HP TouchPad 16GB goes on sale for $99

It seems that HP is wasting no time letting go of stocks of their HP TouchPad. Only a day after HP suprisingly announced that they are abandoning their WebOS, a memo was sent out to affiliates asking them to bring down the price of the TouchPad to $99 for the 16GB and $149 for the 32GB.

touchpad best buy canada

Now if that doesn’t seem like a fire sale I don’t know what is. Even if there’s no support for the WebOS in the future, people would still be rushing to get these $99 TouchPads. I would if it weren’t sold out. For $99, you would get an HP-branded tablet for your browsing and multimedia needs. Forget about not having all the apps that you want, it’s still a useful device without for the price you are paying.

Other online stores are reverting back to the original price while some are giving it a $100 discount. For those who bought it at full price ($399), HP is offering refunds if you ask nicely from them or the retail partner you got it from.

UPDATE: Best Buy America is pulling out their TouchPad stocks and shipping them back to HP. Best Buy reversed its decision and will now continue selling the HP TouchPad for as low as $99. Good luck finding one though.

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  • Yes, this is a good bargain. HP TouchPad received a good review. I’ll probably get one if it is available here.

  • Jack

    Where can I buy the $99 Touchpad in the Philippines?

    • buy it online in the US and have it shipped here by friends or relatives in the US.

      • Messie

        How much kaya if I ship it here boss Calvin? You have any idea? (I know boss Abe had his shipped di ba?)

        • yep pero i don’t know kung how much eh.

  • not4mike

    Even better, I’m interested in getting the 32GB $149.00 version instead, if I could. But the problem is, the news is still kinda conflicting regarding it’s “real” availability now in the US, but I’m standing by for updates nonetheless.

  • Bong Bugayong

    ha! ha! yeah it’s true, that good things come to those who wait. i held out for an android tablet & enjoying every minute with it.

  • Carl

    Looks great! but the apps still matter to me hehe. At one point you will be looking for something new to your touchpad and you may get bored with it due to the limited apps. But that’s just me hehe!

  • Messie

    The deal is, with the recent movement of the HP touchpad, developers are now working on porting Android Honeycomb on it. So yeah, this will be the cheapest Android tablet out there =D

    • Carl

      Really?? And I found out that Windows is offering WebOS developers to develop WP7 apps hehe.. check this out: http://bit.ly/rmULWl.

      If porting WebOS apps to Android is the case then this is a real deal!

    • Carl

      correction: porting Android apps to webOS hehe.

  • Griswold

    Can’t find sa best buy and amazon…. nooooo….