HP and Dell Outsourcing Moves

After the launch of IBM Business Services Philippines, its competitors are coming in. Procter & Gamble split its outsourced business between IBM and HP. In HP expanding global outsourcing unit in RP, the computer and services company stated that it is opening more locations, applications and clients for its Global Delivery Center clients.

Dell, its aggressive competitor in retail PC market, is preparing its Manila contact center for opening next year. It is currently in its training phase. Prior to opening shop here, Dell used to outsource its contact center requirements to other providers.

With HP, Dell and IBM in, who’s next? Apple?

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  • Krakista

    OSRP, subsidiary of PC Mall in Torrance and Santa Monica, would be doing a Mac call center in EDSA Central.

  • I read the story about OSRP, but it didn’t mention Macs. Nice to know.

  • Krakista

    What is intriguing about OSRP is they’re not just doing a Mac call center, they will also be moving their other backroom operations here. I am now looking at the possibilities of an Amelio-Asterisk marriage …..

  • Fleeb

    Dell’s call center will open on Feb 2006. The American employees, are of course, outraged losing their jobs to cheap labor in the local scene 🙂

  • They already lost their jobs to India.

  • That’s international economics at work.

  • bayen

    can anyone confirm wether this is true?
    HP setting up their own call center in the philippines would be great. I just hope the news will come out soon. That would be a great opportunity

  • Prev dell emp

    heard rumours that dell plans to sell of dell international services to outsourcers. not sure if its true

  • By the newly elected president of the United States, hope that Obama won’t eradicate the call center outsourcing industry and the millions of people who are working behind it.

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