Happy 60th Birthday, Transistor!

Found this in my mailbox (edited for brevity and other ek ek reasons):

Happy birthday, transistor! The first transistor””the building block of today’s digital world, and the basis of Intel’s phenomenal success””was demonstrated at Bell Labs on December 16, 1947.

Fact: If the price of cars had dropped as fast over the last 60 years as the price of transistors, a new car today would cost about one U.S. cent.
Fact: The first transistor radio in 1954 contained four transistors. The latest chips contain 820 million transistors.
Fact: The first transistors, built in 1947, were large enough to hold in your hand. The latest-generation transistors are so small that 30 million of them could fit on the head of a pin.

Some links to Transistor info:

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