How to disable Timeline View in Facebook

Not everybody is happy with Facebook’s Timeline view and disabling it is one of the most wanted feature that a lot of people are clamoring for. But since it was a compulsory feature for Facebook users, there’s  really no choice but to use Timeline. Or is there?

Several tweaks were made to revert Timeline to its old classic view but after the official roll out, it was kind of hard to go back to its original state.

However, developers around the world will not stop until they find a “cure”. For a lot of FB users, classic view is still the best and as a semi-solution, TimelineRemove is an option.


This browser-based extension is the answer FB purists are looking for. All you need to do is to install the extension, log out from your Facebook and log back in and you won’t see your Timeline again… at least in your own view. Your friends might see your wall as a Timeline, but in your own view, your wall and other people’s walls are reverted back to classic view. So it’s the perfect solution for those not wanting to see Timelines in Facebook while leaving others happy with their Timeline view.

For Safari users, hang in there as the team is still finishing the magic for you. But for the users of IE, Chrome and Firefox, you guys can now go ahead and try it.

This is how my wall looks like with the TimelineRemove extension applied.


What’s nice here is that you can quickly disable this extension to revert back to viewing Timelines.

Head to and download the extension for your browser to try it out.

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  • with facebook integration

  • Hindi pala completely mababago, pero try ko na rin to. Thanks for sharing.

  • Can’t install in my Firefox! 🙁 My firefox is version 11.0.

  • Got it working perfectly with firefox 9.0.1.

  • Zorbetes

    Ayaw Gumana sakin. Di panaman ako nakatimeline but checking on Fanpages na nakatimeline, di sa kanila nagbago.

  • is this secured? I’m a little conservative when it comes to browser extensions so I’ll just stick with timeline and maybe get used to it…

  • Mica

    OMG! Thank you!

  • Griswold

    Thanks for the tip! I know a lot of friends who want this feature.