HP Omen Promises to be a Gaming Monster

Unveiled at the OMEN Outbreak event, HP Omen is a powerful gaming laptop that displays the best of HP’s engineering and design.

The Omen runs on an Intel Core i7-6700 processor with a 16 GB ddr4 RAM, making it obvious that this laptop packs a whole lot of performance power. On top of that, it’l have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965m, ensuring that the Omen can accomodate both the current gaming scene and games of the future. In terms of storage it’ll have 128 GB SSD storage and 1 TB hard drive. Thus. it renders moot any excuse to not fill this machine with top-notch, graphics-intensive games.


There’s even a Dragon Red backlit keyboard mechanism, which exudes that pro gaming feel for any user in any lighting. What’s interesting as well is that unlike other heavy, bulky gaming laptops, the Omen by HP doesn’t look the part because of its sleek and thin design (measured at around 30 mm).

HP perfects the immersion of the player by equipping the Omen with Bang and Olufsen dual or quad speakers. This impressive audio speaker brand is further enhanced by HP Audio Boost. To complete the laptop setup, HP also offers the HP X9000 OMEN mouse, OMEN headset, and OMEN backpack. Now players can literally equip themselves for the ultimate gaming experience.


However, the event did not restrict itself to just Omen by HP. Omen by HP desktops appeared as well, notably the HP OMEN X Desktop Cube and HP OMEN Tower Desktop/Gaming PC.  Obviously, HP offers choice to all gamers who may want a different machine to suit their lifestyle.

Be sure to watch HP’s website to get more information on the HP OMEN Gaming Family.

HP OMEN Laptop

HP OMEN X Desktop

HP OMEN Desktop


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