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IBMs latest zEnterprise System is their smallest and most scalable mainframe

IBM announced to the local market their most scalable mainframe ever, the zEnterprise 114, a powerful version of the IBM zEnterprise System to extend the mainframe’s innovation and unique qualities to more organizations especially in emerging markets like the Philippines.

The new IBM zEnterprise 114 allows mid-sized organizations to enjoy the benefits of a mainframe as a foundation for their data centers, costs 25% less and offers up to 25% more performance than its predecessor, the System z10 BC server.

ibm bob

Program Director for Worldwide Sales Systems, Robert “œBob” Neidig, introduced the zEnterprise 114 to members of the media last week. At a starting price of under $75,000 ““ IBM’s lowest ever price for a mainframe server ““ it is an especially attractive option for emerging markets experiencing rapid growth in new services for banking, retail, mobile devices, government services and other areas.

With the z114, clients can start with smaller configurations and access additional capacity built into the server as needed without increasing the data center footprint or systems management complexity and cost. The new z114 is also designed to consolidate workloads from hundreds of x86 servers.

The z114 runs all the latest zEnterprise operating systems including the new z/OS v1.13 that was recently announced. This new version adds new software deployment and disk management capabilities. It also offers enhanced autonomics and early error detection features as well as the latest encryption and compliance features extending the mainframe’s industry leading security capabilities.

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