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IBM’s Annual Technology Conference & Expo is themed “Smart Computing”

“Smart Computing” is the theme for this year’s annual IBM Technology Conference at Expo that will be held at the Rizal Ballroom, Shangri-La Makati Hotel on May 17, 2011. Smarter Computing is the next evolution of information technology (IT) that will enable businesses to optimize their systems with analytics and high-performance hardware.


Remember Watson? The IBM supercomputer that won a Jeopardy game against the games top champions? At the event, IBM will be showcasing a “˜Watson Kiosk’ where participants are able to personally experience a simulated Jeopardy! game show. Watson is a perfect example of Smarter Computing.

Watson was developed by a team of IBM scientists who set out to accomplish a grand challenge ““ build a computing system that rivals a human’s ability to answer questions posed in natural language with speed, accuracy and confidence. The Watson computer is based on a commercially available POWER7 system that can be modeled to handle any specific workload. The POWER7 system demonstrates how IBM workload–optimized systems provide unmatched capabilities for analyzing millions of stored data and processing thousands of simultaneous tasks at rapid speeds, once the realm of only scientific supercomputers.

“œAs exciting as Watson’s victory is, IBM did not create Watson simply to win a quiz show. Rather, Watson represents a major leap in the capacity of information technology systems to identify patterns, gain critical insight and enhance decision-making. IBM developed Watson as part of the company’s effort to help businesses make better sense of data. The technology, Deep Q&A, holds enormous potential for making the world’s systems a lot smarter. Watson is a powerful symbol of IBM’s 100 years of innovation and is a major breakthrough in information science,” said Erwin Chuaunsu, Country Manager for Systems and Technology Group, IBM Philippines.

Participants will also learn more about Smarter Computing which leverages on IBM’s rich capabilities in systems, middleware and analytics by providing businesses with the roadmap for infrastructures that are designed for massive amount of data, are tuned to the task and can be managed in the cloud. A Smarter Computing model will enable organizations to design, build and manage IT infrastructure differently to achieve fundamental improvements in the economics of IT.

For more information about IBM Technology Conference & Expo 2011, please contact Emazing Ways (look for Camille) at 941 9698 or 998 2402, e-mail [email protected] or visit www.ibm.com/ph/ibmexpo2011.

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