. ang service ay depende sa call center dahil pag dating ng service order ay ginagawa kagad ng mga contractor, and equipment ay provided ng motorolla i think pag mahigpit na ang competition ay ska mag upgrde ang smartbro honestly mas madami pa din nagpapakabit ng smartbro and still leading kaya di gumagawa ng aksyon pero we are looking forward to improve promise po yan madami meetings na nagaganap at isa pa there’s more projects one of those are plug it’s and pre paids, wifi, 3g and sooner wimax

  • I HATE SMART BROK… Watch Out lng kau sa mga Worm Using ICS in WBA may VSAT Technology Galing China na Ginagamit pra maka hook cla sa Smart Brok… For only 9000 Pesos only. May Unlimited Internet Connection kana. basta may SMART BROK lng sa kapitbahay ayos! you save a lot of money..

    Paano? Bakit? Why?

    hehehe.. D ko rin alam, I research nyo nalang..

    More power to all……….

  • myesther ghee

    hello guys… ok lang ba kng ilipat ko sa ibang kanto ang aking smart bro antenae….

  • Fuck Smart Ass

  • fck sht

    fck ang smart… kaya umalis n kayo sa smart! kahit san mang sulok ng pilipinas eh, bulok talaga serbisyo ng smart bro! tae lang ang katapat nyan! pwe!

  • I try it already but it works only 40 mbps for the Download then it keep on disconnecting.

  • dennis

    well masasabi ko lng is…ok ang smartbro…if ok or maganda positioning ng antenna mo swerte k..all the tricks i,ve read about tweaking canopy are true…eto ang speed ko now [URL=http://www.speedtest.net][IMG]http://www.speedtest.net/result/299153984.png[/IMG][/URL]…somtimes umaabot ako ng 2-3mbps its true…here’s some advice mga tol…punta kau roof nyo..adjust ur antenna hanap k ng pinaka mataas n signal..dapat RSSI 900-100 ang jiter must be in the range of 1 t0 2 lng..thats it..pwde mo n gawin ung tweaking sa canopy under quality service…in 2 to 3 days magbabago speed ng net nyo..kc kahit n anung tweaking ang gawin nyo kung d maganda positioning ng antenna nyo hindi rin magbabago…

  • solution2008progess

    anong nasa isip ko, mmm “Link”
    teka teka hindi lng yan
    meron nito, ito, at ito pa


    dahil hindi ko iniisip ang bagal
    there’s link

    tinatanggal na ang bagal
    and stop it from coming back

    so go on be free to download of anything
    with the link stop bagal from coming back

  • B0B0Bro

    AMF cno naglagay nung antenna mo sa smart bro?
    Sabihin mo lagay na lang nia sa silong ng kahoy para hindi mainitan ^^



  • leahvd

    Hello smartbro, this is the nth time I would raise this issue.
    You are blocking 95 % of the websites!! We can not effectively use your service.

    Please give us credit. You can’t just take money off people and provide lousy service. That is not good business practice.

    I have emailed you August 13, text Smart Support many times too at # 0918 500 3000.
    I have also visited your office in Robinsons Galleria last week but the your service worsened and nobody bothered to call us to tell us how to fix it.

    What’s going on? If you can not provide service then stop advertising it. You are cheating the people.

  • jr041283


    95% website blocking?

    Maybe your connection is really experiencing a problem?

    I don’t believe that SMART will control our online activities.

    I am a SMARTBRO user for a year by now and I am able to surf all the sites (even the porn sites) I wanted to check.

    Why not call the Hotline of SMARTBRO at *1888 (accessible only thru SMART sim) or at 672-7277 (landline within Metro Manila) or 1-800-10-672-7277 (toll free hotline if you are in the province)? You can also visit the wireless center to file a complain. Just ensure to leave your updated contact number so that they can reach you.

    BTW, you can also send an email at [email protected]

    Hope you SMARTBRO connection will be ok soon.

