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Has your XBox 360 been recalled?

Just over 4 weeks ago, I discovered that local XBox 360 stores have been pulling out the consoles from their shelves. Despite the growing competition between the PS3, XBox 360 and the Wii, I suspected something big would come up soon from the Redmond company.

A week later, Microsoft announced it’s going to extend the console warranty to 3 years which would cost the company well in excess of $1 billion. Industry experts say this is the largest warranty extension of its kind, ever. With 11.6 million Xbox 360s sold, about 1 in every 4 of these consoles fail and require the warranty. The rates could be higher with some people experiencing as many as 3 broken consoles. The warranty covers customers who suffered from the “three flashing red lights” error messages.

Despite this development, I’ve finally decided to get a Nintendo Wii instead.

Anybody out there had their XBox 360 returned recently?

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  • Fleeb

    We got a Wii in the office. We can play during break time 😀

  • banana

    Well it seems that microsoft has finally recognized the flaw in their design. Hopefully they will remedy this in their future shipments, once 3RL is no longer an issue I might get myself a 360. If not then Wii is the way to go. =)

  • roland

    As with the PS3, gaming devices that tend to heat up, will eventually die. Same goes with the Nintendo Wii… Did you know that the default setting for the Wii is to be in standby mode and if you have set it up with WIFI and when you “turn it off”, it is actually shifting to standby mode, and would eventually heat up (it’s constantly checking for updates on the internet)… I had some drive read errors come up when it starts from standby mode, but it works ok when it runs from cold boot.

    Most PS3 that are on display in Bestbuy here in Canada are sometimes in “hang” mode and I had experience it just stopping in the middle of a game. As for Xboxes, it is also a heat magnet, and would probably hang in the middle of a heated game…

  • Ervin

    I called MS XBOX USA and they told me that they dont have a support here in the Philippines. They suggested that if I have some friends and relatives there in USA/CANADA they could repair my XBOX 360 and they will use the USA/Canada address as the return address, and they will return it there free of handling fees. But with that approach I still need to pay the shipping and handling going to MS and the shipping and handling from my USA/Canada address going here in the Philippines.

    If i’ll be spending much on shipping it will be best to buy a PS3 instead.

  • cheezy

    XBOX 360 is really a headache!

    You know why? I have five cousins in the United States and Canada that have this video console. And they all had sent their xbox for repairs and exchange a couple of times already.

    Microsoft should do something about this. I am still considering buying an Xbox since I am a huge fan of Halo. Can’t wait for the third of its trilogy.

    Microsoft, we are waiting!!! Get this fixed!!!

  • paris

    hi… the 3 year warranty is actually for the 3 red lights issue only. for other issues, its still the standard 1 year from purchase date.

  • “Despite this development, I’ve finally decided to get a Nintendo Wii instead.”

    it should have been “because of this development…”

  • rene


  • wendle

    any one know where to repair my xbox 360??

    its 110 volts and I accidentally insert the plug to 220 volts.

    and its not working

  • Judah

    here’s a site that is dedicated for Filipino Gamers http://gamersph.com, maybe you can visit if you have time.

  • Dante

    i need a power suppply for x-box 360 baka may alam kayo na mura pls.

    my # 09175141008


  • Tama lang yan, habaan nila ang warranty. Dapat nga lifetime. Kasi laging nasisira. The 3RL…

    • Patrick Sison

      Eh di nalugi na ang microsoft kung naging lifetime ang warranty.Tama lang na 3 years.

  • leo

    jejej panalo kaming mga playstation fanatics.. kontento n ako s ps3 ko, hndi ko maipagpa2lit. anyway meron b dyang nka2alam ng isang website s pinas n pwedeng isurf d2 s internet, about s mga videogames at accesories??pkisend namn

  • I love my xbox and have been lucky to have no problems with mine. But Microsoft seem to have been acting on the cheap side regarding manufacturing.