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How to install FM Radio on the Cherry Mobile Flare

One of the missing features of the popular Cherry Mobile Flare is the FM Radio. Actually, the phone has a built-in FM receiver but there’s just no FM Radio app to use it.

CM Flare FM Radio

If an FM Radio is that important to you on your CM Flare, here’s how you can install the app without having to root the phone. This is not an FM Radio app that streams music from the internet. It’s your typical FM Radio app that needs you to connect a headset in order to use.

Now on to the installation. You need to have the phone connected to the internet to do this.

1. First, make sure that you can install apps from sources other than Google Play. Go to System Settings > Security > Device Administration and make sure that Unknown sources is checked. A popup message will appear but just click Ok.

CM Flare FM Radio 1 CM Flare FM Radio 2

2. Now open your phone’s browser and click this link. It’s just a simple Dropbox link where I put the FM Radio APK. APKs are Android app packages by the way.

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/33387236/FmRadio.apk – 323KB

3. Click Save and wait for it to finish. Click Open.

CM Flare FM Radio 3 CM Flare FM Radio 4

4. It will ask you if you want to install the application. Click Install then click Done.

CM Flare FM Radio 5 CM Flare FM Radio 6

Now, when you install APKs from unknown sources, it’s important to know what the application will be accessing. Be wary of apps that needs to access your contacts, messages, history, etc. This FM Radio app won’t access those areas of your phone, just the Bluetooth, audio, and phone identity so it’s pretty harmless.

5. Plug-in your headphones and launch the app.

CM Flare FM Radio 7 CM Flare FM Radio 8

It’s a pretty straightforward app to use. Use the Back and Forward buttons to scan stations and use the 8 CH buttons to save them into memory. You can even output the music into your phone’s speaker as long as your headphone is connected.

That’s it. FM Radio on the Cherry Mobile Flare.

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  • Shintar0

    marami kayang bumili ng cherry mobile flare? ung kasambahay ko rito, yan ang binili.. so far, matino ung cellphone.. mabilis, not rooted atm.. pero nagla lag ng bahagya sa temple run. & i think kailangan nga ng 2nd battery.. ATM, beautiful widgets pa lang nalagay nya and some games.. nilagyan ko rin ng smart ram booster..

    • Shintar0

      i-add ko rin.. ung front cam nga, baligatd pag nag skype, on portrait mode ehehehehe… para tuloy mata ng aswang.. but on landscape mode, just fine..

      • hehe aayusin daw nila yang front cam issue. and hindi lahat ng flare may ganyang problema. 🙂

        • rolando

          about cherry flare,, puede b palitan ng ibang brand na battery ang flare…thnx

          • zle

            yes pede ibang batt like sa samsung and lg p970… some kelangan i modify, some di na

        • sakin din baliktad ang cam everytime pag ng instagram or fb

    • tawa much

      natawa naman ako dito, yung kasambahay daw nya ang bumili ng CM flare, e sya naman ang kumalikot sa phone. lolz! anu yan, nakikigamit ka sa cp ng kasambahay mo? wala kang sariling cp?!

      • hahaha

        ayaw na lang aminin na kanya eh, kelngn tlga sa kasambahay nila, nadamay pa tuloy yung ibang tao

    • Douishi

      Walang LAG sa TEMPLE RUN. Kung anu anu kasing pang tweats na application yung nilalagay mo. 512MB lang ang RAM ng CM Flare hindi na yan pwedeng e boost. Naniniwala ka sa mga ganyang application. NOOB.

  • Silicon

    Will this also work for Samsung Tab 7.7? thanks

    • Shintar0

      parang na view ko sa mga review ng tab 7.7 sa youtube, meron na atang preinstalled FM radio ang tab.

  • Ken

    May official update i lalabas ang Cherry Mobile para i fix ang g-sensor, landscape mode sa text at fm app. Nasa fb nila pinost. Pati din sa Titan maron pang enable sa multi touch.

    • yup… kita ko rin. let’s wait for that

      • thartz69

        kelan po kaya i-post ng CM yung fixing ng g sensor, yung landscape ng txt, at yung fm radio sir Calvin?

        • anu mangyayari kung maupdate na? walang mgbabago sa installed apps sir calvin? ntatakot po kc akung mg.update..

  • Walrus Medalla

    this app, will it work on mobile phone running Custom JellyBean 4.1.2 version?

    i miss my FM Radio app. since nag change ako from GingerBread to ICS and now JellyBean, i had never use or never seen the FM application…


    still, i’ll try this to install on my Samsung Galaxy S I9000 it it works…

    looks like the ROM on this Flare looks like an ICS…

    • maybe… it’s a basic Android app naman eh.

      • zle

        it is ICS, 100% sure

  • Walrus Medalla

    btw, sir Calvin, why does the site need authentication? the restriction page always appear whenever i click on a link..

    and do you know sites where i they offer the SMART BOARDS? or do u already have a topic about it?

    thanks in advance….