  • inimeg

    we have just been installed with the smart bro plan 999, but it seems that whenever i try to download and test for its speed, the result is a very poor speed ranging from 40 to 60Kbps. How was this possible? the fact that we live near the smart antenna.

  • any one who have a question or problem just txt me her 09108028574 just like your download is only 30kbps just go to the config just type this in ur address bar or then click ok then after u see ur config then look from the left side then click config then after that SqS and u see the download upload setting mautak ang smart ngyn sbi nla 384kbps tpos ngyn gingwa lng nla ng 256kpbs kung ano ang nki2ta yun dun just change max 500 the upload and the download then save and reboot and after that test ur speed http://www.speedtest.net kung meron pa kayong tnong about sa smart txt nyo n lng aq slmat!!!!!!!!!!! happy enjoy ur smartbro

  • KC

    putang inang smartbro!!!! mamatay na sana sila!!! sinisumpa ko kayong mga putang ina kayo!!

  • plugged/unplugged naman sa kin..am putya…parang titing naka pasok sa puki..pabalik balik,putang ina nyong taga smart bro sana mabagsakan kayo ng isang sakong pakooooooooooooo…

  • Akoyun

    Hmmm!!! baka naman bulok na base station sa inyo kaya mabagal… hahahahahha!!!

  • PrettyME

    im using Smart bro for almost 1 1/2 year na poh..i never had problems with it..kung mwawalan me ng sgnal minsan it wont take long mga 30 to 1 hour na pnka matagal nya…I tried to change sa Globe but it sucks!!!nka 1mbps ako pero mbilis pa smartbro ko at lagi akong walang signal as in 3 tym a week ko lng kung mgamit not like smartbro..24hrs aday at 7 days a week tlga kc di ko pinapatay computer ko as im always online so tested tlga!!So comment ko lng sguro base din po sa lugar kung saan kyo kung alin mlakas signal sa inyo.Some of my friends kc sbi mganda globe sknila at pngit smartbro!!pero skin now! im back to SmartBro and ever since it doesnt have any problems sa connection at sa speed kghit 385kbps lng sya, hindi ako hnpuputol ant hindi ko naexperienced tmwag at mgreklamo sa service center nila!!

  • Tanong ko lang bakit ang baba ng download rate sa taguig city?

    Sumasakit ang ulo ko kakahintay sa dinadownload ko

    Pag nag dadownload ako 30kbps lang Y_Y

    SAna tumaas na un download speed ng smartbro taguig city yeah

  • Mahmoud Alzan

    Peace be with you Brothers and Sisters. I am a foreigner and do not understand the local language, but to my understanding the local SMARTBro authorities in the area are being criticized. We have a SMARTBro connection in the Office, and we never had complains with them. The Service ofcourse sometimes are very slow but in general its acceptable. Mr. Norodin Lomondot is a very nice man, when there was a problem with the Hacking in the City, he never failed to answer to our technical requests considering our place is far. We would give extra money to his people but they always do not accept. They said Mr. Lomondot instructed them not to accept any tip. It is very nice of him. In fact now, he is paying for our monthly Smartbro bill in the office as donation to our religious cause. I was told he is doing the same to other organizations in the area. You should be Proud of him! because we are. May Allah punish those who are offenders, and Bless those who are righteous.

  • npa daan lng po

    lamang pl ako syo 40kbps ang download ko ung 700MB n movie about ng 5 days….buwisit bulok talaga

  • sebaztian reed

    anlish, 5 months n kong subscriber ng SmartBro,no complain ako sa speed download man o upload. It;s fine as OK, pwede n kc mura and unlimited p. ask lng nakapagtry knb ng bitorrent using SmartBro? di ko mpgana kc! o di talaga gumagana ang bittorent sa SmartBro! it sucks kung hindi! ..tnx if answered..

