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HTC Desire S, Wildfire S and ChaCha set to arrive real soon

Just came back from a HTC Mozart workshop event and I got to talk to a rep from HTC regarding their upcoming phones. Actually my original question was about the 4-inch HTC Incredible S which was announced along with the Desire S and Wildfire S in the recent Mobile World Congress. I asked if it would ever land here, but unfortunately it won’t since the expected price won’t be that far from their Desire HD.

If you’ve been following HTC phones, you’d be glad to know that the next one coming up will be the HTC Desire S which is slated to be launched this April. It’s very similar to the original HTC Desire but without the physical buttons including the optical trackpoint and will have a front facing camera. No exact price yet but the rep told me it will be market-friendly. Hmmm, I’m guessing it to be around the Php25k mark.


A few weeks after the Desire S, the Wildfire S will come next. This would be their new entry-level Android phone and will be priced lower than the original Wildfire when it first came out. A better display and slightly faster than the first Wildfire on a cheaper price point would probably make this a hit. Based on hints, it will be around the Php13k area.

htc chacha

Finally on a later date, one of their Facebook phone which is the HTC ChaCha, will arrive. HTC is not yet sure on how to rebrand it following a lawsuit from an online service with the same name but it was recently launched in Spain as ChaChaCha. This one also runs on Android (2.4) with a 2.6-inch touchscreen, a QWERTY keyboard and its own Facebook button. The ChaCha will be priced just a bit higher than the Wildfire S. It’s sibling, the Salsa won’t be coming though.

Their flagship models, the HTC Flyer tablet and their superphone, the dual-core HTC Pyramid won’t be available till the second half of the year.

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  • Fromaggie

    So no Incredible S here in the Philippines? how disappointing.

    • nope. Desire HD ka na lang daw. πŸ˜›

    • Fromaggie

      Confirmed na ba talaga yan?how come sa singapore ilalabas nila?

      • that’s what a reliable source told me. maybe the market is different in singapore.

    • What are the features Added in it

  • iceman

    ilalabas din ba ito HTC ChaCha sa pilipinas?

    • yup… according to the HTC rep na nakausap ko.

  • Harley Son

    intrigue with htc lineup! maybe my next phone will be htc if not blackberry again! πŸ™‚

  • techbert

    any target date for the desire s? thanks

  • mj

    Yung htc desire s at wildfire s po ba this april sa philippines po ba or US po muna??? :))

    • yung estimated release dates na nilagay ko is for the philippines.

      • mj

        Sir Thank you po wildfire s na lang po bibilhin ko πŸ™‚

      • mj

        Sir nakatira po kasi ako d2 sa saudi eh sa phil na po ako bibili ng smartphone anu po bang store ang reliable at mababa ang mga prices d2 sa phil? gusto ko po sana sa Mall of Asia bibili…

        • hmm sorry sir wala akong idea eh. pero kung sa moa ka dikit dikit naman mga cellphone stores dun kaya madali kang maka-canvas. typically naman pag sa established mall ang store reliable naman sya. good luck sir! πŸ™‚

          • mj

            Thank you po!!! πŸ™‚

  • Yrah

    Yang mga new devices na yan ay may SWYPE?…Swype po ung sa keyboard nila πŸ™‚

    • most probably not. the only htc phone with swype i know available here is the HD2.

  • Bibi

    HTC Desire S! πŸ˜€ Is there any place here where I can test the HTC phones? I’m really interested in the Desire and Desire S and have been researching online for official distributors. πŸ™ Seems quite hard to buy Android phones here in Manila. Hahaha.

    • luma na kasi yung desire eh pero meron pa rin yan. i think sa sm megamall cyberzone may mga shops dun selling the desire which you can test. yung desire S wala pa rin till now.

  • sean

    Sir calvin gusto ko po sana ng incredible s, kahit through singapore based online shop ko nalang bilhin haha , alam niyo po ba kung aabutin ng mgkano ang tax nun? tsaka ever heard of sgbest.com? they sell cheap phones kasi e thanks!

    • not sure about the tax pero what i do know is 0% ang rate of duty ng mobile phones. VAT na lang and other incidentals ang babayaran mo. haven’t heard of sgbest.ccom sorry.

  • Ned

    Hi sir Calvin,

    Do you know already the exact release date of HTC Desire S? Thanks πŸ™‚

    • wala pa rin sir eh. πŸ™

    • kelan lalabas ang htc wildfire s ??

  • abie

    s tingin nio po mgkano n ngaun ang wildfire?
    Salamat po.
    Wildfire or xperia x8

    • abie you can check cmkcellphones.com. mga ganun ang price sa GH. i’d choose wildfire over the xperia x8 because of the build. but i would wait for wildfire s instead.

  • Gian_girl

    HI Mr. Calvin!

    I’m just wondering, which is much better- HTC Desire S, HTC Incredible S or HTC Wildfire S?.. I want an HTC unit na pwedeng ipangtapat sa iphone (3Gs) hehehe
    Thank you! πŸ˜€

    • hehehe sa tatlong choice mo, Incredible S yung itatapat mo sa iphone although it won’t arrive here daw officially. next best choice would be the desire S.

