HDX 1000 NMT Player Review

HDX 1000 and the Popcorn Hour A-100 has the same hardware platform and firmware (full specs here). Both are powered by a Sigma Designs SMP8635 processor designed and manufactured by Syabas. According to the tech specs though, the HDX has 512MB 64-bit internal DDR RAM while the PCH A100 only has 256MB. They even have the same wireless remote controls.

hdx 1000 nmt

That being said, it all boils down to the minor differences in the details and the design implementation as well as the pricing. Personally, I liked the make and construction of the HDX.

End Notes:
Price – HDX 1000 Networked Media Tank
– without hard disk drive: Php15,900
– with 640 GB Western Digital Caviar Green: Php20,200
– with 1 TB Western Digital Caviar Green: Php22,600

Read the full review here.

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