Hating the 360 Already?

David Carnoy of CNET.com has ten reasons why people “hate” the Xbox 360. Here are some of the most critical flaws:

  • Where are the killer games
  • Sky high prices of accessories
  • Small hard drive
  • Somebody’s hoarding those damn boxes

So does anyone in the Philippines have the Xbox 360 already? I overheard someone saying they’re selling it for 50,000 pesos a piece? Can anyone confirm that?

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  • this article has been viewed 42 times, probbly including myself, and no has placed a comment on it yet.

    no 360 yet in the philippines i guess.

  • Yup, nobody commented because we don’t have a 360 to comment on.

  • ellie

    Someone at ebay is already selling Xbox 360s for P100K


  • Bwaahaha, If you think a P100K Xbox is expensive enough then you should check this out.


  • C’mon… why would you pay 100k for it (unless you are filthy rich)? You can always wait, it will stay. There will always be new units.

  • some guy over at ebay started selling the BOX of the 360, just the box, no consoles inside.. and the bid reached $600.. he clearly stated in the information that its only the box, but i guess people dont read.. the winner cant sue him, coz it was mentioned in the seller’s website.. ha! owneD!!

  • a gaming console for 50 gran, whattare you, 12..?

  • dark

    here in olongapo a shop is selling 360 for 26 – 28T that 50k is a joke, thats to expensive i tell you that surely is a joke..
    i think theres an owner all ready theres alot of rich kids here in p.i. really rich or should i say really spoiled coz they made their parents *the real rich ones to buy them the console . they contacted their aunts and moms and dads abroad to buy them a stupid console im putting my money forthe release of ps3… i only bought the xbox (the 1st one) because of doa and it was the latest during that time but since 360 came out first im glad ps3 will rule bill gates is a joke trying to hypnotize us with his fancy ads etc, bah! marketing strategy shit were not stupid you jack**s no good games. lousy color … i mean bright neon green for a theme??? come on! and what about the power supply ??? a ton of rock?! how am i suppose to bring the 360 to a friends house or baguio or cavite??? use a freight??? hehehe … and accessories??? come on another marketing strategy making us pay for the console and pay more for the expensive games and pay more for a stupid remote and a few lousy accessories more ??? what a drag. and halo ??? i mean you can play it on the pc why buy the console??? few of their games are pc converts anyhow … whos gonna beat FF series, tekken come on people wake up your being robbed!!! if the ps3 gonna cost half a million id still rather sell my soul to buy it rather than a 360 … you know why bill is trying to step into the gaming picture? simple his apps *windows etc cost more that it should, linux is getting better alot of free office solutions are coming out and his geting a cent poorer everyday and he hates it he wants all the money in the world rather than to design a sesible software marketing… msoffice i mean 12T for the suite ? id rather use openoffice and other database software website builder and outlook? only businessmen uses that im 15 what do i need that for if i can live with yahoo. piece of crap microsoft is… hehehe… been off topic sorry … i just feel were being ripped off by microsoft and bill gates rather… ill study programming like my tito and improve linux and make it the ultimate os !!! i feel it very soon in the near future microsoft shall fall … and open source will rule “MADE BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE” thats what i say !

  • cutegkb

    well isa lang ang masasabi ko, kung wala ang
    xbox malamang next 10 yrs pa lalabas ang ps3.

    he he he asa pa kayo