How many people search for your URL?

While we’ve always been advised to get domains that are catchy, easily spelled and have good recalls, people will still search for them on Google or Yahoo. is undoubtably the most familiar website among Filipinos here and abroad, with a domain URL that spells the same as it is pronounced, some of our moms and pops will type-in the URL via the default search in their browsers (usually Yahoo!).

Let’s see how popular the local websites are in terms of type-ins. One place to know about this is the Overture Keyword Selector.

Let’s go over there and check on some websites:

Search Term : Count
‘inq7’ : 27,652
‘manila bulletin’ : 22,142
‘manila tonight’ : 942
‘tipidpc’ : 656
‘pinoyexchange’ : 586

And here’s one for my blog, just for comparison:

‘blog’ : 160

All counts that based on last months data (May 2006).

These numbers only represents type-ins on Yahoo and other Yahoo search properties. This tool, combined with Google Trends, could give you a good estimate of the total volume of search for any given keyword or phrase.

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  • jhay

    Interesting. My friends do use google to search for my blog, and since they know it has the same name as my nickname, they just type ‘jhay’ in google and luckily, my blog turns up in the first page. Number 1 spot most of the times.

  • Speaking of INQ7, they have upgraded their CMS but unfortunately killed the old links.

  • My got 21K and most of the time it’s in the top 10 with google and top 5 with yahoo. How i wish I could make it all the way to the top of search results considering that Im not putting lots of time and contents (sometime server downtime) to it but I think it’s moving that way. It’s sad to think that pinay is competing mostly with adult sites (and other ugly stereotypes) but I guess this is one way of uplifting the image of my mother,sisters,wife and daughter.

  • Thats cool indeed
    I hope you’ll be able to proceed

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