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Hotspot hunting: Robinson’s Galleria (Ortigas)

Last year, I had a series of WiFi Hotspot hunting stories on Technobiography. I wrote about WiFi in Metro Manila malls and universities as well as a hotspot hunt in Baguio, my hometown.

Many months ago, there was a large billboard at Robinson’s Galleria announcing a absolutely FREE WiFi hotspot at the mall’s “œTech Lounge”. Last week, I finally tried out the hotspot.

Free WiFi at Robinson\'s GalleriaThe hotspot is available near the back entrance of the Robinson’s Galleria. It can be accessed from the basement, ground level and up to the 2nd level. There are café’s in that area: Bo’s Coffee, Cinnabon and Figaro. The signal reaches other restaurants in the basement, all the way to Thai Kitchen on one side, and Hen Lin and the Mongolian resto on the other side.

And WiFi is truly free. And quite fast.

Well, you’ll eventually have to buy a cup of coffee or a cinnamon roll. Or you can follow my lead, be kapal muks, and help yourself to a seat at a nearby resto during lean hours of the day. Or you could setup at the foodcourt. You can also try sitting on the floor with your laptop, but I suspect you’ll soon be herded away by a security guard.

Suit yourself “¦ then indulge yourself in a WiFi smorgasbord at Robinson’s Galleria, Ortigas.

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  • k hernandez

    Does the wi-fi signal reach Dreamscape? coz sana kung may laptop ako ay nagamit ko internet doon for special reasons.

  • What’s a convenient place/establishment you can plug in?

  • A friend actually tried and couldn’t connect. Needed a password.

    But it did reach Neutral Grounds on the third floor, near the Edsa side of Galle.

    Uy, free downloads basta may saksakan!

  • Finally, free-fi in a Philippine mall. Paid wi-fi is as quaint as pay toilets.

  • I doubt if there are enough Filipino laptop users to use WiFi for mall marketing.

  • Got my unlimited AirborneAccess (at least up to July) activated earlier this year, c/o Bayantel DSL (paid PhP 500 activation fee). But free is always better. 😉

    Depending on where I connect, I usually get directed to mall or establishment webpages after authenticating. For example, at Shangri-La, I get directed to the Shang mall homepage–presumably to help me look for establishments I can spend my hard-earned money on.

    In Galleria the Free WiFi hotspot covers the more upscale part of the mall, btw.

    I do agree with Migs that there are only a scant number of Filipinos with laptops, but IMHO, these people with the laptops are the ones to target for marketing. They’re presumably affluent or at least have extra disposable income to spend.

  • Leventhal

    Laptop thefts have already occured in the WiFi hotspots of Galleria and Cyberzone Megamall. Just be careful you’re not in a position to let anyone put their arms around you and poke a knife at the side of your belly. Be wary of anyone following you.

  • I think the wifi signal in Galeria also covers the front already, not only the techlounge.

    I used to have frequent meetings in Galeria so I took advantage of their free internet with my wifi-enabled Nokia phone and Agile messenger (to access YM and MSN). Haven’t tried it with a laptop, though. Well, the experience was satisfactory. That completely justified the celfone purchase.

  • k hernandez > Does the wi-fi signal reach Dreamscape?

    The farthest I’ve connected from was at Hen Lin (across Watson’s) and that was around 50% on my signal meter, so presumably it could reach even further.

    Glenn > A friend actually tried and couldn’t connect. Needed a password.

    I got that too last year, around sept ata. But I think that was during their testing stage when access wasn’t free yet.

    Angelo > What’s a convenient place/establishment you can plug in?

    Plug-in? Try the CR, unplug mo nalang yung hand-dryer. hehehe, kidding! 😉

    ka edong

  • kintsay

    I also tested it one time last January (near Bo’s Coffee) and it was very satisfactory. No password needed, and can be easily set up. The antenna is located just near the escalator (short black one)

    There is also another signal that you will get near the area of Coffee Barako (forgot the name). That one searches for a password and could not connect at all.

    You might be misled by that other connection.

  • @kintsay

    yeah, the other one was airborneaccess. it was so annoying to get that other one. had quite an adventure looking for that tech lounge. the security guards didn’t know what we were talking about!

  • Demetrio Tiburcio

    Meron na rin sa Robinson’s Pioneer. I guess the future trend is for WIFI to be offered free, specially in cafe’s. I hope Starbucks follows suit.

  • I tried accessing wifi at Starbucks 4th floor near the cinemas. Mahina yung signal ko.. palaging nadidisconnect. Airborneaccess has a stronger signal there pero hindi na free yun.

    Any other place in the East Wing na pwedeng tumambay with a laptop ? Bowling alley ? hehehehe!

  • Pakiusap ibigay niyo na ang 5s niyo!

  • kamatis

    bakit ganun.. naka 3 balik na ko sa gale.. di ako makakunek..

    ayoko naman magkape.. wala ba nun sa foodcourt? hahaha.. help naman..

  • mon

    yung bo coffee kailangan pa ng password, any info about the password?