HP Officejet Pro X, best-in-class when it comes to business inkjet printers

For business use, it’s no surprise that laser printers are the printer of choice. They’re fast and they provide consistent quality printouts that doesn’t wear out easily. Last week, we got a glimpse of how HP’s Officejet Pro X inkjet printer overcome the limitations of inkjets for corporate use and even best some of their laser printers.

HP Officejet Pro X 1

HP Officejet Pro X 2

The HP Officejet Pro X is an inkjet printer designed for business use and it was really impressive seeing it churn out sheet after sheet of printouts in blazing speeds consistently. It has a maximum 70ppm printing speed for “draft mode” which is good for internal office use, and still can do 42ppm for printing in 1200 dpi resolution. This printer can also print back-to-back pages at the same speed which you probably haven’t heard of coming from an inkjet printer.

HP Officejet Pro X 3

If you’re wondering how it achieved that fast printing speed, the Officejet Pro X features HP’s PageWide technology that combines 10 printer heads into a single unit, bringing together more than 42,000 nozzles. These can fire over a billion ink drops per second onto each printout propelled by the delivery mechanism at up to 70 pages per minute.

HP Officejet Pro X 4

The ink cartridges are rated at 2,500 pages for color and 3,000 pages in monochrome. There are also high capacity cartridges that bump the yield to 6,600 and 9,300 respectively. Cost per page is significantly lower compared to using toners on laser printers. Cartridges come with pigment-type inks for better printout durability that doesn’t smudge when it becomes wet.

HP Officejet Pro X 5

HP says the Officejet Pro X is rated for a monthly duty cycle of 4,000 pages which is perfect for small but busy offices with 50 employees or less. Inkjet printer of this caliber is a really attractive proposition for business if you find laser printers expensive and pricier to maintain. These printers also have a lower power consumption, smaller environmental footprint and a notably less noisy.

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