Impact of Blogs on Brands

A couple of weeks back, PTB blogged about the Addict Mobile photoblog and then there’s the perpetually active Smart Wifi post. Now there’s a whitepaper that aims to put forward a model to measure quantitatively the impact of blogs on brands (PDF).

“œWe wanted to take a scientific approach ““ objectively demonstrating which bloggers have authority and an ability to affect corporate reputation.” Mark Rogers, CEO at Market Sentinel said. “œUsing the science of citation indexing, and the Dell case study, we are able to quantify and analysis the impact each blogger has on a company’s brand image and analyse the indirect influence as well as direct impact: proving that blogging has a significant affect on reputation.”

Can anyone from Smart Wifi or Addict Mobile care to comment?

Via netimperative.

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  • People really need to take these blogs seriously. I myself am transforming my personal website into a site where I recount all my bad experiences with companies living here in Manila.

    Here in the Philippines, we don’t have as many ruthless, bloodsucking-yet-competent lawyers as the U.S.A. One drawback of this is that we can’t easily file lawsuits against companies, and our complaints against those same institutions are generally unheard.

    Blogging, or just plain publishing experiences online is one of the cheapest ways to reach (potentially) a great multitude of readers. In a country where the usual checks-and-balances don’t truly work, this is our recourse, as wronged consumers.

    Negative propaganda and invisible boycotts should hurt these companies enough to realize that in the digital age, they cannot continue to shaft consumers as they once had before.

  • Last thursday, president bush signed into law a little something about the internet.. you know those pesky little annoyance been calling your house 2 am in the morning just to drop it, well, since internet and blogging is now a part of the telco industry, any one found guilty posting “intended to annoy” comments to the blogger is bound to break the law hence get sentenced..

    some say its silly because calling your home 2 am in the morning just to say that youre a jerk dsnt equate to posting on your blog with the same message..