History of Google Acquisitions

about_logo.gifHere’s a great list, compiled by user pageoneresults of webmasterworld, documenting the historical timeline of companies bought by Google.

I felt a sense of nostalgia when running my eyes across the list. As you can see the company that was acquired and the Google app that got spawned afterwards because of that acquisition. Just to name a few:

  1. Deja.com – Google Groups.
  2. Pyra Labs – Blogger
  3. 2Web Technologies – Spreadsheets.

One but can’t help think of the proliferation of splogs when one see’s Blogger *snicker*. And yes, I meant that in a good way because it attests to the ease of use of Blogger. Practically almost every blogger I know started out on Blogger, to wet their feet on the blogging experience, before taking the jump into paid hosting.

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  • Google and it’s cyberworld domination is fast becoming a reality sooner than we expected…!

  • Waaaaa! We’re all gonna dieeeeeeeee!