Huawei WS322 is your portable WiFi repeater

With a lot of homes these days having their own WiFi network, it’s nice to have a simple solution that allows you to extend the WiFi access to other parts of the house where signal is weak like in your garden or basement. Typically, people use access points but Huawei has introduced an elegant and simple device in the form of the Huawei WS322 WiFi Repeater/Extender.

Huawei WS322

You probably know Huawei as a mobile phone brands but before that, they were in the business of pocket routers, and even before that, in telecommunication and network infrastructure so they’re one of the brands you want to trust when it comes to network hardware.

The Huawei WS322 is a small device that you plugin to any outlet. With a press of a WPS button from your wireless router, and the button on the WS322, both device will pair and you can essentially strengthen the signal on your router using the WS322 where it’s needed. Just make sure that it is still within the range of your WiFi router. If your router doesn’t have a WPS button, you need to login to its admin page to manually connect it to your password-protected network.

Huawei WS322 WiFi Repeater

This device comes with an Ethernet port which is handy if your PC doesn’t have a built-in WiFi, you don’t have to run a long line of cable to your router. Or if you have a Smart TV but don’t have a WiFi adpater for it and it’s far from your router, the Huaweii WS322 is a handy solution for you. You’ll get wireless transmission speeds of up to 300Mbps with this one.

The Huawei WS322 is priced at Php1,890 and should be available in Huawei stores or those big PC stores carrying Huawei products.

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  • Ricky J. Dizon

    The huawei 322 seems like a good product but I can’t seem to find it at SM Cyberzone or any local store. Can you help?

    • Jen E

      Saw this in SM MOA sometime last week. I think it was at Ace Hardware or Office warehouse.

    • I guess it is available at PC Express for P/1600