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HP ePrint: Say goodbye to printer driver problems

Say goodbye to your usual printer drivers problem, especially if your laptop is still installed with an old Windows version, or you have a visitor with a Mac laptop and he needs to print.


HP Philippines through its IPG (Imaging and Printing Group) Division today introduced HP ePrint – the cloud printing solution. HP ePrint enables any user to print virtually anywhere without having to install the driver of the (network) printer.

This service comes FREE of charge with your HP ePrinter-enabled printers. (See list here). But don’t you worry if your current network printer is not included in the ePrinter-enabled models, you can still avail of this service for a premium.

ePrint assigns an email address to your printer. For you to print, you simply send your document via email and presto it will be printed for you. You can print photos, your typical Microsoft Office documents, PDFs from any internet-enabled device like your iPad, Blackberry, Smartphones, laptops, notebooks. (Neil Oliveros helped me print from my iPad). Note that your printer should be connected to the Internet through a wired or wireless network. Printing now becomes very convenient and easy especially for visitors and guests coming to your office.

Now here is the catch. While it solves your driver problem, there is no way you can cancel a print job, since printing is done via sending an email. You can’t even recall your email. Once you send your document for printing it goes to the printer (via the cloud) immediately. A drawback you can live with?

Check this link for more info about HP ePrint.

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