  • Manny Sioson Jr

    Hi, I been using SmartBro 999 since July of 2008 kung sa IE Browser ok naman siya but still… Ang sama ng connection niya when ever it rains either bumabagal o no connection lagi pwera pa iyong lagi kong kailangan i-rekta sa pc ko tuwing nagloloko from the router network kainis bakit ko pa kailangan laging gawin yon when i em always calling smartbro hotline. And now my question is this have ever anyone of you have tried putting or connecting a booster amplifier sa smartbro to “hype” i don’t know to clear or to stable a bit or increase speed somehow sa smartbro connection kainis na kasi e. at bwisit din iyong messenger sa billing since july up to now december wala pa akong ni isang natatangap na billing statement kailangan ko pa tuloy magpunta sa smartwireless ctr para lang mag inquire for printout ng billing… Isa pa sino ba sa iyon naka try ng mag use ng 3d game na Second life dito sa smartbro ang sama kasi lagi ng connection tuloy laging nagkukulay black o blurred ang screen o avatar ko isa pa bakit ang hirap mag click sa poseball ayaw gumana sa akin o mga rounded objects ayaw din ma click… may nakilala kasi ako sa kanila ok naman daw ang broadband nila kahit di ito compatible sa SL na ki-click naman nila iyong mga object grabe mag dsl na lang kaya ako next year kainis na kasi service nila di kaya pag tatlong machine na sunod sunod na nag da-download e. para na tuloy siyang dial up at hindi broadband..

  • I-net.Info

    Nagkaroon kami dito ng problem sa connection for 3 days. Ng tawagan namin ang smart for technical assistance sabi ang operator me technical enhancement daw sila, for 3 days! Nakakainis! Naapektuhan ang trabaho namin.

  • Ang masasabi ko sa smartbro ok ang connection.. ang speed nia 10.0 Mbps. promise.. wag lang uulan kc mejo mhirap mag connect. sory na lang sa mga asar sa smartbro

  • kathang_isip

    If you have other choice better terminate your contract with them. For me, I got no choice but to use smartbro however, if we just depend on smart’s support, it’s not smart enough.

    I know a little about wireless kaya bumili na lang ang ng reflector. So far stable ang connection ko kahit umuulan pa. If you are not familiar with reflectors, you can inquire from http://www.roughclaw.com. Extra money nga lang pero sulit naman.

  • RJ

    mga bro. good news May mabibili na tayo Reflector and LENS. Visit lang sa blog site nato. pls leave your comments and questions in this blog site: http://canopy-wirelesssolutions.blogspot.com/2009/03/canopy-reflector-and-lens.html

  • RJ45

    mga bro. good news May mabibili na tayo Reflector and LENS. Visit lang sa blog site nato. pls leave your comments and questions in this blog site: http://canopy-wirelesssolutions.blogspot.com/2009/03/canopy-reflector-and-lens.html

  • lyle

    to anthony-
    how did you get 10mbps connection? hanggang 384kbps lang yung speed niya di ba?



  • wirelesspinoy


    Baka di po alam ni CMMMICRO gamit ng PRISM??
    Para po sa AP canopy na nag iisa sa tower para lumawak ang beamwidth ng AP from normal 60 degrees at mas madami subscriber na makukuha. Kung ginamitan mo ng PRISM ang SM, panay interference na makukuha nya.

    One more thing, kapag reflector ang gagamitin, mas maganda po ang grid reflector kasi vertical polarized po yun gaya ng Pacwireless grid reflector or etong nasa pinas lang na nakita ko na Roughclaw grid refector http://www.roughclaw.com . Vertical polarization po kasi ang canopy.

    Naghahagilap lang po ng tamang impormasyun.

  • karize


  • jeszrob

    its always case to case basis.. differs where youre located.. the connection has not been a problem in my case..

  • Torjak

    smartbro is a jerk!!sa customer care nila . .pag nasabi mu na ung prob mu . .gagawa sila ng palusot . .e.g. kung may problem ka di ka nkakaconect like 1 weEk . . sasabhin nla nag u upgrade sila para maging better connection natin . .tOINKS!!!! . .Parang updated sila sa palusot.com ah . .aWts!