    • what kind of authentication? what link? any links from this site? ahhh maybe it’s because the site is using cloudflare and parang naka-mark yung IP mo sa cloudflare as malicious. hehehe… maybe try a different connection.

      • Walrus Medalla

        i think its fine now sir.. when i click the link no more security authentication appears..hehe..

        i’m in the office right now and we have BayanDSL connection…

        anyway..thanks sir cal…

        keep up the good work… more blessings to PTB.. ^_^

  • Griswold

    tsk tsk… sino kaya may kasalanan at nakalimutang lagyan ng fm radio ang isang android smartphone?

  • Luap

    sir calvin gusto kp sana bumili ng CM FLARE worth it po kya? o mas ok po ung O+ 8.5? ano po sa palagay nio? tnx. and godbless to PTB. 🙂

    • havent used O+ 8.5 yet pero sulit naman itong CM Flare.

      • Luap

        sir calvin sana ma review mo rin ung specs ng O+ 8.5 Tnx in advanz 😀

      • Walrus Medalla

        i tried the the FM Radio app on my galaxy S i9000, pero it won’t work.. haayzz.. sayang naman.. when will JellyBean have an FM Radio app… i miss my radio on Gingerbread 🙁

      • owen

        naka use na ako ng 0+8.5,..maliit po ang internal memory nya..pangit pa yung cam…sir calvin ,ang temple run ng cmFlare nag hang po..

        • baka marami kang nakabukas na app… at malayo ka na sa temple run.

  • It’s working fine here… how about TV app? 🙂

  • ana

    no available device administrators ang lumalabas sakin….

  • choi

    Hi Calvin,

    Finally got one for the wife, just noticed that the battery levels seems erratic at times, ie charging level drops by 10% by just rebooting. But in fairness, it charges quite fast (stock charger – roughly 2.5 hours to fully charge). Overall, best value-for-money phone. ICS, dual core, 4in screen. Casing seems to have a cracking sound but we can live with that. 4k definitely worth it 🙂

  • Domz Pogi

    Thanks man, this is awesome. I already installed to my phone.

  • panu ung iopen internet connection.?chka panu palitan ng 3g un 2g?tnx

    • owen

      nasa network na po ninyo yan

  • chaka ung front cam blurred panu iadjust?tnx

    • thejorlanb

      wala bang autofocus?

  • thejorlanb

    front cam na pala, baka fixed na yan.

  • celine

    pls inform us where flare is available pls

    • sa sta lucia mall.. in some retailers there

    • Landzgarci

      Sm cyberzone merun nah stock..

    • owen


  • primon

    my sister was able to buy 2 units, one for our mom & one for her daughter.

    i was really surprised something this cheap could perform so good with decent specs to boot.

    only time can tell if the unit is durable; hope it do outlast it’s warranty period.

    having owned 6 android devices, i’m tempted to get one for myself – that’s if there’s some units left or before they make a price increase which is inevitable due to the high demand.

    at last no lemons for cherry this time. 🙂

  • martin rotter

    naistall ko na po ung FM ang galing tanx…

  • martin rotter

    gumana na po ang fm, dapat may headset lang…

  • alan boston

    sir ty pu ng marame s tutorial ng f.m. godbless and m0re p0wer 2 u….

  • Kira

    Maraming salamat po….. Been looking for this apk for a while now… and I ask myself why CM did not add this on flare??? Anyway thanks a MILLION 🙂

  • 1093

    Hi Calvin, I have CM Flare just yesterday from Festival Mall. Problem is Wi-Fi is not detecting or connecting to any Wifi Spot. Pressing the scan button, pero walang nakikita kahit isa. How can I set up the Wi-fi manually? Kasi dito sa bahay I can connect other devices like Laptop and Mobiles.


  • Landzgarci

    Nagloloko xa pg ibang headset ang inilagay..on ogff headset nya…

    • ibang headset yung ginamit ko to test this.

  • Landzgarci

    Merun ba apps for am radio??

    • owen

      toink,,wala cguro

  • Lia


  • Paano ko miaayos mga pictures sa galery ko di ko alam paano pagsama samahin ang mga relTed pictures sa isang folder help nmn

    • owen

      go file browser..and clik move

  • 1111

    hi, any solution to this? yung cm flare kasi ng bf ko hindi nakakaconnect sa wifi.. walang nasscan ni isa..

    • Try turning ON the Wifi first. Usually nakakalimutan buhayin ng user bago mag connect. 😉

  • Sechi

    How do I rename my folders/album in my gallery?

  • aus ang phone na 2.

