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Huawei E5 is the better portable 3G / WiFi router

I predict that pocket WiFi routers will be selling like hotcakes in the near future especially for those who want to be connected on the go while sharing the connection to friends or families at the same time.

There’s the Globe MiFi and the recently launched Smart Bro Pocket WiFi but both of them are locked into their own carrier which means if you have a poor Globe or Smart signal in your area, you’re out of luck. Or you can have them unlocked but the problem with these model of MiFi routers is that once you plug it into your USB to charge, it won’t connect to the internet until you pull it out.

Huawei E5

The Huawei E5 is an unlocked MiFi device that can support either Globe, Smart or Sun SIM cards. It’s also a quad-band device so you can use it with other SIM cards worldwide. It is better than older generation of MiFi routers because it will still connect to the internet and share it even while it’s charging. Another improved feature is that it’s capable of 3.5G speeds but of course, it’s still dependent on what your carrier can give you. Oh and the LED display is significantly more friendly than the color-coded LEDs of the older version.

Battery life is still the same as the previous model that Globe’s been using. You’ll get around 4 to 5 hours on a single charge.

Huawei E5

You can connect up to 5 devices wirelessly (including printers) and also use it as a tethered modem at the same time so that’s actually 6 devices. Unlike Globe or Smart’s MiFi routers, you have full control of your network with the Huawei E5. Set security or limit access via MAC address to name a few all in one portable device.

Huawei E5

The Huawei E5 can also be used as a USB flash drive. There’s a microSD slot that can turn it into a portable network drive. Dump or share files on the Huawei E5 within its network making it a must-have for any mobile office.

According to its distributor, Gcomm Business Corp., the Huawei E5 will be available within the month for an SRP of Php5,995. It’s not uncommon for a household to have multiple mobile wireless devices these days and the Huawei E5 would be a really useful device for the family to get connected especially on trips. I was informed that Apple resellers might bundle the Huawei E5 with their iPad WiFi.

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  • This device is indeed very useful in the age of wifi. A lot of devices are already wifi ready nowadays, from laptops to cellphones to psp’s to Ipads. Although im using the alternative way to tether my devices using a spare mobile phone and Joikuspot, i’m still thinking of switching to this device if the price will go down some more.

  • Masyadong mahal. I think I’ll just wait for the price to go down as low as P999. 😀

    • hahaha… kung P999 yan, yung USB dongle magiging P100 na lang. 😛

      • babes

        hanggang maluma kaya yan gagana pa? i asked this question due to the fact that my old globe dongle doesn’t work anymore. i tried to upgrade it through their published upgrade posted on their website and i was able to use it for three days. then, wala ulit, so i brought it to a globe business center and a customer rep “upgraded it again”, and now it doesnit work at all. all the tests were made with the same sim card. is there anything else you could recommend worth trying? di kaya magkaganon din yang bagay na yan?

        • robotech71

          kung ako sa inyo. go directly to any us or foreign website, get a modem/router stick and then turn your units to portable hotspots. kung masyado naman mahal, as always, try to get a range booster para yung may mga open channels or routers na may open wifi ay makuha ninyo.

  • qualitycontrol

    “…the problem with these model of MiFi routers is that once you plug it into your USB to charge, it won’t connect to the internet until you pull it out.”

    not true.

    huawei e5830, the one initially released by globe can be charged while in use.

    • qualitywise

      the one from globe will still run its wifi network while connected via usb but will have NO internet connection.

    • qualitywise

      actually the globe device will function while connected to a usb or while charging but will not have an internet connection.

  • qualitycontrol

    uhm, not sure if we are talking about the same device but i am using it right now, posting this while charging.

    • maybe they released a different model? the one i used last weekend was from the first batch and it won’t connect to the net while plugged on a laptop.

      • qualitycontrol

        got mine way back july, dunno if this is part of the first batch. lucky me i guess. i have it hooked up to the desktop to keep it charging while sharing internet to the desktop, laptop, smartphones and other wifi devices at home.