  • invite ko lang po kau sa smart bro unofficial website para nman po meron taung isang portal,
    na kahit papanu kahit frustrated n tau sa smart bro eh makakapagrelax pa din tau at makapagshare ng experiences
    di pa po sya tapos pero kulang na lang is SEO friendlyness di na magiging prob un madali n lang yan.
    need ko help nyo at mga suggestions to improve the site at maiparating sa smart kung ganu kabulok service nila
    slamat! kita kits tau dun heto po ung site.


    or www [dot] smart-bro [dot] net

  • Well I advise you to survey your area first before committing with smartbro. There are some areas that are not crowded yet by smartbro subscribers.


  • Miguel

    I am also a smartbro subscriber. I am experiencing a slow broadband speed. The slowest speed that I have taken was 16 kbps… I tried to call the hotline *1888 but their crappy bullshit call agents use the same dialogue over and over again. I manage to go back and forth to the smart communications center here in our place just to be told that a call will be given to me by their support group, and the moment I answer their calls all they do is make another stupid report that doesnt do anything good. WHAT CAN WE DO? I am already a 1 year customer and free from this so called lock in period, but I want a refund to my last month’s bill. Smart should not offer this kind of worthless broadband to the people for they only give headaches to everyone.

  • Miguel

    smartbro …

    what did the nationwide subscribers ever did to you???

    that you take every precious cent that they have for a worhtless broadband.

    pls give us the right treatment…

  • Smart Bro Hack 2010 add me skype junggi3 and gixx_11 for 1000 G-CASH free internet forlifetime ..this is real no scam…..

    Requirements: Canopy Connectivity

    No or Limited Connectivity doesnt work…….

  • I am using smart bro connection, and its such a mess..every time its raining my connection always gone.hmmmm what should i do? smart bro is the only available internet connection in my place?

  • little_ibel

    hala naku ang akin nagbayad ako para sa pole siningil ako ng 700 yata yon. tapos naku ang pag gumagamit ako ng webcam hayop sa bagal. try ko din pasok sa public chat tagal ng message ko dumating naglog-off nlng yong ka-chat ko di pa umapear ang message ko sa screen!

  • little_ibel

    my connection says speed: 10mbps
    waaa bakit bagal pa rin smart na bobo ba ito. pwede ba ipaputol? sakit sa ulo. hind ako makahanap ng bf online hehe ayaw gumana ng webcam ko

  • ryu_hayabusa

    kapag 3pm to 11pm napakabagal talaga. mabilis pa ung dial up! pero pg madaling araw mabilis. ang nakakaasar lng talaga eh ung putang inang disconnection. every 3 mins disconnect lagi. this is the worst!

  • Speedup your smart bro mga kapatid.

  • To: The Board of Directors

    Firstly, I am Danilo L. Signo, a victim of SMARTBRO PREPAID PROMO (0928-1075711) and I published my agony at http://www.smartbrohaha.blogspot.com pertaining to your product – smartbro.

    I have conducted some researches and found:

    Your company has accumulated more than 250 million complaints based on the serialized computer generated report number. There are also an ocean deep of complaints in various internet sites citing the ‘poor’ services that your company provides.

    The frequency of always having a technical problem seems to be ETERNAL. It is a GREED manipulation to generate more revenues for your company to compensate your useless Customer Care employees and the so called SUPPORT GROUP.

    My corporate mind disturbs me the way of your employees handling a simple problem that needs a simple solution become unresolved. That’s create a BACKLOG and HATE from the consumers like me.

    You spends millions of pesos for the promo (including the additional P200.00 worth of load – as the flyers and ADS says), and your company failed to load it in my account.

    Your SUPPORT GROUP claimed that it was loaded but it was none and I demand them to provide me my logtime as my previous dial-up connection has. I have e-loaded P630.00 just to verify the said promo load.

    Something fishy, it is possible for the SUPPORT GROUP and other techies in your company to divert the said promo load to their friends account. An audit must be made and the ‘heads’ must roll on.

