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IBM is #1 Outsourcing Company for 2006

As judged by International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP). In terms of the Philippines performance, we were able to land 2 local grown outsourcers in the list.

Criteria for Judgement were:

1. Size and growth in revenue, employees, centers, and countries served.

2. Customer experience as demonstrated through the value being created at the company’s top customers.

3. Depth and breadth of competencies as demonstrated through industry recognition, relevant certifications, and investment in the development of people, processes, and technologies.

4. Management capabilities as reflected in the experience and accomplishments of the business’s top leaders and its investment in management systems that ensure outsourcing success.

Hopefully we get to see more Philippine Outsourcing companies for next year. Outsourcing companies can start applying on Sept 1, 2006 for the 2007 list.

Entire List here.

Original Article here

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  • The only local I spotted was SPI Technologies. Who is the other one?

  • Good thing you pointed that out Migs, I’m at a loss myself as to who that second company is 😀

  • I read in the Philippine Star business section last Saturday: SPI Tech is now ePLDT!

  • jefferson faudan

    i think this is a very good opportunity to most of the youth we have who are not blessed to make it through college due to financial restraints. Not that I am saying that pursuing college shouldn’t be a priority. However, there are a lot of talented youth here who can read HTML codes, CSS/RSS codes without formal education and learning these through the help of the internet itself. Not to mention that most Filipinos speak good English. Plus, these outsourcing companies truly pays better compared to most multi-national establishments who hardly can give more than the minimum wage fee without equating it to the workload outcome – multitasking can so much be abused here!

  • More than just cost-cutting, outsourcing is a strategic initiative that can re-shape your business.

    Thanks for sharing this post.