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HTC tries to be different, partners with Beats Electronics

Taiwan’s mobile phone manufacturer giant HTC just recently inked a strategic partnership with Beats Electronics to further differentiate itself from other smartphones in the market.


Beats Electronics has already found itself in partnership with laptop manufacturer HP bringing the brand’s quality sound experience to some of their products. And now, they’re bringing their brand to HTC smartphones. Known for their beautiful HTC Sense UI and premium craftsmanship, HTC will also soon be branding their phones with the all-too familiar beats logo.

Good move on the part of HTC as this is clearly a step up from the SRS sound on their phones. However, I think they can do better than Beats. Tech savvy people out their knows that Beats headphones are purely hype. I would like to think that their products are good, but not that worthy of their price tag. They’re like the premium version of SkullCandy. Even with Beats onboard, I would still say Samsung phones with the Wolfson audio chip would trump HTC when it comes to sound quality. But that’s just me.

Nevertheless, HTC is expecting that this partnership will boost their sales and I think it would. Don’t underestimate the power of that red “œb” logo because it will be a deciding factor when choosing between phones for the average consumer in the future.

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  • jp

    sino naman kaya para sa harman kardon :)) di ko tuloy maimagine na may speaker na pang kotse sa isang smartphone hehehe

    • galing ginawa ng htc eh… pang-masa na brand ang kinabit. harman kardon baka konti lang rin nakakaalam. cherry mobile partners with skull candy kaya. hahaha.

  • Griswold

    nice! can’t wait to see or use an HTC phone with Beats technology in it.