How to make Yahoo! mail work on your Android device

Android is by Google and it’s no mystery that Gmail will seamlessly work with it. But for you Yahoo! users out there, you may have been unsuccessful adding your Yahoo! Mail account to your Android device and ending up downloading a separate Yahoo! app just to check your mails.

Well, you can still add your Yahoo! account to the Android’s native mail app (so that you can check all your mails in one place) by doing a manual set up. Allow us to walk you through to the process.

1. First thing you want to do is go to Settings > Accounts and sync and choose IMAP/POP3 mail (or the equivalent in your device).


2. Enter your Yahoo! mail and password and click Manual Setup.


3. Choose IMAP protocol for Incoming using the following details:


  • IMAP server:
  • Security type: SSL
  • Server port: 993

4. Click Next.

5. For Outgoing, use the following details:


  • SMTP server:
  • Security type: SSL
  • Server port: 465

6. Click Next and your Yahoo! Mail should appear on your device’s mail app.


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  • This is a big help especially for techy people like me. Thanks for sharing.:)

  • caloy

    Nice info. will this work on nokia?

    • most probably. just use the imap and smtp settings in this post.

  • Alternatively, you could use these settings as I have used it over the years with my Nokia N82 Black


    leave everything else to default values


    leave everything else to default values

    Don’ really know what the “n” stands for, but whenever I remove it, as well as the “mobile”, won’t work on my Nokia N82 Black.


    p.s., aside from WLAN, this works great specially on GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSDPA/HSUPA, etc.,

  • riccillego

    Didnt work on my Tab

    • did you get the ports right?

    • Have you tried my settings? HTH.


      leave everything else to default values


      leave everything else to default values

    • Have you tried my suggested settings?

    • Hey give my settings a try!

  • razorous

    The primary reason I moved from Yahoo! Mail to GMail years ago is because of the way I couldn’t setup my mobile using POP or IMAP. Hindi na ba ngayon? Free na ba yung POP/IMAP ng Yahoo! Mail?

    • The Yahoo! Plus is not for free, which allocates you a POP3 account. The Yahoo! Webmail, which is IMAP account, however, is for free, but not officially supported in lots of e-mail clients. You have to manually enter the settings. I have used these settings for about 3 years now, IIRC. I was reluctant to share it because Yahoo might block it, as it will directly compete with their paid service, Yahoo! Plus. Give it a shot and holler your results! Cheerio! ^_^

  • Zoi

    Hey Calv,

    How bout for ACS E-mail, would you know? 🙂

    • haven’t tried it. hehe ask mo yung IT dept. 😛