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Hisense formally launched their Bluetooth headsets in the country

Here’s another player in the Bluetooth headset industry in our country that is dominated by Jabra. Hisense is a household name in China with products ranging from home appliances to mobile devices and accessories. It was just in August last year that they brought their Bluetooth headsets here in our country and we got to see them up close earlier this evening.

If you’re looking for some Bluetooth accessories for yourself, check out these Bluetooth headset offerings from Hisense.

HB200M Mini and HB200S Slim Headset

HB200M Mini and HB200S Slim

These are the basic Bluetooth mono-headsets from Hisense which outputs high performance sound. Lightweight, discreet and stylish. One is small and the other is slim and both have a multipoint feature which you can use to simultaneously pair with two different mobile phones, even with different network providers.

It can do 5.5 hours talk time and 150 hours standby time.

Accessories included are interchangeable ear buds, ear hook, a magnetic clip attachment which you can clip on your shirt and where you can attach the headset when not in use.

SRP: Php1950

HB400C Clip

HB400C Clip

If you want stereo in your basic Bluetooth headset, the HB400C is for you. This Bluetooth device can be clipped to your shirt or you can wear it like a necklace. It can accept any stereo or mono earphones on its 3.5mm jack if you want to use your favorite earphones. It also has A2DP support which means you can use it to listen to music wirelessly and also accept calls.

It can do 6 hours talk time, 160 hours standby time and 6 hours play time.

SRP: Php2950

HB420S Sport

HB420S Sport

Made for the active person who just can’t miss any calls, this Bluetooth Sport Stereo headset has a neckband design and is sweat-proof and lightweight. You can wear it while working out or doing vigorous activities without worrying about missing any calls. It supports A2DP so you can also use it to listen to your workout playlist.

It can do 7 hours talk time, 140 hours standby time and 6.5 hours play time.

SRP: Php3450

HB440H Hi-Fi Stereo


Stylish, hip and comfortable to use, the HB440H’s avant-garde design not only looks cool but it also offers amazing sound with Hi-Fi frequency response speakers. With A2DP support, you can experience the power of wireless music and calls.

It can do 9.5 hours talk time, 200 hours standby time and 8.5 hours play time.

SRP: Php3950

There are other products such as solar-charged Bluetooth Car Kits that let you focus on driving even while making those important phone calls (starting at Php2950) and also a Solar-powered Universal Charger (Php2950).

Based on the prices of these headsets, Hisense is trying to compete in the premium market. If you take a look at them in stores, you’d see the high design quality of these headsets. There are cheaper generic or more China-made brands out there but Hisense reps said they are not positioning themselves against those.

You can find these Hisense Bluetooth devices in Digital Walker and Digital Hub stores.

Hisense won’t be bringing in their TVs or refrigerators here but what they hinted at us was their mobile phones and a tablet. That’s all I can get from them about that.

* Sorry for the lack of actual pics, I forgot to bring my camera today.

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  • Where did you find these? (I hope somewhere in QC).

    “There are cheaper generic or more China-made brands out there but Hisense reps said they are not positioning themselves against those”

    Great decision! There’s just too much of the cheap, unbranded stuff. Some people still want good quality products too!

  • Harley Son

    i have that HB200s slim and it is awesome! the other line told me that she didnt notice that i am on bluetooth headset. I usually use bluetooth headset and unlike then which she could hear herself. but with this one, it is awesome!

    loving them!

    • wow that’s good to hear. Ikaw na yung testimonial for Hisense Bluetooth. hehehe.

      • Harley Son


        • alej

          Hi,i just purchase a hb400c its nice,simple and smooth fnctions u can choose to put a two ear piece or one,so far its good, funny thung yestrday the sales clerk told me that their product ddnt recieve any item return yet i was the first tym coz it ddnt lit up when charging,rrh now im satisfied, hisense is still far from jawbone,jabra,blueant q2,uu

          • Ronald

            Where I can buy a Hisense Bluetooth 200S charger? How much?

  • hello I have a few of these headphones but my pc has windows 7 operating system and not reconose anyone can tell me where I can download the driver for these headphones

  • abe

    my hb420s is unable to connect with galaxy tab:-$ :-$ X-( :'(

  • Joi

    how much is HB400C Clip