iBlog2 Podcasts Now Online

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation has documented the proceedings of the Second Philippine Blogging Summit (iBlog 2), and has discussed several themes (among the many tracks at iBlog) in a three-part special of the Liberal Times Manila Podcast.

The first in the series, Episode 5, featured the political blogging and media theme, and has excerpts from the speeches of keynote speaker, Global Voices Online‘s Rebecca MacKinnon, political blogger Manolo Quezon, tech journalist Erwin Oliva, and Davao City Councilor (and prolific blogger) Peter Laviña.

The second feature, Episode 6, focused on the podcasting theme, highlighting FNF’s Dr. Ronald Meinardus‘ speech on the use of blogs and podcasts as tools for politicaion education. The episode also has excerpts from interviews with prominent Filipino podcaster Manuel Viloria and the presentation of podcast/voice professionals Brian Ligsay and Pocholo Gonzales.

The third feature, Episode 7, to be published next week, is on the professional blogging theme, discussing the opportunities to earn online (something that may benefit liberals and liberal thinkers, the FNF’s main audience). Highlighted were the speech of this writer, and as well interviews with fellow pinoytechbloggers Abe Olandres and Mike Abundo.

Update: Episode 7 has been published. The audio archives (speeches of all the speakers) will soon be online at the official iBlog site.

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  • I missed the iBlog2. Too bad for me to miss those important even in my blogging career.

  • Jane