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Hands-on with Nokia’s 41-megapixel 808 PureView phone

The new high-end camera flagship phone of the Finnish company, the Nokia 808 PureView has already set a new standard in mobile photography ever since it was announced last February. The phone, equipped with Nokia’s proprietary PureView technology, is being claimed to be the best camera phone ever and we got to try it out for a bit.

Nokia PureView 808 01

The phone itself is a somewhat fat one and has a close resemblance to the Nokia 5800. It has the three obligatory physical buttons ““ call, menu, & end ““ on the front, as well as a 4-inch contoured screen. The resolution is still a 640×360 one, a standard for Symbian devices.

Nokia PureView 808 02

The curvy body is made of polycarbonate plastic, and it feels nice to the touch. The back houses the prominent bulge around the camera, as well as the removable back cover. The back cover feels tough, not flimsy as found on thin high-end phones ““ you can feel that toughness when trying to pry it off from the phone. There’s a dedicated camera shutter key on the side, as well as the volume rocker and lock switch which is pretty similar to that of the N8.

Nokia PureView 808 03 Nokia PureView 808 04

The 808 PureView runs on the good ol’ Symbian Belle FP1 operating system and for me, it has not changed that much since I last used a Symbian phone. Nevertheless, I can say it is fast and fluid. The homescreen stayed the same but Nokia added a couple new widgets.

Finally, let’s move on to the camera. As we all know, it boasts a monster 41-megapixel camera with a large sensor which dwarfs the rest of the competition (in terms of mobile cameras) and even tries to rival some of DSLRs. I’m no photography expert but I can tell you that it is really “˜that good’. Check out our few sample photos taken with the phone.

Nokia PureView 808 sample 1

Nokia PureView 808 sample 1a

Nokia PureView 808 sample 2

Nokia PureView 808 sample 2a

The second and fourth image above is a crop at 100% zoom level from the first and third image which is captured on full 8 and 38 megapixel resolution respectively. At that zoom level, you can still see good amount of details without too much noise. I took a sample video at full 1080p but unfortunately they forgot to copy it to my flash drive.

Anyway, here’s a group shot of the Nokia 808 PureView along with other smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S III, Nokia Lumia 800, and Nokia Lumia 900. Even it has a 4-inch screen, it still appears to be smaller than even the Lumia 800.

Nokia PureView 808 05

There are also a few accessories available for the phone like the hard case which has a cover for the camera bulge, an HDMI cable, and a tripod mount if you really want to do some serious photography with the phone.

There you have it, our brief and quick hands-on with the Nokia 808 PureView. If you’re looking forward to get this, then here’s the good news. It is now available at select Nokia Stores nationwide since last week. Bad news, the stocks are very limited and it’s now sold-out at some stores. There will be new stocks arriving by July and if I remember correctly you can reserve a unit by visiting a Nokia Store. SRP is P26,550.

Nokia 808 PureView Specs:
41 megapixel camera sensor with Nokia Pureview Pro imaging technology
Carl Zeiss optics
f2.4 aperture
1.3 GHz single-core processor
Symbian Belle Feature Pack 1
4-inch AMOLED ClearBlack screen with 640×360 (nHD) resolution
Gorilla Glass
512 MB RAM
16 GB internal memory
Full HD 1080p video recording @ 30fps
FM Transmitter
SRP: Php26,550
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  • My iPhone 4 can do better than that! Pffft!

    • seraphica

      and so?? edi magsama kau ng iphone mo.. haha XD

    • Shuddup

      Not another self-centered iPhone user…

    • simplynice93


    • Win

      lol another dumb delusional iPhone user. detail and almost noiseless at 100% crop? I highly doubt that. Even a DSLR might struggle with that.

    • raffy

      wew… sure ka ba sa sinasabi mo? ahaha… maraming phones na ang tumalo dyan sa iPhone4 or whatsoever.. boring app tray, boring square apps, annoying gesture icon overall LOSER phone.

    • Apollo

      Your iPhone can do better in the Applications Aread of Nokia? but what else can it do better than that? GSM Features? pffft! It can’t even handle essential GSM features like “Normal” 3G calling where an “app” for that is not needed. Camera? Your iPhone (4 or 4s)cannot even compete with N8 so I doubt that it can compete with the 808 PureView. If your saying that with Instagram your iPhone-captured images looks better than 808 PureView then your missing a point here. Who needs Instagram to capture great images? It’s like Photoshop for dummies. Why apply filter for a high-quality image?

  • Ric

    I’d consider getting this phone, as many have sworn to the good quality of the photos, BUT (and that’s a big BUT) it will also depend on the apps available in-phone to edit the pictures taken with the camera. iOS has the Camera+ and Snapseed app which I like using to post-process pics I have taken with the iPhone.

    Hope to see a full review soon, which will hopefully include apps available to edit the photos.

  • yurisama

    you can read the detailed review of the pure view 808 at gsmarena.com and the iPhone 4s is one of competitors which i believe is one of the kulelats.

  • It’s pretty awesome that even 5mp and 8mp shots would benefit from the oversampling technology.

  • Griswold

    Pass hurry up and come up with one on a beautiful body or WP8 OS.

  • Vince

    I will get this phone just for the camera only.

  • Ran

    I will buy this phone over digicams with the same or higher price. Worthy in terms of camera.

  • I am also thinking of getting one of this Nokia 808 PureView phone. But I am still enjoying my SGS2. 🙁

  • jepoy

    ive tried a lot of cellphones already, samsung, lg, alcatel, blackberry, iphone,myphone,cherry mobile,motorola etc.but in terms of camera nothing beats NOKIA. Even my old n70 2megapixel might over kill the 5megapixels of other phone. Honestly i bought an android phone before because of games but you will only enjoyed this games for a while. And i admit there is also a lot of application for android phones but then my question is,are they really useful? Use wise i still prefer for a NOKIA phone.