  • I’ve seen this one once. Yung isang kasabay ko sa bus was trying to connect to it but no luck.. hehehe.. hmm.. not sure how much is it here. I can check if u want Calvs.. 🙂 so it will connect to your phone? So that’s like GPRS cost right?

    • you buy a sim card for it to connect to 2G/3G then it will share the connection to other devices wirelessly. yung i-rerelease dito na e5 is made specifically for the Phils eh. Kasi yung E5 daw maraming config, baka old model E5 yung matanong mo dyan.

  • boynextdoor

    newbie question..does this incur network charges?

    • yep. you need to provide a sim card for it.

  • Hi, can anyone teach me how to setup globe tethering in windows xp using iphone 4? please…

  • To avoid confusion this is the Huawei e5s NOT the old e5. I got mine last week and testing it thoroughly since then. My problem right now is that it stops charging while in use. It won’t finish charging the unit. Will try the dual USB approach later.

    The unit is an improved e583 it is almost the same as the e585 except for the micro usb and consumed download size display.

    Using it now using the very spotty service of Sun broadband.

    I have archive tweets about this at tekgik.com if you are interested

    • pao

      Sir Tekgik, good evening.. Sir if i may ask, where did you purchase ur Huawei E5? I’m planning to purchase one since i have so many gadgets.. Will my smart bro postpaid sim work on it? Thanks! 🙂

      • Distributors say electroworld will be carrying it. Inquire them for availability. Yes postpaid sim will work.

  • Mike

    I am a noob when it comes to this. I want to purchase this Huawei E5 but not really sure how it works. Do i need to subscribe first to unlisurf then put the sim to this? or automatically it can connect to the internet as long as there is 3G?

    • im using globe prepaid here. it can connect automatically or manually. you can use your laptop/smartphone/ipod touch to access the admin page where you can send text to 222 for your unlisurf needs.

      • Mike

        I see. So definitely you have to have load in the sim card in order to be connected to the internet? — im such a noob.☺ Coz I thought, once i buy this, i just need a sim and it will just give me unlimited wifi.

        • yep….your sim should have credits. or use a postpaid sim on it.

    • Ryuji

      Sir Calvin,

      Clarify lang po. Since Globe and SMart uses 3G Technology, kapag ginamit po ba yang Huawei E5 eh pwede na rin makaconnect sa internet ang mga Wifi (without 3g capability) devices ko?

      • yup. bali yung huawei na yung magdidistribute ng 3G connection (pag available sa area mo) sa mga wifi devices mo.

  • kenfufu

    This will work with Unlimited Smart Bro?

    Thanks in advance ^^

  • Rayster

    Hello sir Calvin, matanong lang. Kailangan pala nito ng Load para maka internet ka? Tulad ng sa Globe Tattoo at Smart?

    Bali ung mga rates nya etc katulad din sa network na kung anong sim card nilagay mo? XD

    Akala ko kahit may 3 pesos ka makanet kna hehe

    • hehe yup kelangan ng load parang nung mga tattoo. pinagkaiba lang talaga dito sa unlocked sya so kahit sun pwede.

      • Rayster

        Ah ok gets ko na siya. Pwede din siya gamitin prang substitute for example sa globe tattoo ko? Tulad ng magsend ka ng UNLISURF50 sa 8888 using the Globe Admin Page? Tapos for example nakasaksak siya sa Laptop, after nun pwede mo ma kuha still connected pa rin siya? hehe sensya na madami tanong, need ko kasi wifi dito XD

        • di ko ma-gets yung 2nd part. pero pwede unlisurf sa kanya. yun ang ginagawa ko. punta ka sa admin page nya and send an SMS. you don’t need to connect it to a laptop, pwede ka magconnect sa kanya via wifi para ma-access yung admin page (kahit walang load). tapos kung nalagyan mo na ng load, tsaka gagana yung internet.

