Humor: Why you should not use Linux

One of the recent opinion pieces on Linux Watch is Five Reasons NOT to Use Linux.

Reading through it, I was laughing as I noticed the sarcasm all over it. There’s so much more to free and open source software. It may not be for everybody but why not give it a try?

As the piece points out there are now usable graphical user interfaces that allow users to click and drag and drop. There are also various applications that you can use like Firefox, GAIM, the GIMP, and so many others. With you can also open Microsoft Office files and edit them and also save them in versions readable by the apps in the Microsoft Office Suite.

If you’re curiosity is piqued, download an iso of a Linux distribution that you could run from CD. Or find a friend who is using Linux. There’s also Software Freedom Day on September 10 – there will be booths that would feature various free and open source software, not just Linux but various software that run on Windows too.

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  • ramil

    his reason number 5 is a flawed. the microsoft statement he was referring to was about windows server systems running enterprise applications. pero he was appealing to the normal home user.

  • Krakista

    He’s also saying service and support for enterprise Linux systems should be FREE. So it is not just the software that is supposed to be free.

  • minor

    im using xandro does it mean im using linux?

  • Well linux is not good for desktop user but It really amaze me how it can to run as a server 😀

  • its HUMOR, right?!

    Lighten up!

  • jeppoyy

    the writer was sarcastic…

    “When you really think about it, you can see why there are lots of reasons not to use Linux.

    >>> There just aren’t any good ones.”