iDeoApp is a contest of ideas of web applications. I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of talented and creative Filipinos there that have ideas for cool web apps.

What is the main objective of the contest?

The main objective of the contest is to obtain as many ideas for web applications as possible (maximum three ideas per contestant) and then a team of judges must select the ten finalist ideas for the contest. Any judge must qualify the ideas based in three basic areas: creativity, development, and action area. Afterward, the ten best ideas will be the finalists. This is just the first part of the contest.

The ten best ideas will then be selected by judges. After that, iDeoApp’s website users and visitors will vote. The idea with the most unique number of votes wins.

But wait, there’s more ;). After the people have chosen the winner of the idea, the team would start to work on the development, design, marketing and legal aspects of the idea.

Read more of the rules here then you could start submitting your entry here.

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  • Lately, I’ve been looking at contests, especially those that require significant effort from designers and developers, with quite a bit of skepticism.

    Several items in the rules bother me:

    6) PAYMENT – 15% of the income “after the first year of production” goes to the author. Sure, that’s still compensation, but will it be commensurate to the amount of effort you’ll put in?

    7) OWNERSHIP OF SUBMISSIONS – iDeoApp will basically own your submission. They won’t pay you, but they’ll own your work.

    8) CONFIDENTIALITY and 9)NON-USE OBLIGATION – iDeoApp will be able to use your work any which way it pleases. You, on the other hand, “can’t share any kind of information in relation with that idea, materials submitted, or general information about that…” You get the picture.

    12) FIDELITY and 13) TERMINATION – In short, you agree not to say anything negative about iDeoApp and its constituents. If you don’t comply with this or any of the other items, “iDeoApp can terminate this agreement by sending a message to the email address you sent to us in your form submission, or your current postal mail address. This also applies to the payments…”

    It basically looks like Speculative Work to me. You can read about that here.

  • I agree with Elber.

    It’s just another tech company mining for ideas. Although, it seems nice that the winning author gets compensation but the company can terminate the agreement anytime and leave the author high & dry while they carry on profiting from the product.

    Unfortunately, this has been a common practice these days.

  • Hi, I’m Juan Fernando Pacheco iDeoApp’s director and I like receive this kind of responses to our web contest, in fact I think than all the iDeoApp’s visitors have a lot of questions about our contest, so feel free to contact us in our web site.

    And, talking about the comments from Elber Cruz:

    PAYMENT, in iDeoApp we don’t try to affect or bother to anybody, all the rules was thinking in the best way to satisfy the parts working on it, so the idea author is just one of the parts in this contest and we decide make the payment about his / hers idea, nothing else, the author of the idea doesn’t need work directly with the designers, or the development team, but if the author has advanced some of the work in one of those topics (design / development) the iDeoApp designers and developers team can use that in their work and the Payment is different. So if you just send your idea to the contest (just your idea and nothing else) and this idea is selected as the contest winner you gets the 15% in your pocket. Why we didn’t say anything about this on our rules? well, we are searching ideas, not started / abandoned web projects.

    OWNERSHIP OF SUBMISSIONS, if you read the seven (7) article of our rules, you can see “(II) IF YOUR SUBMISSION IS NOT ACCEPTED OR DOES NOT WIN, YOU CONTINUE AS THE OWNER OF ALL THE RIGHTS OF THAT SUBMISSION, INCLUDING ITS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY”, just the winner idea in the final round would be used as an iDeoApp’s application, the eliminated ideas back to their respective owners. iDeoApp doesn’t pay for the eliminated ideas, that’s real.

    CONFIDENTIALITY and 9)NON-USE OBLIGATION, this is an important point in contest’s rules, and everyone of us in a moment of our life has signed an NDA, this is the same thing, but it is applicable just for the final winner, every corporation / company in the world use these kind of agreements.

    12) FIDELITY and 13) TERMINATION, yes that’s true, but you must be written the complete article, here’s the complete article:

    13) TERMINATION. In the event of your non-compliance on one or several terms of this agreement, iDeoApp can terminate this agreement by sending a message to the email address you sent to us in your form submission, or your current postal mail address. This also applies to the payments and their cease from that moment to the future. If iDeoApp is sold to another company, (I) we could continue in an honorable way with this agreement, or (II) terminate this agreement and make a payment corresponding to that date. If the project is sold before this makes any income, you as the winner will receive an income according to the final selling price.

    What are we saying? “….This also applies to the payments and their cease from that moment to the future….” if you started to talk in negative way about iDeoApp, in the ten (10) month, and we decide terminate the contract with you, we will send your respective income for that period of time, ten months, nothing else.

    But remember first of all, the winner application credits always talks about the original author of that idea, iDeoApp, never takes the original credits for themself, iDeoApp just makes real an idea into an a web application.

    And for Dusty, thanks too your comment, as you say “Unfortunately, this has been a common practice these days” but iDeoApp not are that kind of company, we respect to all of our contestants, judges and sponsors, and again if for any reason we decide terminate the contract the original idea author gets their respective payment to that date.

    Thanks again for your comments

    Juan Fernando Pacheco, iDeoApp director.

  • Viewer

    btw, how do you make sure that the contestant will “start to talk in negative way about iDeoApp”? It seems to me kind of ambiguous.