          • Rayster

            I see, akala ko kailangan mo siya talaga isaksak para makapasok sa admin page ng globe. Yun yung may ‘Connect’ dba?

            Another question, mas mabilis siya compared sa dongle ng smart/globe/sun? Yung plug-it/tattoo.

          • well almost the same lang for me yung speed. pumapalo ng 150kb/s yung download ko minsan.

            etong huaweu e5 meron connect button pag naka-set to manual (which is yung ginawa ko). or else as long as may load automatic magcoconnect sya.

            pero from the admin page (http://e5.home), meron din dun connect button. minsan yun din ginagamit ko. ginagamit ko yung ipod touch ko para i-access yung admin page to send sms and to connect.

          • Rayster

            Ah so prang may own admin page din siya pala na can act same as the Globe/SMart Admin page? Kewl naman kung ganun..

            Hmm ano pa ba. Yung isang tanong ko pa pla, kung nakasaksak siya sa laptop mo, makakareceive yung laptop mo ng signal habang nakasaksak siya? I hope this time nagets mo yung tanong ko hehe.

          • yup. it will also work as a tethered modem. saksak mo sa laptop mo if u want to charge it while using it.

          • Rayster

            So habang naka tethered siya pwede pa din siya makasend ng Wifi sa ibang devices? Other than the laptop?

        • yup! 4th paragraph. i also reviewed the product here if ur interested:

          • Rayster

            thanks! Will read that later. Laki talaga tulong ng blog mo XD

  • Hi, I just would like to ask if this will work in the US, using a T-Mobile, Virgin, or AT&T SIM Kit? Thanks 🙂

    • yup… as long as it’s a 3G network you’re subscribed to.

      • Boe

        If this portable pocket router works easily using an iPad or an iPod Touch, does it mean it can also work easily using a Galaxy Tab?


  • zidane02

    does this portable wifi mode is an ad-hoc or infrastructure? if it’s an ad-hoc, i’d rather set my symbian phone as a wifi spot than to buy that expensive portable wifi. (it’s the same. it’s like using a 3g cellphone set as a modem instead of usb broadband.) but if it’s infrastructure, it’s worth buying. I can use it with my NDS for online gaming as NDS does not support ad-hoc. XD

    • not ad-hoc. i can use my android phones to connect to it.

  • confused

    Question lng po: mas ok bang bumili nito than buying a mobile phone with hotspot? Kasi with the suggested retail price, I can buy a mobile phone with hotspot that can do the same thing, plus I get to use the mobile phone benefits.
    Not sure lang what’s the advantage, may difference kaya sa speed?
    Thanks in advance!

    • same lang sa speed. pagphone kasi ginamit, mabilis maubos battery mo. if backup phone lang yun na ang use is mobile hotspot ang, go for a phone na lang.

      • confused

        Ah sa battery lng cya magkakatalo. I guess ok lng.
        This helps alot. Thanks! ;D

  • mei

    sir, may ganyan ako kaso dina gumagana. help me naman mag troubleshoot.. ayaw mag connect sa net walang globe icon for internet. kahit naka unplug sa usb. 🙁

  • neki

    heeelllp!!! ung e5836 ko from 3g nging 2g n lng kahit anong sim lagay ko helpp naman 09062607269 po plsss,dont know what to do…

  • ivan

    Paano ko po ma filter yung mga ip address sa globe pocket wifi ko po sa admin page.

  • Aileen Joy Lopez

    Good evening po.. I have huawei e5830 modem bigay sa akin ng employer ko from kuwait. I tried to insert my prepaid sim, lumalabas po yong Wifi signal. Ibig sabihin ba unlocked na ang modem ko? Kaso di ko sure ang Wifi Key, so ang ginamit ko is yong default key na nasa modem.. What should i do para magamit ko ang modem? Please help me ASAP.

  • Aileen Joy Lopez

    Pwede po ba prepaid sim like TM ang gagamitin for huawei e5830 modem? How much top up po ang kelangan so i can have internet connection?