  • mbelle

    Hello Mr. Calvin, ask ko lang po if wildfire s will be out here in the philippines this coming may. I’ve been waiting for it kasi, sana lumabas na. πŸ™‚ Thanks.

    • oo nga eh… sabi saken before it would arrive maybe a couple of weeks after the desire s. ilalaunch pa lang yung desire s next week eh. so malaki yung chance na may yung availability ng wildfire s.

  • frustratedtechy :))

    hi sir calvin. i have been in the search of a mobile phone the will suite me and somewhat i find HTC wildfire S eye catching. is there any news when it will launch on the philippines? and sir i would take the opportunity to ask. which is better samsung galaxi mini or x10 mini? hoping for your reply. thanks :))

    • yeah im on the lookout for the wildfire s too. HTC can’t give a specific date yet but I’m guessing in a couple more weeks. The desire S will be officially launching today.

      X10 mini has the looks no doubt and has better screen display (more colors) but the mini is not bad and has a larger screen. i would go for functionality and price in this case so it will have to be the galaxy mini.

  • frustratedtechy :))

    ehh sir in comparison with c5-03 which is better galaxy mini or the c5-03? and c6-01 vs wildfire / S? sorry if ask too many questions :)) i just really want to know what mobile phone suites me best thanks πŸ˜€ more power. god bless πŸ™‚

    • gee that’s an unfair comparison if you ask me coz i prefer Android over Symbian. I don’t know what kind of person you are so i couldn’t say what suits you. πŸ˜‰

      if you heavily rely on google go with android. it has great integration with gmail, calendar, contacts and other google services. more apps than symbian too. and better web browsing experience.

  • loui08

    Hi! hello po sir ask ko lang meron na po ba availabale dito ng wildfire S?

    • wala pa rin sir.

      • Dante

        Sir Calvin, may balita na ba sa wildfire s diba maglalaunch na to UK ngaung 13?? hoping for your reply thanks πŸ™‚

        • hi dante, bihira lang naman sumabay pilipinas sa release sa ibang bansa. wala pa ring news as of now.

  • joey

    Sir Calvin, Im interested in buying htc wildfire then suddenly i read this page about the wildfire S. Are there great change in the features? And will the wildfire S cost 15 thou or greater? Thanks!

    • you can findour answer if you read the post. πŸ˜‰

      “A better display and slightly faster than the first Wildfire on a cheaper price point would probably make this a hit. Based on hints, it will be around the Php13k area.”

      • Joey

        Ok, thanks! I went to mega exchange earlier in megamall and they said that wildfire s will be available to the market by the end of may or 1st week of june. I’ll just wait for its arrival.

        • wow that’s still a long wait… thanks for the heads up man!

  • thor

    hi there… sir which one you think is better, htc wildfire s or htc hd mini? cheers!

    • wildfire… im not gonna touch a windows 6.1 that has no chance in upgrading to windows phone 7 today.

      • thor

        hello again sir.. i just found out that wildfire is a bit sluggish, is there any other smart phones that is better than wildfire but in the same price range… thank you sir,,, sorry for asking too many questions.. lol!

        • hmmm try the galaxy ace

          • thor

            i’ll check on that sir, i have another question i hope u don’t mind, do you know sir if wildfire s supports live wallpapers??? thank u very much!

  • codes

    hi sir calvin , which one is better iphone 4 or htc desire hd???

    • i would say iphone 4 just because of its camera. but if you’re after tight google integration and flash on your web browsing then get the desire hd.

      • codes

        how about desire hd vs desire s???

        • if you have cash to burn and large hands/fingers then desire hd. but you won’t be missing a lot din naman if you get the desire s.

          • codes

            hahahhaha…thanks sir calvin, ‘if u have large hands/fingers’ … hahahha that’s funny sir… ikr, DHD is HUGE!! it’s like a mini tablet… lol. thanks again!

    • dextoy

      this thread really make sense… and make me decide what to get/buy smartphone… hahahaha…

      natawa ako dun sa huge hand/finger.. make sense ha… kase bka maganda nga yung phone mo pero hindi mo naman magamit ng matino coz it doesnt suits you, i mean maliit nga yung fingers or kamay and others.

      so i decided, for me its HTC desire S. as master CALVIN says… you wont be missing a lot compared to HD. may extra money kpa pang meryenda… hahaha


  • rafael

    this is great.. thanks mr. calvin… hope to hear more from this site… i really got my eyes stuck on wildfire s, hope to find it in the market soon.. πŸ™‚

  • Kim

    mga sir, availabl na to sa market nkita ko sa isang shop.
    dito sa marquee,pampanga.
    price is : P16,xxx.

    • medyo mahal. mas mura dito sa manila ah.

  • jdn04

    I got the Wildfire S and its amazing! Small and compact, yet very powerful!

    I made my decision on the back of the detail within the following site and hope this along with your review will help others..