    Incompetent technical personell must also investigated for the frequent technical problem which cause harm to your company and subscribers respectively.

    In my case, I cannot charges it to the experience. What I need is the sincerity of your company in your commitment to the subscribers. The modus operandi of your company has been revealed.

    Quiapo, Manila November 14, 2009

  • makasalanan

    ok gani2 lang lahat kasimple yan! i’v read all you blog about internet connections,evryone wants to have a fast and affordable one! or i mean you want a free subscription.Why not evrybody wants it so heres the tweak any questions that you ask about hacking i’m very pleased to help you most especially about internet connections dial up /broadband mag 2 two years na na libre

    • Kai

      How is that possible? Can you help me out. Please email me at [email protected]. Thanks!! 😀

  • gank

    Hmm.. my smartbro connection seems to be OK for me. During daytime, 11am – 8pm I get 400kbps or so and during off peak hours, I get 800kbps to 1mbps. There are alot of trees surrounding my area and alot of peeps are also using smartbro here.

    When getting a smartbro, just make sure that no one complaints about it around your area.

    Ah well IMO i think that paying 1k php for 512kbps connection w/o a landline is worth it. I still think PLDT DSL is better for their 1k php 1mbps connection

  • jonard pogi

    alam ko pano maggamit ang smart bro sa dalawang pc…gung isang pc mo gawin mong server..meaning..may 2 xang NIC..isa yung sa onboard para sa smart bro connection..at add ka isa para iconnect mo sa isang switch…tapos dun mo iconnect sa switch yung mga pc na gusto mong makconnect…then network setup…for more details..give me your numbers..hehe

    • yat

      pano macoconnect ang smatbro na naputol na for free

  • Iskabenger

    Why don’t you just publish the details of setting up Jonard pogi. Problema lang sa suggestion mo, the computer with direct connection should be always on. I think its much better if you use a router instead. No need to ask or call somebody for the set up. Just follow the manual. Ako nga nagtayo na ng burger stand sa compound namin. Mag order ka lang burger at softdrinks may free internet connection ka na basta dala mo laptop mo. ha ha ha May kabagalan nga lang pero may ibibilis pa ba ang smartbro….

  • papadomz

    With all your complains and hatred to Smartbro, it is the other way around in my case. I am so happy to have their service just because other ISP’s cannot match their Internet speed and promos. Smartbro rocks.. Smartbro rules…

  • papadomz

    Here’s my speed.. (copy paste link to your browser) http://www.speedtest.net/result/749875596.png

    that is 1480kbps for download and 200kbps for upload. How’s that? from 384kbps starting Jan2009 up to 1500kbps this year. I enjoyed downloading movies and mp3’s so much. You gotta do something than just calling their customer service and shouting at them. I mean, it will not help all the time speaking with an agent that can do nothing but to tell you something is not right and the technicians are working or coming to fix it. Inuutusan lang sila kung ano sasabihin nila at meron sila talk time which means di sila dapat magtagal sa isang conversation or they lose their job. Technically di nila kaya magrepair ng ora-orada. Nakaupo lang mga yan sa harap ng computer para tanggapin ang complain mo out of thousands of other complaints.

    You gotta do something out of your computer and antenna (canopy).

    – know the distance of your antenna to the nearest smart cellsite. kung malayo ka or may mga puno mabagal talaga koneksyon mo kahit anong tawag mo pa sa kanila. I am lucky to be around 400m away from the smart cell site at nakaharap ang antenna ko without anything in between. you see the point, distance and line of sight to the cell site plays a big role. Lagyan nyo reflector smartbro canopy nyo kung mabagal download nyo. Marami sa Raon, Recto ung maliit na satellite dish. Canopy facing the dish then dish pointing to smart cell site.

    Check your computer for viruses, trojans, malwares they make your computer run so slow thus the delay of loading Internet site. Iwasan ang porn sites, hehe.

