Hitachi LifeStudio is not your ordinary external drive

Hitachi yesterday unveiled their LifeStudio line of external hard drives. The LifeStudio Drive family redefines external storage making them the first and only All-in-One storage with the following features courtesy of its preloaded LifeStudio application:

Hitachi LifeStudio Drives

Automatic Organization and Easy Sharing

The LifeStudio is the first drive in the industry that automatically pulls and organizes your media files and documents from your PC, USB and even from your social media networks. You can easily upload and manage photos on Facebook, Flickr and Picasa Web Albums from within the app.

3D Navigation

CoolIris 3D Wall

If you’re using Firefox and the CoolIris plugin, you will notice how awesome and cool it is to navigate through your media files on a 3D Wall. LifeStudio has uses the same 3D wall to display and access your media files so you don’t need to dig into each folders.

Local and Online Backup

The Hitachi LifeStudio drive comes integrated with a backup solution that allows you to quickly backup your files on both local and online. Customers would get 3GB worth of online storage for free but there is an option to upgrade to 250GB for an annual fee of USD49.

Access to Premium Content Online

With the LifeStudio app, you can search and watch your favorite news, TV shows, music videos from online content providers. I don’t know what would keep users from using their internet browser instead to do this.

Integrated USB Key

LifeStudio Mobile Plus

The LifeStudio Plus drives have a docking port for a special 4GB LifeStudio USB key that allows you to easily sync your files for a quick grab and go. Simply specify which files or folders you want to sync when the USB key is docked and LifeStudio will ensure that you’re backing up or getting the updated files on your USB key every time.

LifeStudio Drives Pricing:

LifeStudio Mobile with Cradle320 GB
500 GB
Php 3475
Php 4560
Platinum and graphite color options
LifeStudio Mobile Plus320 GB
500 GB
Php 4235
Php 4995
Platinum and graphite color options
LifeStudio Desk1 TB
2 TB
Php 4560
Php 6840
LifeStudio Desk Plus1 TB
2 TB
Php 5320
Php 7600

More LifeStudio Photos:

LifeStudio Drive Family LifeStudio Mobile Plus LifeStudio Desk Plus LifeStudio Mobile Plus LifeStudio Desk LifeStudio Drive Family

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