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How to update your LG Optimus Black to Gingerbread

For those of you who own an LG Optimus Black, you don’t need to go to LG service centers just to have it updated. You can do so on your own as long as you have a stable internet connection and the LG PC Suite that came with your phone installed on your machine.

The update is around 238MB so if you have a slow internet connection, make sure you have the time to download it.


Here are the simple steps involved in updating your phone:

  1. Make sure that your phone is set NOT to “˜Mass Storage only’. To do this, go to “˜Settings > SD card and Phone Storage‘ and un-tick the checkbox that say “˜Mass Storage only‘.
  2. Connect your device to your PC and wait for the LG PC suite to detect your phone.
  3. Once detected, you will see on the left hand side of the window 2 colored boxes Orange (Phone) and Green (PC). On the Orange box there is a button that says “œCheck for Phone Update”.
  4. Once it detects the update, it will prompt you to “œUpdate and Back Up the Files” or “œUpdate Without Backing Up the Files”. The choice is yours.
  5. Afterwards, just follow the succeeding instructions.

Note: There is a prompt that will tell you that the upgrade will delete previously downloaded apps. This is NOT true (in my case at least) as I still have all my applications/games after the upgrade.

Consequently, if you don’t have LG PC Suite with you, here’s an alternate solution.

  1. Visit the LG Philippines homepage (http://www.lg.com/ph)
  2. Select “œSupport > Mobile Phone Support“
  3. Find the model number of your phone (LGP970).
  4. Click on and install “œWINDOWS USB Driver“
  5. Click on “œSoftware Update“ and execute the “œ.exe” file
  6. The LG Mobile Support Tool will be installed automatically
  7. Connect your smartphone to the PC using the USB Cable
  8. Click on “œStart Updating”
  9. After completing the upgrade, unplug the phone.
That’s it. Enjoy your Gingerbread Optimus Black!
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  • sarry

    Phone has latest software V10g….. any other way? what country should I use? It’s default is set to United States…

  • JmBalicano

    It’s a good thing there are guides like this. Bringing a phone to a service center is a pain.

  • Rafi

    I tried the 1st scenario…pc suite is telling me there are no upgrades available for my phone.

    2nd scenario…ganun din..the program either times out or the buttons are grayed out.

    Any other ideas on how to make this work?

    • where did you buy your Optimus Black?

  • ronaldov

    pre, this thing keeps on loading and walang update na gnagawa..ZZZzzzz

  • NairbEichra

    Tried all possible solutions, pero hindi ko pa rin ma-update P970 ko. “The Cell phone is the latest version already. So you don’t need to update.” ang laging sinasabi. Nagupdate ng ako ng USB drivers, nagrestart both pc/phone, Restore Factory setting, reinstalledLGMobile Support Tool and USB Debugging Connected. Version V10c ang laging lumalabas, if my Memory server me right V20d na ang latest version right? I’ve also tried magupdate sa LG PC Suite IV may nadedetect nman na Phone Upgrade, then it leads to LGMobile Update and same problem “The Cell phone is the latest version already. So you don’t need to update.”

    • i think yung lumabas na upgrade is for Philippine-version of Optimus Black. san niyo po ba nabili yung Optimus Black niyo? If grey unit yan malamang ibang update ang kelangan niyo.

      • NairbEichra

        Dito ko rin po nabili ung P970 s philippines, What do you mean of “grey” unit? And paano po malalaman kung anong update ang nararapat po sa sa unit ko? 🙁

  • RC

    same here. pag ina-update ko yung phone ko lagi siya nagsasabi na updated pa raw. nabili ko sya sa dubai. dating V10b siya na-upgrade ko na siya once naging V10g then ngayon ayaw na.

    • NairbEichra

      Naupdate ko na P970 ko, sa SM Annex 4th flr. LG Service Center. If cover pa xa ng warranty pakita mo lng ung resibo if walang resibo P500 lng. 🙂

  • kookook

    Great! It’s working I’m running gingerbread 2.3.4…Thanks a lot guys for this beautiful information 😉

  • francis

    -im upgrading my phone right now.. and im getting trouble i guess.

    my phone hungs to “please wait while upgrading” screen.. when it reach 15% of the upgrade it keeps on disconecting.. even if i restart my phone the phone hungs to that upgrading creen.. and i cant used it anymore.. please help.. i own the white one..

  • sarry

    i have just got an upgrade of my software but instead of v20b mine was upgraded to v10h from v10g… whats happening here LG??