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HTC One X screen didn’t survive drop, still impressive nonetheless

The HTC One X has been the subject of numerous drop test. Heck, even during the HTC One launch a few weeks ago, Francisco Tormo III, Marketing Communications Manager of HTC Phils., dropped it in front of media twice to no effect to the durable build of the phone.


The HTC One X is made of a single, solid polycarbonate material so there are no parts and panels that would easily separate from the body when dropped. Sure, you’ll get some dings and scratches on the body from excessive drops and bumps but the internal is very well-protected.

However, if there’s a weak point on the shell of the HTC One X, it’s the Gorilla Glass panel. Take a look at this drop test video did by the folks over at HTC Pedia.

They dropped the HTC One X three times. Ouch! One from waist-high, then shoulder-high, and the phone survived both with just minor dings and a scratch on the protruding lens. Then finally chest-high but face down. The tough glass couldn’t take the impact of the fall as it hits the pavement and ended up shattering, although still intact. What’s surprising was that the phone was still functioning after the drop, it even continued capturing video.

So the moral here is, the HTC One X is impressively tough for a phone, but still, it’s not immune to all sorts of everyday drop situations. If you think you will be dropping your phone a lot, then do get a case for it pronto.

Not really dampening the rise of the HTC One X with this post. In fact, HTC makes tough phones in general as compared to others. I’ve been using my HTC Sensation for almost a year now without any screen protector nor casing and it still looks fine (just a small paint transfer at the back that I can’t chip off) even accidentally dropping it a number of times.

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  • Andrei

    Dapat benchmark nila to sa Nokia 5110 at 3310. Haha.

    • Teabag Deluxe

      5110. Nasagasaan na namin, nag-crack lang casing.

  • skip

    Not as impressive as a Nokia 3310. It’s the pavement that cracks and not the phone.

  • Griswold

    ang masasabi ko lang ay aray!! sana sinalo ko na lang. hahaha. didn’t expect gorilla glass to shatter. kala ko mascratch lang. pag naka invisible shield malamang ganito rin mangyayari.

  • John G

    Parang nasaktan ako sa bawat pagbagsak sa pavement. May slow mo pa!

  • jerald

    just be more careful lalo na phone na mahal.