    Eto lagi nyo gawin. Napansin ko bumabagal ang Internet at computer ko kapag di ko to nagawa so make sure to:

    – Always update our Security software.
    – Delete cookies, cache, temp Internet file, Recycle bin (download ccleaner @ ccleaner.com for free)
    – Fix computer registry errors (again with ccleaner)
    – Disable unnecessary atartup applications like YM, Skype, Chikka, etc.. or uninstall softwares you don’t use anyway. (also in ccleaner)
    – Defragment your harddrive at least once a month
    – upgrade memory (optional)

    I hope this helps. So don’t blame your ISP all the time. For people planning to subscribe to Smartbro, find and ask if you are near to the cellsite. Ask your neighbor’s with smartbro connection. Remember you are going to sign up with a contract that locks 1 to 2 years period.

  • Mga tol

    may magandang balita. Pag gusto nyo ng masmalakas na signal at di magkaproblema at ang pinakamangandang gawin kung may DREAM ANTENNA kayo yan ang pinakamalakas na sumagap ng signal tutuk nyo ung drean antenna sa SMARTBRO AT UNG WIRELESS smartbro antenna at itutuk nyo sa dream. yan wala ng problema sa signal sigurado maganda na surfing sa net….

  • marti

    may nkaharang na mango tree sa line of sight ko at wala akong magawa kac sa kapit bahay na mango eh, wala din ebang lugar mapaglilipatan nang antenna.. omnidirectional ba o multidirectional ang mga antenna ng mga broadband provider natin??.. kainis kaylangan pang between 70-100% ang line of sight mo.. meron ba ditong nkagamit na ng cantenna? cheap yet effective daw sabi sa mga review sa youtube.. katamad gumawa ng cantenna at ikabit ito sa bubong eh,, kaya mang tatanong nalng ako d2 kung malaki ba improvement sa marerecive na signal ng cantenna..

  • etivac_yob

    Yes wala naman problema sa smartbro sa kin maganda pa non kahit sa work or even at home nagagmit ko pa cia.. very convenient and reliable service para sa akin..

    sa iba jan kung minsan kasi mas inuunahan natin ng reklamo yung simpleng bagay na dapat naman ay ndi na natin inaasa pa sa iba kung pwede naman tayo na lang ang gumawa..

    • chuva

      sobrang pangit ng smartbro..pinagbayad ako ng 1n year kc kontrata daw tapos 3 months ko lang nagamit ung products nila..dahil wala palagi signal..tinatamad daw ung engineer support nila gumawa..tama b naman sagot un..hys

  • tae talaga ang smartbro! badtrip na nga eh… mas mabilis pa ang paniningil kesa sa signal binibigay nila!

    • almanac


    • jun2mar

      TAMA… inis nko.. sa promo lng sila bumabawi sa mga palpak nila bwisit…

      maka lipat na nga lng ng connection…

  • boss jef

    it matters kasi the location and pc specs…….dapat magkasundo yan dalawa…….aanhin mo naman malakas internet provider mo pag pc mo naman yan bulok……………..? get it?

  • bossjef

    dpt kasi b4 u engage in something u want or u like……read and think many times…….google mo nlng yan katangahan mo kng ano meaning ng word na ”lock in period” para sa susunod di kna ulit magreklamo

  • Smartbro hack ba hanp nyu 1balance lang ang nid…2 yrs kunang gingam8…pwedeng kang mg fb,google,youtube…

    for only 60load 4 smart or 50ep egames crd

    just visit my fb [email protected] or 09212939315

  • mas puno ng tae yung digitel one yr na kmi wala net at dialtone sa bahay sbi irerebate dw nila ang aming bill pag nakonek dw ang ninakaw wire sa hi way hangang ngayon wala parin kilos pumunta na kami sa digitel pero sbi nila wla dw sila material para maayos ang ninakaw na wire pero salamat sa smart bro nakaka check ako sa aking fb mabagal pero ok narin pero putangina ang mga empeyado ng digitel tae sila!

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