  • rc girl

    hi,pahelp nmn po regarding downloading kasi po hindi ako makapagdownload ng anything from my phone cherry mobile flare,anu po dapat kung gwin?ngsasave cxa sa download kaso hindi na ngrrurun ung downloading

  • vandan

    ambgal ng net ko kht nka unli surf na may set up b for flaire mobile net? pasagot naman

  • tom

    sino developer nung fm radio na toh? baka kse may iba pa sya app na maganda…

  • yhang

    Thanks sa info 🙂 nkapagDL na ko salamat ng marami pero may I ask alam niu po ba pano umayos front cam? Tnx

  • It’s working perfectly fine, maraming salamat po! Pinunan mo ang malaking pagkukulang ng Cherry Mobile! Thumbs up! 🙂

  • jana hearty

    bakit po ba pumupula bigla ang flare? kapag may pipindutin?

  • jana hearty

    ano po ba ang gagawin ko, may lumalabas na red na sa side ng phone ko:(

  • roge


    • dave lee

      TRY mo install ung volume boost+ mkakatulong un

  • dave lee

    Meron na rin ako ng Flare, it’s been a month na sakin, ok xa, dami nga naiinggit kasi for 4k dual core, decent specs and ang daming compatible applications. un destroy gunners SP na mayroong crash report with regards sa Galaxy SII runs with smoothly on Flare.. xempre kapag marami ng kalaban lag xa ng “konti” but crash reports? there are none… Sulit 4k…

  • asa kapa!

    one month na nakakalipas feb. 13 til now dpa nila binabalik ung phone ko sa service ng cm north edsa annex nacra phone ko na flare lagi xang naghahang everytime i used the apps esp. the games and ofcourse tinanggal ko battery nilagay ko ulet and when i start to opened it na d na xa nag open chinarge ko ayaw parin nagpalipas ako one day wala parin ayaw parin sumindi i have no idea bakit nagkaganun 4mos. plang sken.can u guys help me or anybody hir in the forum? bakit nagkaganun ung fone?

  • Herbert

    sir calvin,

    I installed the fmradio on my CM FLARE, after installation I opened it worked, but when I turn off the radio and trying to turn on again there is no respond. Ano po kaya nag problema dun?

  • JrPeteza

    naka strict mode po kayo kaya nagkakaroon ng red sa gilid. Paki uncheck. Tapos may NBA 2K13 din ako, nakakapagsurfing ako ng gamit ang SUPERFB. May FM radio app na rin ako

  • JrPeteza

    sa settings→developer options→Strict mode enabled, uncheck mo.

  • JrPeteza

    ung sa headphone naman, minsan depende kung compatible sa phone. Kung trip mo naman lagi magsoundtrip, try PowerAmp. may treble at bass enhancement. Kayo nalang mag adjust, may picture cover pa kapag nakalock

  • sir bkt ang cm flare ko my time n hnd makatawag at hnd makatxt,,

  • gab

    bakit ang hina ng audio output ng fm app?
    hindi masyadong marinig lalo na pg nka loudspeaker kahit nka full na yong volume..

    • hindi dapat gagana ang fm app pag walang headphone na nakakabit.

  • Danilo

    Hello, I bought cherry mobile Flare just a week ago. My problem is i cannot connect or no WI FI connection. na check kna connection sa wifi icon. at setting ayaw pa rin mag connect. Please help me regarding with this matter. Thank you

  • pj

    Tanng k lng po… ang cm flare po pwde mkapg. Install ng tv. ..?

  • Chaps

    Ung FM Radio ng CM Flare ang hina ng volume tapos hindi pwedeng iadjust ung volume qng gamit u e ung screen volume control.. dpat ung buttons s side ang gamitin sa volume.. sana ayusin ng developers para naman lumaks ung tunog.

    • natry mo na gumamit ng earphone na may volume control? baka makatulong yun

      • Chaps

        yup, natry q n pro gnun prin.. dpt itune up nila ung app n un kc sayang nman.

  • Chaps

    Ung FM Radio ng CM Flare ang hina ng volume tapos hindi pwedeng iadjust ung volume qng gamit u e ung screen volume control.. dpat ung buttons s side ang gamitin sa volume.. sana ayusin ng developers para naman lumakas ung tunog..

    .. about other features (cam, orientation, etc.)at gammes wala namang problema. madali ring i-root..nga lang bakit qng mgpurchase aq gmit ang freedom e hndi dmarating ung items khit may cnfirmation na darating daw ung purchase shortly.

    • Suspended na account nio po

  • walkman

    maganda talaga ang cm flare sa gensan ang daming gumagamit nito.. halos 7 kaming gumagamit nito..

  • walkman

    pwde din gawin s4 ang rom, ag daming gumagawa ang nag eexplore sa cm flare. ganda din pag na rooted… daming download na pwdeng ilagay na games.. nba live kayang kaya nya..

  • ana

    hi po pwede po ba ang video calling like skype sa CMFLARE?

  • ana

    hi po pwede po ba ang video calling like skype sa CMFLARE gugana ba ang front cam?