How to read e-books on your Android device

With all the Android devices coming out in bigger forms and display sizes, one can’t help to use it as an e-book reader. Tablets are a good candidate as well as phones with 4-inch screens and up.

e-book on Android

There are only a few free e-book reader options in the Android market as of now. The two most popular apps are Kobo and Aldiko and some manufacturers already include them into their device.

Between the two, I would choose Aldiko because you can import your collection of e-books provided they’re in .EPUB format. I don’t have a problem with that because I use Calibre as my e-book organizer which has a built-in conversion tool for almost all type of e-book formats.

Here’s how you can import and read e-books on your Android device.

1. First thing you need to do is transfer your e-books (.epub) to your SD card. I used Dropbox since I can’t find my USB cable anywhere. If you don’t know where to get e-books, mIRC is always a good source.

2. Now launch Aldiko (download from Android Market for free) and press the Home icon on the upper left.

e-book on Android

3. Select SD card

e-book on Android

4. Select the e-book you wish to import and choose Import to Aldiko.

e-book on Android e-book on Android

5. That’s it. Just wait for a few seconds for Aldiko to finish importing.

e-book on Android e-book on Android

There you have it. You can now see your book on your shelf ready for reading. Sweet and easy!

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  • RichF

    nice tip man. didn’t know it’s that easy to get an ebook to the Android. i have lots of ebooks back from my Palm Pilot days glad to know that I can put them into an Android phone!

  • Ogre

    Aldiko all the way. I’ll finish all of current A Song of Ice and Fire books using this app.

  • rex r.

    percy jackson series ba yan sa shelf mo? Woot! 😀

  • phets

    downloaded this app last weekend.. works very similar with the Stanza app for iPhone & iPod touch.. I really, really love it! ^_^

    • i’m also using stanza on my ipod touch, pero walang stanza sa android. mas maganda pa rin stanza kasi maraming file type ang supported nya.

  • MRU

    Hi, I have a Galaxy Tab and I’ve tried downloading ebooks directly into the devise, but it always fails to download if the file is in .epub, with the device saying it is not supported. I’m not sure if Aldiko is standard in the Samsung version of Android, but there are e-readers already loaded into it like Kindle. Will Aldiko allow me to download .epub files directly into the Galaxy Tab? As of now, I only download pdf versions, which is really a pain. TIA!

    • follow the instructions to load .epub into aldiko. just get aldiko from the market.

  • sonny

    i use fbreader, its not as heavy as aldiko but very flexible

    • i tried fbreader din pero problem ko sa kanya di maganda interface.

      • NJ

        ako rin naka-try ng fbreader at hindi nga sya ok hehe..aldiko na rin gamit ko nung nakita ko sya sa market 😀

  • Im using Kobo ebook reader on my ipad2 and this is better compared to the native ibooks app from apple… And i can import popular ebook formats om different sources… So far my best readibg app… Hope soon aldiko would invade the iOS so that i cud also try its UI and its features…

  • COOL. I always learn new things with this site. GALING.

  • Cam

    Aldiko can’t read mobi and prc files so I use iReader which supports various files. I also like their turning page animation better.

  • gErst

    do you know any good pdf readers? i had my first android phone last year but almost all of my books (mostly textbooks), are in .pdf format, since it is more convenient rather than to bring bulky and heavy hard copies of books, and i can get free copies in pdf files.. but i can’t find any good readers as easy as reading in an ebook reader, adobe pdf reader is not that good… pls help…

    • NJ

      aldiko can read pdf files