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HTC 7 Mozart Pricing for Smart Data Plans

The HTC 7 Mozart is the first Windows Phone 7 to arrive in the country. Currently, the phone can only be availed by Smart subscribers. Here is the Smart data plan pricing if you want to get hold of this beautiful phone.


For Regular Plan:

Plan 500Plan 800Plan 1200Plan 1800Plan 2500Plan 3500
New ConnectP27,000P24,000P21,000P17,000P12,000P3,000

For Data Plan:

Plan 1500Plan 2000Plan 3000Plan 4000
New ConnectP18,000P13,000P2,500FREE

If you were to ask me about Microsoft’s new mobile OS, I really love how the Windows Phone 7 looks and how you navigate with it. I wouldn’t mind using it in favor of the HTC Sense UI included in the Mozart. And the HTC 7 Mozart looks really nice. It’s like a lighter and smoother HTC Desire without any physical buttons at the front. Would be an ideal phone for the ladies.

The HTC 7 Mozart has a 3.7-inch (480×800 pixels) capacitive touchscreen with a 1GHz processor, 8GB internal storage and 8MP camera that can do 720 video.

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  • Jcomaling

    Too pricey!=(

  • Just wanted to double check. In the case of retention, the cash out at Plan 1200 and 1800 is the same at Php16,500? Thanks.

    • Oooopps. Thanks for catching that robin. I adjusted the prices. If you would notice, there’s only a P500 difference between a new contract and a retention.