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HII chooses Lenovo to Boost Efficiency and Competitiveness

According to the Department of Trade and Industry’s statistics, 99.6 percent of registered business in the Philippines belongs to the small and medium business sector. Realizing the important role that technology plays in the development of SMBs in the country, Lenovo is primed in helping them grow through their line of SMB-oriented PCs.

width="201"Hospital International Incorporated (HII), a hospitality and property management firm, is one of those companies who have experienced challenges in their daily business operations due to disruptive and unreliable PCs. They dealt with PC issues that resulted in lost business opportunities and unanticipated disbursement that was becoming a recurring problem.  With Lenovo’s help, HII was able to optimize business practices, increase employee productivity that resulted in significant savings through improvements in efficiency.

Vicky Agorrilla, Country General Manager, Lenovo Philippines said: “œWe have shown that by investing in the right mix of technologies businesses, such as HII, can work better, smarter, and faster. We understand that SMBs have limited bandwidth and Lenovo’s ThinkPad Edge Series is designed to reduce labor-intensive IT work so they can focus on maximizing profit and improving their Return on Investment.”

Lasting Fix to Long-Term Risks

In today’s business environment, price-conscious buyers tend to focus heavily on the lowest possible up-front purchase price without significant concern for the long term value.According to Gartner, upfront purchasing cost of IT equipment only accounts to a third of its actual cost over its life cycle, with the other two-thirds going to “˜after-purchase’ costs associated with maintenance, system upgrades, and in-house or outsourced IT support. Lenovo PCs are known to deliver one of the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry through its reliable security and cost-saving features.

Lenovo provided HII the opportunity to reduce costs without compromising the quality of output, security and manageability of the units through helpful tools such as ThinkVantage Technologies and Lenovo Security Suite. These tools multiply Lenovo PCs productivity, maximizing the total investment for the company’s technical needs.

Lenovo believes in offering an integrated hardware and software PC solution as critical towards building a more efficient and cost effective PC experience for businesses. Lenovo’s built-in support system, ThinkVantage Technologies, has been deemed useful for HII’s business. Among the ThinkVantage features that have been effective for HII business are:

  • Power Manager that allows improved battery life for mobile employees; Access Connection for easy network connection
  • System Migration Assistant for quick and accurate migration of users’ data and settings
  • Hardware Password Manager provides central management of passwords
  • Rescue and Recovery for easier deployment of system up

Agnes Luna, Executive Vice President, Hospitality International Incorporated, shares how the HII’s investment in technology became a driving force in the success of their business:

“œEfficient business solutions that meet our computing needs are very important in enhancing the company’s service levels, growth potential and business competitiveness. Like any SMB, HII has a small workforce so we should be able to maximize the contribution of each individual.”

Since the rollout of the Lenovo solutions, HII has seen an increase in its operational efficiency and resource optimization,” Luna declared. “œOur employee’s productivity has improved tremendously and our overhead costs have decreased significantly.”

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