Here are 10 New Features of iOS 8 You Should Know About

Apple today has just launched the iOS 8. Here are ten new features of Apple’s new mobile operating system you should know about:

ios 8 features

1) A more interactive Notification. Now you can reply to messages from the notification window. This also works on the lock screen.

2) An improved Mail system including the ability to check messages from your inbox while composing a message.

3) Improved Spotlight App for search.

4) Improved Keyboard. Now you get suggestions as you type. (I know, this feature has been a feature of Android for years)

5) Group Messaging. Now you can name threads, add and remove individuals in group messaging. Group Messaging now have a Do Not Disturb and Leave thread feature.

6) Enterprise. With the Device Enrollment, you can sync your office data and your enterprise applications to your iPad or iPhone.

7) Health and HealthKit app. Allows you to have a single container for all your health data. The HealthKit data can also be shared to third party devices, apps and even health institutions.

8) Family Sharing. Now you can share your data and media (purchased on the App store) with up to six family members.

9) Photo sharing. Now you can share/access your photos from all of your devices. (Just like Google+)

10) A native photo editor with lots of filters.

iOS 8 will be available for download by fall (That’s September to November) this year.

Visit Apple’s website for more on the iOS 8 features.


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