Increased Bandwidth?

Clearly emblazoned in full page newspaper ads yesterday, PLDT myDSL announced bandwidth upgrades to new and existing subscribers.

Those who were getting 384 kbps (Plan 999, now called “myDSL Xperience” )will supposedly get “up to” 512 kbps. Those “formerly” with 768 kbps (Plan 1995, now “myDSL Xcite“) will now get “up to” a “whopping” 1.2 mbps bandwidth and those used to getting 2.0 mbps (Plan 3000, now called “myDSL Xcel“) will now be getting “up to” 2.2 mbps.

I’m still not getting 512 kbps when I was supposed to be getting 768 kbps. It’s more like 480 kbps, tops. Am I going to believe this now?

How about you?

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  • I’m getting around 480kbps when I’m supposed to get 1.2mbps based from this ad. Isn’t this false advertising?

  • I think the advertised bandwidth is the “max” that you can get. On a normal day, you don’t receive it as advertised due to different factors (ie. shared usage among users, etc.)

  • pinoyskull

    Maybe its a marketing ploy to get more customers. PLDT is very good at it.

  • You would probably get that speed IF nobody in your neighborhood had an internet connection. 😀

  • vmyap

    well, PLDT po to. Secondly they are trying to catch globe’s target market. If globe didn’t upgrade to 512 KBps then PLDT won’t upgrade too. now they know that they can’t gibve the mximum bandwidth for every pinoy subscriber pero they still insist on doing so.

    I read that PLDT NGN will roll out by next year were slots will be equal to 1:1 ratio!

  • rom

    PLDT? All promises! 😛

    The thing with PLDT’s DSL, when you first get connected, you get far more than your subscribed bandwidth but only for a couple of days.

  • Isn’t it common practice to advertise the theoretical bandwidth? I mean, even in the days of 56k dialup, the most you’d possibly get would be ~44k.

  • But still… this is the second announcement for bandwidth upgrade yet my connection is set to 512kbps according to some PLDT CSR named Ara. I let them slip once because it used to be at a constant 512kbps until some noob technician came and ruined everything.

  • SSL

    wala ako tiwala sa lang.

    mas ok pa PLDT LANDLINE.

    pero pag PLDT DSL na ang pag uusapan, wala naako tiwala. magaling ang PLDT sa false advertisement just to gain more subscriber, kung may reklamo ka dami nila alibi. and it would take weeks bago maayos problema mo and take note, temporary lang yan. after how many months balik na naman problema mo…


    384kbps to 512kbps??? i doubt, sa 384kbps nga lang d pa umaabot kahit 320-350kbps eh…

  • Advertising internet speed has always been 384, 512, 768, etc.

    We don’t see any advertisement with any number between those. I don’t see any 425 or 566.


    And yeah, it’s okay to advertise the “supposed” speed.

  • PLDT also had some problems lately that all US outbound connections are suddenly routed thru the hongkong back bone rather than going directly, usually via sprint or verio. When this happens there is a large ammount of dropped packes on the network.

    see live monitor:

  • there are some certain factors to achieve those “alledged” bandwith.. of course they wouldnt tell you unless you complain it to them.. that way, they can make you feel stupid..

    i believe pldt though..

  • glitch

    basta ako happy ako sa pldt. im a plan 1995 subscriber mag 4 yrs n ko subscriber galing kc ako plan 3000 nagpa downgrade ako at same bandwidth p rin ng plan 3000 akin. pero simula ng nag upgrade pldt umaabot pa ung bagong bandwidth ko up to 7mbps. pldt rock. 7mbps sa presyong 1995. san ka pa

  • wow 7Mbps! swerte naman.

    wrencelot is stupid

  • phunk

    Waaahhhhh I’m subscribed to myDSL Xcel which says to give me 2.2mbps but right now, I’m only getting around 1.2mbps!!! damn PLDT

  • jason

    i’d be happy if i reach 1.2mbps, as was promised late last year. heck, i’ll be happy if i reach 500kbps even once. the fastest speed i’ve gotten from pldt for three years of loyalty is 118kbps–for five minutes. around the time they promised the 1.2mbps speed.

    *sigh* i hope a better net service provider appears in the philippines soon.

  • im getting 1.0mbps

    sarap manood sa youtube hehe

  • gin

    im just getting the highest kbps for only 60kbps and the lowest worst speed i got is only 4 kbps and thats not only for a day or two but almost everyday.. my speed supposedly is 100mbps i’ve downgraded my plan from 2500 to 999 im already so confused about this speed that im getting and im already so discourage about mydsl connection. i’m tired of calling their office for this problem…worst is if they come to check my pc my pc is getting worst i don’t know what they are doing with it, i’ve notice that they removed my firewall.

  • Bernie Cabrito

    Good Day! gusto ko po sana na magpakabit ng myDSL Xcel pero my 50 units kmi dto sa school ano po ba ang magandang connection pra sa amin na ggamitin? salamat po reply asap! at paano po ba mag apply? sa bulacan ang area namin! San Jose del Monte Bulacan.

  • Grey Miranda

    gusto ko lang i-clarify para lang matigil na sa kangangawa ang nanay at tatay ko, unlimited ang PLDT MyDSL Plan 999, Tama po ba?

    nabbwisit na kasi ako eh, ayaw pa maniwala sa PLDT just because someone badmouthed them that their old DSL plan came up to 30k in bills (which was ages ago btw…)

  • Harx

    Guys. Ask lng, Nag avail ako ng PLDT [email protected], Ung bagong wireless nila. Ung speed daw is 768kbps, Bakit pag nagoonline games ako ung ping q 200-400, Tska downloading speed q is 5-10kbps sa umaga, 30kbps sa gabi. Ganto ba tlaga to or? Thanks!